The Tim Ferriss Show: Tracy DiNunzio on Rapid Growth and Rapid Learning (#30, #31 and #32)

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This single interview with Tracy DiNunzio, founder of Tradesy, was recorded in three short parts.  You can:

You can find the transcript of the full interview (Parts 1, 2, and 3) here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

Ep 30: Tracy DiNunzio, Founder of Tradesy, on High-Velocity Growth and Tactics
Ep 31: Tracy DiNunzio (Part 2), Founder of Tradesy, on Rapid Growth and Rapid Learning
Ep 32: Tracy DiNunzio (Part 3), Founder of Tradesy, on Rapid Growth and Rapid Learning

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Now, on to this episode’s guest…

Tracy DiNunzio is a killer. She’s the self-taught founder and CEO of, which has taken off like a rocket ship. She’s raised $13 million from investors including Richard Branson, Kleiner Perkins, and yours truly, and board members include the legendary John Doerr. Tradesy is on a mission to make the resale value of anything you own available on demand. Their tagline is “cash in on your closet.”

Tracy is in the trenches 24/7, making it the perfect time to ask her… How has she created such high-velocity growth? How did she recruit the investors she did? What’s been her experience as a female founder? What are her biggest mistakes made and lessons learned? This multi-part series, fueled by wine, will answer all this and more.

Even if you have no desire to start your own company, this 3-part series will get you amped to do big things.

This episode touches on a lot of cool stuff. It’s a mini-MBA in entrepreneurship, hustle, and tactics.

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Show Notes and Select Links from the Episode

  • Tracy DiNunzio’s unlikely resume
  • How her business model reflects her lifestyle, and why that’s intentional
  • How another startup (and her bootstrapping) helped her find her husband
  • The story of bootstrapping her first company, Recycled Bride, and how she traded skills for food
  • Why the current day is the best (and worst time) to start an online company
  • How she funded and launched Tradesy
  • Why she chose venture capital rather than continuing to bootstrap
  • The trade-offs — the cons — of venture capital
  • Common mistakes Tracy made when she began pitching to investors
  • How the rules of dating apply to pitching investors
  • The creative way she found her CTO and technical co-founder… on Craigslist
  • Addressing the pink elephant in the room — What’s her experience as a woman in the tech start-up world?
  • The “Hail, Mary” that kept Tradesy going before its upswing
  • What attracted iconic investors like Sir Richard Branson and John Doerr to Tradesy
  • How to spend 13 million dollars without blowing it
  • Numerous resources for would-be entrepreneurs
  • Tracy’s advice to anyone who is unhappy in their current career


Books Mentioned in the Episode


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