The Random Show – Booze, Biohacking, and Bloody Messes (on Camera)

This episode of The Random Show is fueled by whisky and biohacking. There are dozens of topics covered in this bromantic session of scatterbrained nonsense.

Like what? To start off: my new approach to blood testing, Kevin’s new obsessions (and projects), gifts, books we’re reading, excessive sexual awkwardness, and much more. O-tanoshimi dane!  If the ridiculous blood drawing mistakes get boring, just skip forward 3-4 minutes.

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QUESTION OF THE DAY:  If you could master any skill you’ve previously given up on, what would it be and why?  Please share in the comments!

Enjoy 🙂

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62 Replies to “The Random Show – Booze, Biohacking, and Bloody Messes (on Camera)”

  1. Piano- it’s so elegant and arresting. Despite ur location, like math, it’s a universal crowd,and more importantly, can individual pleaser.

  2. Availability in South Africa? Cannot find in iTunes, and the links take me to iTunes, but just keep loading but getting nowhere?

  3. Woohoo! Love it when the Random Show comes out. Especially when it has so many sexual references.

    The skill I wish I could master that I gave up on would be guitar.

    Keep it up fellas!

  4. Tim, do you have any plans to release these episodes on a platform other than itunes. I am currently android across all devices and use chromebooks for my personal laptops. I have no way to download the itunes store, but I really want to get to these episodes (specifically the golf one).

  5. Japanese! I want to talk with – and write to – my “Japanese family” who I’ve known since 2001. I’ve failed miserably learning the language, I’m spending time in Osaka this year. And Tim, if you want to know about coffee check Ted Talk Asher Yaron: what you didn’t know about coffee.

  6. Hey Tim, any chance of seeing the TV show on a platform that isn’t quite as sand boxed as iTunes; Netflix or Google Play for example?

  7. I’ve got two skills that I’ve tried and given up:

    1. Playing guitar (painful on wrist and fingers. progress too slow).

    2. Windsurfing (exhausting before its gets fun).

  8. Skill I’d love to learn is Power skating for ice hockey. I pretty much gave up on the sport as I entered my teens and now that I’m in my 40’s am trying to pick it back up again.

  9. I previously gave up on learning the piano. I have a long musical background playing the clarinet, basic rhythm guitar and bass guitar, but I would most like to achieve proficiency at piano and guitar now.

  10. I am trying to master the skill of fluency in Spanish. I would really like to hear a podcast on language learning from you. I know there is a tv episode but it is only available in the US

  11. Learning languages.

    I used to really want to learn German and Hebrew, but the text books are long boring and basically useless unless you are a machine.

    i just found all your stuff about language, and i am psyched because this may be the way to get back into it!

  12. So many problems with this blood glucose collection! Don’t reuse lancets. Those things deform like crazy with each puncture, and you shouldn’t squeeze to get the blood out.

  13. As a kid I played classical violin to a high level, but whilst I might have made a career as a second violinist in one of the big symphonies I stopped short of real excellence. The ability to play classical violin at that level of excellence would be cool-ish.

    But what would really be cool would be to improvise jazz violin like the great Stephan Grapelli, or local (Australian) jazz violin guru George Washingmachine.

  14. Skip the 3-4 minutes of blood drawing? That part had my fiancé and I cracking up the most! She’s no stranger to test strips for glucose, and I’ve tested myself a few times… it doesn’t hurt that bad, especially after some whisk(e)y.

  15. Hey Tim, loved hearing that you’re getting a dog and I see you like the soulful eyes of sighthounds 🙂 I have two Whippets myself ( There is so much misunderstanding of dogs in our world. I hope I can get you interested in reading Patricia McConnell’s The Other End Of The Leash – you would be way ahead of most dog owners. She also wrote a book Love Has No Age Limit about adopting a dog. Best of luck with your new pooch! If you need a longer reading list I’d be happy to oblige 😉

  16. Drawing – with pencil. I was really good at it in my teens and early 20s, but over the years (I’m 55 now) I haven’t taken the time to maintain/sharpen that skill. I miss that form of expression.

  17. Rock climbing. I loved it when I was in college, then my wife and I did some sport climbing. But now I haven’t been in 8 years, and it’s one of the things I wish I was better at.

  18. Gave up Tae Kwon Do almost two decades ago… mastering it would mean “mean ninja skills” (ok, maybe not quite) at 40 years old. I’d feel like one mighty powerful woman!

  19. Swimming. I have done the total immersion way and I love it but still cannot get comfortable with the breathing part.

  20. If you could master any skill you’ve previously given up on, what would it be and why?

    It would be Cardistry and Magic, simply because of the immense entertainment value it allows you to provide people around you, and the challenge of manual dexterity involved.

  21. Just bought the full season, super excited to go through and watch it. Keep pushing the limits! It inspires me to be do the same.

  22. The skill I’ve given up on is convincing media outlets (large and small) that releasing content on only one platform (say, iTunes), is a bad idea and that it alienates users who don’t like to live in that particular walled garden. Sort of the same skill I’ve given up on of trying to convince developers that they should eliminate the concept of “iOS only” from their vocabulary.

    1. suggested procrastination cure: US auther Steve Chandler says there’s only two times to do something: Now; or Not Now. If it’s now, give yourself 3 mintues to do it, set timer, get started…

  23. Running hurdles.

    It is a skill that requires a certain amount of bravery and confidence. Charging full speed with your entire body towards an inanimate object with a crowd of people watching, waiting for you to fall face first into the sandy track as classical comedy suggests. That’s scary. I was good, could have been great. I felt fearless when I ran well, but entirely devastated when I was defeated, because when I lost it was the direct result of a mistake in my technique. There was no blaming anything or anyone else.

    If I had pursued that skill further I feel fearlessness would be second nature to me, rather than a reactive characteristic I posses.

  24. I really like what you’ve been doing for years and love the concepts of learning skills in a new paradigm. I’ve been playing drums since 18. And last year I had a spinal stroke and was paralyzed from the mid chest down. Up until then i was at the top of my skilled ability and talents as a live electronic drummer. After the stroke I couldn’t sit up let alone move my legs. I’ve been making up my own workouts and theories on physical recovery and nerve regeneration and neuroplasticity. 1 because I don’t have the funds to go to the best physical therapists with modern techniques. 2 cause even they have stuff to learn. 3. Cause I know my body can heal itself in remarkable time with the right mindset, diet, positive environment and optimistic perseverance. I told the drs the only option is full recovery.! I call my physical therapy theory “evolutionary theory” and so far it’s working really well. I can situp. Crawl on all fours, and can stand for 10 seconds unassisted. I believe with the right team and mentor ship and funding, along with my attitude and willingness to commit all I got, that not only can I learn to walk but to play drums again at the level I was before!

  25. Just bought the season pass! I wish you would do a podcast that was dedicated to resources for start-up companies. I need a complex website build and have money I just don’t know reputable resources that are not going to take it and run. A podcast not built around “how to start a business with $5” but more for the people that have $20-50K and an amazing idea but have never built a company.

  26. I gave up learning Spanish. I’m dyslexic. Reading and writing can be a challenge. But, I just moved to South Florida. It’s time to try again. I checked out Duolingo today. This could be a game changer for me.

  27. Hi Tim,

    I don’t have an apple device so I would love to get your tv show but I won’t be able to watch it via iTunes. Are there plans to release it on other platforms??

  28. Circular Breathing… I have tried for a number of years but can’t seem to teach myself to Circular Breathe. To play the Didgeridoo (Australian Aboriginal Instrument) would be such an honour, I will keep trying!

  29. Hi Tim, I was looking forward to buy the season, but it just doesn’t work. I get errors from Itunes store ( I use the UK store), so just to let you know that at the moment it seems restricted to US. Does it make sense ?

  30. skill gave up on was spear fishing/free diving. Not sure what it is or what happened, tho my ears cannot tolerate anything beyond 4m anymore. Dammit!

  31. tIM … you hope to make the Spanish dubbing of your TV. Half a continent speaks Spanish and look forward to your advice! Greetings my friend! A hug!

  32. love the biohacking.. do you have one for a squash player? I want to play in the world masters game in April 2017 New Zealand. So not only do I have to be in great shape but I need the racquet skills

  33. I would learn magic sleights.of hand.

    Sharpen my reflexes enough to catch an arrow.

    Learn to throw knives


    To design permaculture orchards

  34. Hey Tim! As always love your shows… When are you going to write more about your Ketogenic diet experience and results? I’m on that diet now and would love to read or hear about your experience!

  35. Thank you for doing the random show again – it’s such a treat to see you two in action – you should consider doing an episode with Darya involved as well – I sense that she is always providing comic relief off camera (particularly with all the sucking off, foamy heads, etc. this time) 🙂

  36. Hello Tim,

    The one skill I would master, is that of a Certified Fight Instructor – Rototcraft. I love helicopters, and took out some massive student loans to learn how to fly them, with the plan to become a CFI and make it a career. When I got to the point in my training that I was trying to teach someone elsevto fly, I could’t do it. I couldn’t split my attention fast enough to be aware of my airspace, aware of what the student was doing, correct the student, teach the student, monitor the status of the instuments etc. I was defeated by overwhelm, and lack of money and skill to train myself through it. That failure haunts me to this day. Not to mention the student loans.

    Love what you are doing. I get so much from your podcasts and books, and I implement what fits.

  37. Kevin whips out that sweet ass Leica like it’s no big deal. That thing is like a Rolex. Sure it’s all manual but it’s the cats ass of asses Rangefinder. The camera is like 7-8 grand and then lenses are a minimum 6 grand. For people wanting something fun and similar but much less in price you can get the Fuji X100T which is very nice and still has that old school manual vintage looks. and pics are stunning.

  38. @tim – you mentioned having acne problems on a high fat diet. have you tested to see if it’s the (types of) dairy? you mentioned cheese explicitly and that’s pretty much guaranteed to mess up my skin (where butter, chocolate and coconut oil will not)

  39. TIMO!

    My attempts at finding your real email have thus proven fruitless – Selah you sneaky bastard! But be warned I will find it soon!

    So I am forced to dip into the platitudes and leave it up to synchronicity! Readers and fans please reply to this bugger so Tim will find it!

    So… I heard you mention that you want to start creating more video content ‘just for the hell of it’ and that’s where I’m moving… I wanted to offer up my services. I’m just a fledgling Art Director, Director and Producer (maybe you’ve seen Duck Dynasty?), but I think our energies would sync well. This came to my attention when I met an ex of yours, and she asked me if I knew you. “No”, I said,”but we are going to connect any time now and I can’t wait!” She offered to reach out, but I told her I wanted it to happen organically – whatever that means. Actually, we’ve been 1 degree of separation away from each other for quite a while now, so I’m finally pulling the trigger.

    If this message strangely resonates hit me back any time!

    Wanna go to Nepal in April to research the YETI for a screenplay I’m working on?

    Love your work buddy!

    Maverick Matthew Denton Carvalho