Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger on Psychological Warfare (And Much More) (#60)


In this episode, I interview the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger… at his kitchen table.

In our conversation, we dig into lessons learned, routines, favorite books, and much more, including many stories I’ve never heard anywhere else.  I’m also giving away amazing goodies for this episode, so be sure to read this entire post.

As a starting point, we cover:

  • The Art of Psychological Warfare, and How Arnold Uses It to Win
  • How Twins Became His Most Lucrative Movie (?!?)
  • Mailing Cow Balls to Politicians
  • How Arnold Made Millions — BEFORE His Acting Career Took Off
  • How Arnold Used Meditation For One Year To Reset His Brain
  • And Much More…

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You can find the transcript of this episode here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

Ep 60: Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger on Psychological Warfare (And Much More)



1) A signed copy of Arnold’s autobiography, Total Recall, personalized for you by Arnold himself.

2) A roundtrip ticket anywhere in the world Continental flies, $1,000 USD cold hard cash, or a long dinner with me in SF (and a flight from anywhere in the domestic US).  Pick one of the three.

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528 Replies to “Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger on Psychological Warfare (And Much More) (#60)”

  1. Some fantastic insight into Arnold’s mindset here! It’s truly amazing how much he has accomplished (that most people don’t even know about e.g. real estate).

  2. Love the article! Arnold is such an inspiration and so is Tim Ferris. Its awesome to see people build massive success from nothing. I hope to build what you have some day!

  3. During this whole episode I was thinking I wanted the video version! Tim, have you thought about video? Even if it’s with poor lighting (Gary V style), I believe it gives another dimension to the conversation…

  4. ***It’s a week past the date you were supposed to announce the contest winner. Please post an update ASAP! Thanks!

  5. Tim, Why do you think Arnold discontinued Transendential Meditation if he found it so beneficial? I tried mindfulness meditation. I even took the John K Zinn MBSR course, and did not find it all that effective. I’ve been thinking of giving TM a try. Thanks John R.

  6. Really great site/blog/media outlet you’ve got here, Tim Ferris! I really enjoy your work & have since the 4HWW era

  7. What an amazing interview Tim! I must confess I have never been a big fan of Arnie, in fact I wasn’t even that interested to listen to this podcast, but I found him SOOOO inspiring and really see him in a different light. I need to check out his biography now! Great interview and really interesting interview questions. I am finding with so many people podcasting now, that often they make the podcasts about them, and interrupt or go off tangent, but you really nailed it!

    Just curious, Arnie says he made money on real estate and says the 80s was a great time. He says he couldn’t get those gains now, but he touched on other type of real estate that could work in this current economy. Anyone know what he might have been referring to??

  8. I just listened to the episode with Arnold Shwarzenegger and an idea occurred to me. I have a painting I made of Shwarzenegger, wherein he is getting a lightshow (presumably at a rave but perhaps in the privacy of his own home, or maybe even in the gym with all the lights off) wearing his “Arnold is Numero Uno” shirt while smoking a doobie. This is from a film still from the movie Pumping Iron, of course. I want to gift the painting to Tim, only if he would like it of course. That is presuming he will see this, which I hope he does, but I am unsure of such odds. I have had great fortune in selling paintings recently, which are enabling, in part, my upcoming vagabonding around the world. (got Rolf Pott’s book here thanks to Tim as well) While the Shwarzenegger painting has been popular among peers, it remains available and I would prefer to have in a home where somebody appreciates it rather than storing it while I travel. After listening to many inspiring entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, etc., I have been thoroughly encouraged to reach out to those who motivate me and act as virtual mentors, so whatever trepidation or perceived foolishness I may have ascribed to this endeavor in the past has now dissolved. It is risk-free, after all. Furthermore, I have also been convinced of the value of giving back, and that the potential ability to for me to offer Tim, or any other seemingly unreachable role model, something of value, is a special opportunity. I don’t know if links or images can be pasted here but here is a url for the image: http://res.cloudinary.com/hrscywv4p/image/upload/c_limit,h_900,w_1200/kkypstadgdafuhynr1qa.jpg

    Thank you for your continued work and sharing, Tim!

  9. Tim, a must read book from Arnold Schwarzenegger is the “education of a body builder”. It´s like the bible full quotes about dedication and mission, such as “in the summer at the lake the girls would say – Arnold you grew again, when are you ever going to stop? I said never. They would laugh. But I meant it. “

  10. Tim, a must read book from Arnold Schwarzenegger is the “education of a body builder”. It´s like the bible full quotes about dedication and mission, such as “in the summer at the lake the girls would say – Arnold you grew again, when are you ever going to stop? I said never. They would laugh. But I meant it. “

  11. Hi Tim,

    This was a great episode – I love how Arnold takes nothing for granted, neither the rules nor the opportunities granted to him. I was surprised, however, to hear you say that you hadn’t heard any of this material covered before — some of the stories he told were replicated word-for-word from his interview on The Nerdist Podcast. (About half was totally different though which was awesome, especially the psychological warfare angle!)

    PS If you haven’t listened to The Nerdist podcast, you should really consider it. Bill Gates, Morgan Freeman, Paul McCartney – some amazing personalities on there, and some incredible questions / interviewing techniques.

  12. The best part was when Arny talked about his bricklaying business back in the day. I loved how they quoted a job then took the money before buying the material to complete the job. It’s exactly what you preach in your muse examples. Get your customers before making the product. Pretty funny when he said “the bodybuilders doing the work loved it – they were gettings tans.” haha.

    Great podcast Tim. Going to go listen to some more.

  13. Tim, I have to be honest: I thought this interview was a bit of a wasted opportunity. Yes, there was plenty of good stuff in there, but you clearly didn’t go as deep as usual, and you weren’t as undaunted in your quest to uncover the minutiae. I would have loved to learn more about Arnold’s specific daily routines, how his current workouts are structured (and in comparison to what they looked like in years past), how he approached learning in making the dramatic transition from movie-making to public policy formulation, etc. Of course it must been quite something to sit across from the Terminator, so I fully understand why you might have felt a little wobbly in the moment, but these are just my honest thoughts, brother.

  14. Quick FYI, boris johnson did not invent the city bike system as arnie said, he brought to london something that was already in cities all over the world including in america..

  15. Hey Tim/fans, not sure if anyone is able to help me with this question and I’ve been curious for months now so I’m posting it here to see if anyone can offer insight:

    Arnold mentioned that there was another area of real estate that you could generate similarly large returns today as he did with his multi-family property real estate portfolio, however he didn’t mention what that was. Does anyone know what area of real estate he was referring to?

  16. This is great interview.

    Enjoyed. So much new for me about Arnold.

    Superhuman – very simple and honest cool guy.

    Thank you for this podcast, Tim.

  17. Hi All,

    Always been a huge fan of Tim and Arnold as well. This podcast was one of my favs! That being said, its always been my dream to meet him one day. Totally random question but does anyone know whats the best way to get access to Arnold even for just a little bit? Any specific show, gym, area, event, etc?? Thank you!

  18. Love this. I’ve been hearing a few interviews from this man and I think he is such a contribution. This was a great interview! Thank you Tim!

  19. Wow, what an incredible interview! Tim Ferriss delves deep into the mind of Arnold Schwarzenegger, exploring the fascinating world of psychological warfare and so much more. It’s truly inspiring to see these two icons engage in a thought-provoking conversation, sharing insights and wisdom that we can all learn from. Arnold’s journey and mindset are truly remarkable, and this interview offers valuable lessons for personal growth and success. A must-watch for anyone looking to conquer their own mental battles and achieve greatness.
    [Moderator: link removed.]