The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)

A first look at the beta-cover of The 4-Hour Chef. Let me know what you think.

The magic elves and I have been hard at work on an early Christmas gift for you all. In fact, there are quite a few goodies in this post, including 50 free Kindle Fire devices!

Let’s start with one of the most time-sensitive…

The 4-Hour Chef is Live!

The 4-Hour Chef is now on sale on Amazon!

I’ve been keeping things under wraps, but there is one big surprise. For the last 5 years, the most frequent request from blog readers has been a guide to mental performance. In other words, answering the question: how do you deconstruct and learn any skill?

Well, I’ve been listening all along, and that book is here!

Here’s the complete title: The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life. Intended to be “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks,” The 4-Hour Chef will use food as a vehicle to teach the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills. Whether you want to learn a new instrument or a new sport (or anything in between), you’ll have a field-tested and research-backed blueprint. In addition to insight from world-class chefs, we’ll have an unreal cast of characters helping you to multiply your learning potential.

For a limited time, to celebrate the announcement, you can pre-order The 4-Hour Chef for 50-80% off. Instead of $30 for print, you can reserve a copy for $15. Instead of $22 for Kindle, you can get it for $5.99.

You can cancel anytime up to ship date, so there is no downside, only locked-in savings.


Why might you buy the physical book, even in addition to the Kindle? Three reasons:

1) It will be gorgeous, a wonderful tactile experience, and truly unlike any cookbook you’ve ever seen.

2) I’ll be thinking up bonuses for people who buy the print edition early.

3) It would really help me out. Inexplicably, The New York Times excludes all advice/how-to books from their e-book bestseller list, so only the print edition counts towards the bestseller list. Silly, but there you have it!

See the full book description, sneak-peek photos, and more here.

A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser

Next, I present to you the first Kindle Fire book teaser and app!

100% free and titled “A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser,” it includes a seven-day Christmas countdown advent calendar, with unusual tips that allow you to enjoy wine, cookies, and all the other holiday vices… while losing fat.

From strategic yo-yo dieting and tequila hot chocolate, to exploding cows and tattoos, it’s full of surprises. Here’s are a few screenshots and the introduction video, followed by the download link…

Main menu – just tap any food for the recipe and much more.

I love advent calendars! Tap any day for your prescription or reward.

Download The 4-Hour Chef Teaser here. Please note! This version is limited to Kindle Fire at the moment, but the iPad (iOS) and general Android versions are almost done. They’ll be coming along shortly, and I’ll keep you posted.

But… why not get yourself a free Kindle Fire? That’s next.

50 Free Kindle Fire Devices

If you don’t yet have a Kindle Fire and would one for free, I’m giving away 50 of them. This is a thank you for providing so much helpful feedback over the last six months.

Here’s how to get one:

1) Just spread the word in the next 48 hours! Send people to this blog post or The 4-Hour Chef page on Amazon. Here are some ideas: Facebook like, Facebook sharing, retweets, Twitter, e-mail, e-mail signature, street miming. The last one doesn’t scale as well as the others.

2) By 11am PST this Thursday (Dec. 1), leave a comment on this post telling me what you did. If possible, quantify the impact (clicks, page views, etc.), and be sure to follow these two rules, which are required for your entry to be valid:

– In the first line, tell me what you’d most like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef.

– Keep the entire comment to 200 words or fewer, so use bullets!

We’ll consider the first 300 submissions, and a few judges and I will choose the 50 we think did the best job (subjective, I know). Then we ship them off! Void where prohibited, Martians under 21 not allowed, etc., etc. Winners will be announced next week.

Happy holidays!

Much more to come…

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896 Replies to “The 4-Hour Chef – The First Kindle Fire Book Teaser (Want a Free Kindle Fire?)”

      1. Hey Judy, I can sympathize with the massive amount of email that you can get on a day to day basis. Since you are still subscribed, I would guess that you enjoy his posts, but just feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of email that you receive in total and Tim’s emails are a part of it. I love the work Tim Ferris has done, but the email you received from him might be one out of hundreds of emails you get in a day.

        Here is my advice, go to and sign up for an account. Then you can import the “feed” into Google reader (feed can be found here:

        Then, you can view all the latest posts at your convenience at the Google reader website. You can do this for any number of websites that have a feed enabled.

      2. I actually wish I got them sooner. I’m set up with this site on feedburner and I just got this post today in my inbox. Sorta a bummer since I wanted to enter the contest!

    1. I posted on facebook this message “Preordering on Tim Ferriss’ latest book has started. If you haven’t read his other books your are seriously behind. Share this link with your friends. This is not a ad, I seriously love Tim Ferriss” with a link to this article. Then I systematically posted on friends walls with personal messages on why they should reshare this, although they had no choice all their friends would see it because it was on their wall. The friends I chose possessed at least one of these criteria: 1. They had lots of friends. 2. They liked cooking or acquiring new skills such as langauges. 3. Had previously read one of your books.

    2. What I would most like to learn…

      …how to kick it up a notch higher than Emeril and the counter intuitive ways of doing things typical to T.Ferriss 4H work that will blow the minds of disbelievers. One thing specific would be a solid covering of the absolute basics that one needs to know with a chart of variables that can be substituted to create any meal or dish.

      What I have done to promote the 4HC:

      1. Facebook like and post to 819 friends

      2. Tweet and re-tweet to 310 followers

      3. I created a facebook ad that ran since the time of viewing the post on Tuesday until this morning with a reach of 378 as of writing this.

      4. I created a google adwords campaign which, sadly, I just realized never ran due to the display link being different than the actual link. (,

      5. I control a fan site for a youtube comedian that receives over 300 pageviews per day and posted the amazon link and the 4hc youtube video smack dab at the top of the site. (

      6. And lastly I created a blog post on my personal website detailing everything (with screenshots for proof) that I had done and what Tim has done for me. This is received by a small but dedicated audience. (

      Upward and onward,


    3. Ashamedly, I want to learn how to cook more than the around three basic meals that are in my current repertoire and the skills needed to invent my own meals from what I have at hand.

      I thought what better way to actually quantify the views than to run you a few ads campaigns:

      – Allowing a budget of £129 = $199.99 = Price of Kindle Fire

      – Been running for past two days = 31,800 impressions, 100 clicks

      – And the proof

      – Rotates between linking to this blog post and Amazon page

      – Shall keep running campaign until it has spent the price of the actual Kindle Fire!

    4. I’m sure a lot of people are eager to read the book, but is it really true that the book won’t be released for the better part of a year? It’s one thing for Amazon to offer pre-orders on a book that’s in production and will be released within a few weeks. It seems to me to border on sharp business practices to queue up orders for something that, from a reader’s point of view, doesn’t really exist yet. Especially if you’re sort of implying a Christmas tie-in. Yeah, it’ll be great for *next* Christmas. I’m kind of floored that no one else is commenting on that.

  1. Hey Tim, I really want to learn a new method of tackling new skills that I want to master. I sent this through facebook and twitter, and am going to write about it on my site shortly.

  2. RTd this entire blogpost, hope it got you some clicks 😛

    I’d love to learn to deconstruct my cooking methods so I can freestyle cook without using a cookbook.

  3. Just FYI, Amazon has your book listed as $5.99 for Kindle and $15 for the hardcover edition. And mentions that it will be regularly $9.99 and $18 respectively. Not the $30 (hardcover) and $22 (kindle) mentioned in the blog post

      1. FWIW I also received an email from Amazon this morning that states “From now through December 18, pre-order Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Chef (coming on September 25, 2012) for just $15 in hardcover (regularly $18) or $5.99 as a Kindle book (regularly $9.99).”

      2. Hey Tim,

        It’s in the description under “Limited-Time Pre-Order Discount & Free Holiday App” in orange above the fold.

        Looks like the pricing setup for the hardcover book is fine. But your ebook is preordering at $5.99 not $9.99.


  4. Hi Tim,

    I’ve posted it on my:

    – Facebook page

    – Twitter @cserter

    – Broadcast it to my What’sApp following

    And am in the process of writing about it on my blog.

    Two little things though. I’ve pre-ordered it for my Kindle on my Android device which said:

    This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on September 25, 2012.


  5. Having bought, and enjoyed the value of, all your other books, I can’t help but wonder why such a long-tail on this pre-order. Dang, 10 months?


  6. Tim,

    Looking forward to some excellent slow-carb diet recipes in the 4-Hour Cookbook! I’m especially hope to learn how to pair wines and healthy deserts with meals to fill out the palate.

    Anyway, to help promote the book, I created a 4-Hour Chef Gaggle: Any of your fans can join and to receive messages to share on their own social media accounts about your book. I can follow up with numbers later after awhile to show how effective the messages people shared were.

    Everyone, please join the 4-Hour Chef Gaggle here to help promote Tim’s new book:


  7. Enjoyed your appearance on the Rogan Podcast last month. 4 hr body is great, looking fwd to this one. I’ll def pre-order the print edition, but would love a kindle fire! I tweeted it out. If yr in Austin for your book tour, drinks on me.

  8. Already pre-ordered 🙂 Cant Wait! til Sept 25, 2012…..

    – I posted this to Facebook and Twitter and also have told a few of my co-workers about this. I wont have much impact in a whole, but those few people that I told were already excited since I had loaned out my copies of the 4hr workweek and body and eventually they bought their own and even gave them as gifts to family members 🙂 We all love you Tim!

  9. This book is going to help me easily realize my dream idea, “Can Jeff Ramos Do It?”, a web show that I wanted to produce where I learn something new, every week, for an entire year. Obviously, rapid learning will be key to the show’s success and longevity.

    To spread the word, I actually just sent an e-mail to my little New York City-based brain trust of your fans that I know personally as well as other friends of mine I’ve met through coaching that love stuff like this. Also glad to see the book will release around my birthday, September 17th.

    Every time you write a new book it’s like my birthday.

    1. I’d love to be ally or competition to this show. 😉 We’d have very measurable goals and compete on that metric. 😉

      To post what I’ve done:

      -Retweeted to 415 Twitter followers.

      -Liked and shared story on Facebook to 300+ friends.

      -Liked it in Stumbleupon.

      -+1’d on +Google. I have wonderful subscribers, including Moses McCormick who knows somewhere between 40 and 50 languages.

      What I’d like to learn:

      -How to approach language learning.

      -How to extend the Alpha brain state duration

      I already preordered the hardcover!

  10. I pre-ordered the book on amazon and am in the process of telling everyone I know, because I think there was a lot to be gained from Tim’s first two 4 hour books and this will no doubt only add more.

    What I would like to know is what your advice is for overcoming the plateau that is eventually and inevitably faced in almost any difficult task or during the course of learning. Regardless of the topic, eventually there will be something that just seems to be too hard to overcome. Besides “perserverance” which each person has the capacity for a varying amount of, what types of tricks can you use to keep your mind off of the negative, and focused on the task at hand.

  11. I posted your link on FB since I have a ton of friends who have read (and loved) 4HB….so I know they’re junkies of your stuff and will swoop this one up too! So far over 200 likes!

    The main thing I’m looking to learn in 4HC is how to not turn into a fat little elf during the holidays…..and learning how to cook better year round is an added bonus!

  12. LOVE the subtitle, Tim! The pictures on the cover are great as well.

    The only thing that really stands out to me is the color combination of the fonts and background. Something about it screams “bad sci-fi movie” to me. Why? I can’t put my finger on it but the colors simply evoke that kind of emotional response for me. Go figure.

    Anyways, can’t wait to give it a read! AND… just bought my preorder copy (love that Amazon one-click system!) 🙂

  13. I would like to learn how to disect any style of cuisine to learn the basic skills & ingredient combinations.

    I have shared the link on Google+ with my nearly 8000 followers and on twitter with my just over 2000 followers! I’ve also shared it with my 800 friends on facebook. I’ve already got a lot of likes, +1s and re-tweets! I’ll be able to give you more details as time progresses 🙂

  14. Tim,

    Eagerly awaiting your book. I have already published it to my friends on my FB wall (468 friends). I have also published both the links on my Twitter with you @tferris included. Will post stats as I see them

    I would love to make dinner with some left overs, so ideas there would be of great value on a daily basis. Look fwd to it



  15. I’d love to learn how to prepare myself 100% for success in the future and to be able to pass along practical knowledge of this lifestyle, to family, friends, anyone who will listen!

    I’ve been doing the 4HB lifestyle since July 25th (took a month off Sept 11-Oct 11 to travel to Africa on my honeymoon), and overall I’ve lost 17 lbs, and I feel amazing with this lifestyle of eating. Only 16 more lbs to my goal weight!!!

    I recently ran a half marathon in 1:54:29, a full 8 minutes faster then my previous PR. I don’t miss breads and pastas, and carb loading prior to races. I can’t wait to see how my 2nd ever Marathon in May 2012 goes with this amazingly healthy, simple way of living.

    I shared Tim’s post on Facebook & Twitter, the link to amazon, and the link to this blog! I want everyone to be as excited as I am for this amazing cookbook, the next step in the 4HB lifestyle!!!

    I love the 4HB and am eager to share my success story!!!!

    1. Hi Solana,

      I got a smile on my face reading through your post. I’m just wondering, are you following 4HB’s advice on running? If yes, it’ll be great to be in touch. We have some plans for the running chapter and I would be glad to get your input on it.


  16. As a foodie and amateur gourmet chef, I wanna see what Tim Ferriss comes up with that I don’t already know – After reading the two other books, I’m sure it’ll be great.

    I facebooked it to my 695 friends, and tweeted it to my 318 followers. I’m a reporter in Alaska (just left an alt-weekly, now at a local CBS affiliate) so my peeps are likely to pay attention.

    My wife loved the four-hour body diet – especially the binge day – so a book about food by Ferriss? Can’t wait. Especially curious if it’s got anything related to the peculiar things we eat up in Alaska – do you know the nutritional value of muktuk (whale skin/blubber), Tim? Or dried sheefish dipped in seal oil? You probably weren’t thinking of we Alaskans specifically, but maybe for the second edition? Come up to Alaska, and on your next binge day you can try akutaq (Eskimo ice cream – whipped lard with berries and dried fish). Can’t wait for the book.

  17. Hi Tim! Looking forward to the release of your book, I’ve read both of your previous books and find them inspiring! Working on my muse, (and health…) as we speak!

    – Posting on Facebook, exposure to roughly 334 active users

    – Posting on Twitter, and getting others involved via a follow up post/link to THIS blog (Hoping to get others to tweet who have more contacts than I do)

    Essentially my strategy for this is to get as many people to talk about this contest (Incentivize them) and get them to do some extra leg work for me, as I know they have more followers/friends than I can hope to reach!

    Good luck with this book, and your future adventures!


  18. The 4-Hour Body helped me change my life in so many ways. I lost 65 lbs of fat in 7 mos. and now in better shape than I was in playing football and baseball in High School. Following my success, dozens of my friends and relatives are now in the beginning stages of #4HB experimentation. I posted the link to this blog on Facebook and Twitter to encourage them to continue their journey with the new book. Thanks so much for your insights and examples!

  19. I would like to know how to handle all the distractions of learning and how to concentrate on the learning without your mind slipping away every now and then.

    I shared the Amazon link on twitter. Doesn’t make much difference with my follower count, but did it anyway. 🙂

  20. Can’t wait for the next book I am a big fan of the previous 4H Books. I shared via Twitter & FB to my many followers/friends.

    I am also including link and summary in the you might also like section of our businesses newsletter this month which goes out to over 10,000 people. We typically put random news, facts and other info in here and generally get a 30-40% Open rate on the newsletter.

  21. Hey Tim,

    I’ve put the word out to my:

    286 Twitter followers

    1,200 Facebook friends

    Emailed my 400 hipster/early adopter co-workers at my company AKQA SF.

    Emailed my family and will continue to spread the word until the book comes out.

    I’ll follow up with tangible metrics if I can.

    Both your previous books have made a tremendous impact on my life. Thank you for everything. Keep writing!

  22. I would love to learn the art of hacking skills – especially making the low carb diet taste amazing.

    My impact: I responded immediately. I’m posting to my social media direct links to your amazon link, and a personal recommendation. I will follow that up with links to your blog post in a few hours, talking about a resource that allows skill hacks. I will finish with links in 24 hours selling a crazy app for holiday food tracking that will save my butt (literally).

    I have over 500 friends. Of those, I’m friends with a several influencers. I will message them personally, alerting them to the competition. They will, of course, start their own work which can easily bring several thousand clicks in a few hours. Because they know this early, they will think it a good chance.

    Finally, I’m calling a few key people, telling them about the sale in person. My key friends will love this as a gift. The Baby Boomers who I know will find this fascinating and wouldn’t get an E-book – but already know about the 4HB from me and would buy this in print. Boosting your NYT numbers.

    Thank You.

  23. Posted links to my Facebook page (hundreds of friends) and to my Public circles on Google+ (dozens to hundreds of friends, depending on sharing). I will write a blog post about it tonight (can’t do that at work, boo!) with links to both this blog entry and the Amazon page. My blog page used to have a great page rank, but it’s slipped a bit and this (and testimonials about your other books) will be a good incentive to increase my blogging volume (and ad revenue, I hope).

    I’ve lost 15+ pounds so far following 4-Hour Body and I feel GREAT. I’ve also taken back control of my finances and started designing my lifestyle instead of dreaming of far-off retirement based on 4-Hour Work Week. I already love to cook, so I’m hoping this book will teach and inspire me as much as the others have!

  24. I want to take your method and reapply it to de-constructing my university education. Naturally, I want the best results with the least amount of effort. I hope the ideas in your book will fulfil this.

    – To broadcast your announcement I did the following things:

    — Shared on Google+ to over 1400 followers.

    — Shared on Twitter to over 300 followers.

    — Shared on Facebook to my close friends and family.

    —Convinced my brothers to get their hands on it this Christmas.

    The rest from here on out will likely be word of mouth. Can’t wait to read it!

  25. I’d like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef about improving focus and easy and quick to make healthy food.

    I just posted about this on my FB page (I have over 440 friends) and twitter feed.

    I am huge fan!

  26. I’d like to learn how to cook without making a mess of the kitchen! Seriously, I eat out too much because I find cooking annoying – too many subjective directions like “cook until done” when I prefer precision – and because I don’t want to clean up afterwards.

    Seems a bit early, but I went ahead and preordered! I also facebook’d this post, and I’ll be bringing it up in a private forum where a number of people have opinions (on both sides) about your earlier books.

  27. Fantastic news. I am facebooking away if that is a word yet. I hope to see how I can speed learn many things, cooking, guitar, language, you name it. Thanks Tim.

  28. I’d most like to learn about quick breakfasts i can make that will keep me filled until lunch!

    To spread the word i sent this post to my family (who i have bought $99 Kindle’s for the holidays) via email and on facebook. Specifically, i sent this email to my uncle’s 4 e-mail address because he had mentioned over thanksgiving that he was eating fast food numerous times throughout the week because he never had time in the morning to cook breakfast or prepare a bag lunch.

    the most important thing to me is that my family doesn’t fall into the pitfalls of obesity and non-activity. I am in law school and my sister works as a child counsellor, so we both have very little time in the morning to have a healthy meal that will keep us energized and motivated throughout the day.

    i have also made this link my gchat status so that it is the first thing that pops up when my friends see that i am online…which amounts to always.


  29. I would most like to learn how to make quick, tasty, healthy, and energizing breakfasts. I enjoyed your “3 minute Slow-Carb Breakfast” video, and more meals along that line would be great.

    I just told my mom about your book. She then pre-ordered one. For me. Score. Happy Holidays to all.

  30. I’m hoping to learn some new great slow-carb recipes from your new book! Looking forward to it!

    I already shared the link to my Facebook friends. I’ve been getting a lot of questions since I lost almost 30 lbs of fat thanks to 4hourbody. I’m sure this new book will help out plenty of my peeps.

  31. I would like to learn more about the integration of the slow carb diet from your 4 hour body book with this one. I lost almost 6 pounds in two weeks using the slow carb diet method from the book & am looking forward to being able to use it again after my pregnancy.

    I sent a twitter link to this blog, I currently have 941 followers.

    Also shared the link on Facebook, 651 friends

  32. I can’t wait to learn more about meta-learning. I want to learn more about your your unique outlook on life, and become inspired to make positive changes in my own life (just like your first 2 books did).

    I am telling my close friends about this book. I’m not annoying my twitter followers, or spamming links online. Just sending personal recommendations to those that I truly believe are interested, and asking them to further pass the info along if they feel so inclined.

  33. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to this book. I have tweeted (twittered?) and Facbooked the link, nit just to win the Kindle, but because I love the 4 hour body and told so many people about it and that I KNEW a cooknook would be next, and I was right. I love being right!

  34. I want to apply the minimalistic approaches that you have applied to entrepreneurship and the physical body to cooking. I have always struggled with cooking enough food for myself (Extreme metabolism) let alone have it taste good. I have always settled for the bland food. I want some variety and tastiness in my diet!

    I can’t wait for this book. I have been interested in you talking more in depth about cooking since seeing the Four-hour cookbook.

    I have done a few things:

    • I have pre-ordered the hardcopy book on amazon. (I am bummed it comes out in September!)

    • Liked both posts on Facebook where you talk about the four-hour cookbook (I have already liked your page)

    • I retweeted both your tweets about the book

    • I will be talking about this book for the next 10 months and most definitely after the release

    • I will most likely pre-order a few more copies for friends and family

    I will be creating as much buzz as a busy college student can from his 1 bedroom. Good luck! I cannot wait for this book. It is way to far away

  35. So, I’ve posted the link to the blog on my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and will be doing so every couple of days. I’m excited for this book because of all the inventive/strange concepts that were in the 4 hour body (first Ferriss book I read). Although I’ve been expecting a cookbook full of concoctions to be creative with chicken, beans and veggies, I’m still excited to see how to make wine better, etc…

    Thanks again, Tim. I’m looking forward to have my family ask me weird questions to why I’m doing these things.

  36. Tim,

    -I have already posted the link on my twitter and told several co-workers about the wonderful things you do.

    – I suggested The Four Hour Body to 6 co-workers who bought it and have transformed themself in one way or another.

    -I have also spread the word of “Tim Ferris” to just about everyone I know.

    -I have seen, read, watched and listened to just about every podcast, book or speech you have done. I am a big fan.

    -As for myself, I have not changed my life in any profound way, nor did I loose 100 lbs or gain 100lbs (except for deadlift). I don’t have financial freedom yet (I’m 23).

    -Eventhough I haven’t made any huge critical steps in my life yet, You have provided me with a roadmap and given me the ability to see that it’s possible.

    -I am not special, and in no way deserve a free Kindle, I am simply asking for one.



  37. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!

    *I have shared the amazon page for this book on my facebook account (approx. 800 friends on facebook.)

    *I have emailed the 4HC amazon page, as well as 4HWW and 4HB amazon pages to my friends and family. BUT I didn’t stop there!

    *I have also recommended it via 2 email listservs I have access too, (AGGIEDENTISTS – over 500 members) and (AGGIEMEDSOCIETY- over 2000 members.)

    *I have also shared this blog post page on the ToneItUp Facebook page, which boasts a little over 39,000 health, fitness and food obsessed followers!

  38. -shared the amazon link with recommendation on my tumblr page (read by me and my wife’s families)

    -tweeted the link via @deinfrank with almost 100 followers

    -shared on my facebook with 665 friends

    What are the basic, broad-stroke ingredients to gaining skill in any area of life?

    Love the blog. Keep posting!

  39. Hi Tim,

    Your 4 Hour Body book was a great read and the plan was very successful for me. I’m looking forward the “4 Hour Chef” (I think I figured our your cryptic pattern!) I tweeted to my minions (@whoisfisher).

    Thanks for everything!

  40. I really would like to see some really simple but very healthy recepies.

    Using Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr to spread your message here in Sweden 🙂

  41. I would most like to learn how to learn. I’ve gotten myself in a slump and I discourage myself. Cooking is something that I have always let pass, and I end up eating like a slob. If I can learn new things through cooking, I’m for it.

    I have posted to G+, Twitter, and Facespace. Will update stats By Dec. 3.

    Thank you, Tim.

    1. The past few days have proven that I am not one that influences others. I made a link ( which was posted to Twitter, and Facespace. I posted the direct link to G+.


      Facespace – 5

      Twitter – 1

      Unknown – 1

      No likes, +1’s, or comments.

      I need to become influential.

      Stats aside, I would like to thank you, Tim, for the impact you have. There is, obviously, a lot to be learned from you. I look forward to reading more of your blog and your books.

  42. I’d like to learn how to simplify and streamline complicated recipes, and overall make a cooking process more efficient. I’m the one who enjoys the end result, so the simpler the process, the better.

    Posted on Facebook and Twitter. Will pre-order a Kindle version of the book, hoping to get a Kindle Fire (positive thinking! 🙂

    Thanks for your books, Tim!

  43. I am spreading the word through my personal and professional networks. I have a very high Klout score and decent reach for a “regular” person.

    Regardless of winning the Kindle or not, I am chomping at the bit for your next book. I read the 4 Hour Body and applied a lot of your teaching to my everyday life. I feel better, I look better and most importantly I am continuing to educate myself.

  44. Hi Tim, the thing I’m looking forward to learning from your new book the most is the ability to easily cook/prepare wonderful food dishes that I enjoy ordering in fancy restaurants by myself at home w/ little culinary expertise.

    I’ve been a fanatical fan of your 4-Hour Work Week + 4-Hour Body Book series. I have accomplished the following tasks:

    – Sent a company wide e-mail with the titles of all 3 of your books (4-Hour Work Week, Body, and Chef) to all of my co-workers. I have included a brief description of each book, Amazon URL link, and my personal thoughts + experiences. (Approx 240+ employees).

    – I have brought up your blog website in my team staff meetings as a great resource for health and food ideas (9 employees).

    – I have also posted on my Facebook page links to your Random Show episodes w/ Kevin Rose (143 FB friends).

    I’m truly looking forward to your upcoming book. Happy Holidays and please do more Random Shows! 🙂


    David Ngan

  45. I want to learn the basic cooking techniques that are only deceptively hard and will have the greatest impact on my cooking ability.

    * I sent very short, personalized emails to 7 close friends whom I think would be likely to be interested enough to pre-order.

    * I have a 28% success rate already with 2 pre-ordering within minutes of sending out my quick emails (I will follow up on the others and update if this changes).

  46. Just retweeted your article.

    I love the outdoors and hope to get ideas for making camping and backpacking snacks and food better tasting. (Smashed PB&J are great but I’m looking for a little variety.)

    I also could use Ideas for better, healthier breakfasts.

  47. Tim,

    The 4HC sound great!

    What I would like to learn:

    1-Eat sweets without harming muscle gain

    2- Eat all the xmas junk and not gain fat

    3- Cook the most impressive dishes for friends and family so they think I went to culinary school.

    4- More recipes for the slow carb diet

    5- Demystify the calorie counting information

    What I did to HELP YOU:

    1- Sent email (that’s over 300 people reached)

    2- FB post with your link, book name, and awesome review of your previous work. (Over 200 people)

    2- Posted Youtube video of your work. (on FB page and wordpress)

    3- blog post about 4HC (small traffic but loyal and trusting readers)

    I look forward to my Christmas/Birthday gift from you! -The Kindle FIRE and the new book! I am so excited about this! Thanks!!!!!!

    1. Add:

      I have lived the 4HB for a few months–gained 30 lbs of muscle in two months, lowered my fat to 8% too!

      [add to what I’ve done for you]

      4- I liked this page for Facebook.

      My birthday is Dec. 16th so it would just add to my holiday spirit. I’m a teacher of low income families and this would just add to my catalogue of information to share with them and the Kindle Fire would make it easier for me to read while traveling.

  48. 1. What I want to learn from 4 hour chef: How to cook regular meals using normal ingredients and get new ideas

    2. What I did:

    A. Posted the following on Facebook & Twitter: (1,050 total friends/followers very high quality, know me personally/professionally through facebook and twitter.

    Excited about this book as it continues to follow the pattern of how i’m trying to improve my life. Started with 4 Hour Work Week, then 4 Hour Body and now as ‘I’m trying to cook more (eat better, save money) the Four Hour Chef will not disappoint. Please share this post with your friends to help me win a Kindle from the author, Tim Ferris.

    B. Will promote at my annual Christmas party (45+ people) as well as highlight the 3 book series on my entry foyer.

    C. Personally emailed 6 friends (who I know for a fact have read the previous 2) to tell them to check out blog post. (They have significantly more followers as they are business owners)

    I want to win this for my pregnant wife so she has a Kindle to read on as she gets further along. (can prove with ultrasound pictures of the lil boy!)

  49. Definitely posted this on facebook, twitter and emailed all the people in my family that I emailed last time about your 4-Hour Body book.

    For this book, I am looking forward to finding quick and easy meals and tips on keeping up with my 4Hour diet.

    I have lost 60lbs since January of this year, and can’t wait to find more meals to round out my menu with.

    Keep up the good work Tim, I look forward to all your work!!

  50. Just posted to facebook and twitter. Will update with stats…..

    My wife and I have recently started eating better. Cooking more healthy foods instead of eating out. We are hoping to set a good example for our 5 year old daughter so that she gets a head start on living the healthy lifestyle. Looking forward to the slow-carb recipes. I feel like we are always on the go and being able to “hack” cooking would be a tremendous help for our family. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  51. Hey Tim,

    Looking forward to reading your latest. About to hop on a plane thanks to some 4-Hour workweek inspired freedom, and I want to post what I did before the first 300 submissions come in, so I don’t have much in terms of numbers yet.

    Tweeted to ~130 followers, shared with ~1,600 facebook friends, posted to however many people on G+, started the digg link, was the first person to recommend it on StumbledUpon, and put it on reddit

    1. Nearly forgot – I’m looking forward to learning how to learn quickly. Language (computer and foreign) acquisition is what I’m working on now.

  52. I’m looking forward to the WHOLE book – More tricks like the hyper-decanting would be really cool, learning more about the slow-carb diet & learning more about meta-learning!

    What I did:

    -Shared this blog post on Facebook & Twitter

    -Shared your Amazon link on Facebook & Twitter

    -Liked & +1’d this blog post

    -Shared your late night Facebook post about the teaser on YouTube

    -Told my Girlfriend how excited I am!

    Love the new concept and once again I’m really excited for one of your books to come out!! Awesome 🙂

    Also looking forward to a new video trailer!

  53. Great work Tim.

    Does anyone know why I can’t pre-order the kindle version? The book is fine but no “add to cart’ on the kindle page.

    Is it because I’m in Australia and the offer is for US only?

  54. – Want create more interesting meals that follow the meal plan requirements in 4HB

    -The 4HB was amazing and helped me lose the weight, this will help me maintain that level.

    -Now with this it will help me stay creative with the diet plan outlined in the previous book.


    -Retweeted and Liked

  55. I’m looking forward to learning how to be more efficient with my prep and cooking. I pre-ordered and posted on FB. Now just have to wait until September………………………..

  56. Things I would love to learn in the 4 Hour Chef:

    – Cooking hacks. I’m patient and love slow cooking… but come on, there must be a better way. i.e. risotto in 15 minutes without stirring?

    – How to not look like a fool when purchasing/drinking/talking about wine.

    – Best kitchen equipment to do any job, preferably from a minimalist approach. Do I really need to pay $110 for a good chef knife?

    – A heaping serving a debunked food myths.

    – Ratios and open ended formulas… not strict recipes

    Shared the Amazon link on my facebook profile. And already preordered! Going 4 for 3 on the Tim Ferris publications (bought 4HWW twice when the extra material came out).

  57. I would love to be able to learn the most efficient way to gain a skill!

    I created a google plus page for your book and am working on promoting it. I enjoyed 4 hour workweek and would love to read the new one (not to mention a new kindle fire).

  58. Excited to learn more unique, thought-provoking, and useful tips to make every waking moment–including those in the kitchen!–part of a richer life.

    I liked on Amazon, shared on Facebook, and retweeted.

  59. Tim,

    Big Fan.. Have read all of your stuff and been an avid blog reader. I thought I would start off getting the word out right. Here is what i’m doing:

    – Sending “Holiday Gift Ideas” including a link to your pre-order to 59,000 employees of a large Aluminum manufacturing organization with the use of Site Code based distribution lists (sending to HR managers per site) to distribute as part of a holiday email in the next few weeks.

    – Doing the same thing for a large pharmaceutical company estimating 108,400 employees in the same fashion.

    I’m currently a consultant for these companies and are tapped in to the infrastructure. They both send out emails with Holiday themes and I can include a blurp in that/those emails with little work.

    Estimated Impact : 167,400 and change. Might be worth a Kindle but I’m happy to back a great product.

    Happy Holidays, your a true pioneer.

  60. From the 4-Hour Chef, I would like to learn how to cook meals that are healthy and delicious but do not take a ton of planning.

    Here’s what I did:

    – Posted to 3 different Facebook pages (aprox 400 friends total)

    – Posted to 3 different Twitter accounts (aprox 300 followers total)

    The Kindle would also be awesome because I run a small development firm but cannot afford to purchase the Kindle for development at this time.

  61. Hey Tim! I want to learn two things from the 4-hour chef: One, how to become a great cook using simple tricks that will make my friends think I must have gone to culinary school because the food is that good ;).

    Two, I want to continue to learn more slow-carb recipes so that when I cook for friends, I don’t have to feed them my standard meal of chicken, beans, and bell peppers! (I don’t mind eating the same food over and over, but pretty sure my friends would!)

    -I tweeted the blog post, tweeted about the amazon page, and tweeted when I pre-ordered the book this morning (105 followers….not much, but hey, its a start).

    -I always retweet your tweets!

    -I made a post on my facebook when I pre-ordered the book, and I made one with a link to the amazon site, and one to your blog.

    -I’ve lost over 85lbs and am always sharing with friends about your book when they ask how I did it!

  62. I want to learn cooking some simple dishes and finally stop my kids saying “daddy can’t cook and we need to order pizza again”.

    The Four Hour Chef (with link to Amazon) is now the most popular book on and Tim’s page has the 4 Hour Chef teaser video added

    FB fans & users of have got the news as well.

    Shared the link to the blog on my FB, Twitter and Google plus.

    In total few thousand+ views

  63. – What I’d most like to learn are easy recipes for cooking healthy food in large quantities that i can eat throughout the week.

    – I’ve posted it on Twitter (@aaronrelph) – not a ton of followers but they all have similar interests. For the next two days it’s set to post every 8 hours.

    – I’ve shared it on Facebook – over 200 friends with similar interests.

    – I’ve sent an email to 36 people i work with that i know would love this and asked to to share it with others as well. So far i know 11 people have forwarded it to friends.

    – I just sent a text message to 18 friends i think would be interested – 2 have replied and said it’s pre-ordered.

    – I have a Yoga class tonight and intend to spread the work there.

    – A friend of mine is a DJ at the local radio station in Phoenix – going to talk to him about a re-tweet and possible on-air plug.

    – I shared the link on my companies Chatter (salesforce). Over 80 people.

    – Posted it on my Linkedin feed – 110 connections

    – Posted on Google +

  64. Would love to learn shortcuts to make incredible meals quick and easy and to apply what I learn in this book to decontructing and mastering the Italian language.

    I am so looking forward to add this book to my Tim Ferriss collection!

    Reposted link on Facebook and will email link to my contact list.

    Already pre-ordered my hard copy. Will order kindle version too.

    Thanks for all your ideas, Tim!

  65. – I’ve just recently found out about the 4-Hour Body, and well, to be quite honest I’m terrified of it.

    – I LOVE to cook, bake, grill, etc, and even though I know I need to go on a diet, I’m afraid of giving up the foods I love.

    – I want to learn how to love the foods that aren’t crammed and loaded with massive amounts of calories 🙂

    I’ve shared this on Facebook and have emailed it to several of my friends. I can’t get an exact count for you just yet, however I will try to update this post (if possible) with an approximate amount. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to exploring healthier options!

  66. I want to find about those cool hacks and tricks I can show the ladies and their parents. I am posting here because I believe no one else will post a comment and I will win by default. Maybe not but I didn’t realize I am at a place with the 1% intellectually. In for 1.

  67. Tim, in the 4-Hour Chef, I most want to learn how to take my foreign language learning to another level. (i.e. French, Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, and Korean)

    Just sent a tweet with my link to your blog page. (

    After reading and working through the first two 4-Hour books, I’ve been waiting for this to come out. Thanks for the heads up!

    All the best,



    I’ve lost ~25 lbs. since reading the 4-Hour Body.

    Still working on my muse, though, from the 4-Hour Work Week.

  68. I love your books Tim. I currently am on the Slow Carb Diet and a beginner cook with many kitchen toys such as a Sous Vide and a couple of DIY Smokers. This will be one of my favorite books.

    I have created a website with a counter that redirects them to the Amazon Page. I will be posting my link to Facebook and twitter.

  69. Just finished the 4-hour body and im hooked, im not sure what it is i expect from the 4-hour chef but i ended up learning some interesting things in the 4-hour body so im in.

    I’ll spread the word on



    and some general and book forums i frequent.

    as well as some friends who i got into 4-hour body.

    A kindle fire would be amazing.

  70. *Super excited about the next book, I’m hoping to learn more skills on the time management thing you have down so insanely well! This especially would be good for cooking as I have started a FIRE or two getting distracted with multiple things going on. All your books have been so inspiring and exciting to read! Can’t wait! (Wouldn’t mind having a different fire in the kitchen to help as well!)

    *Already last night I was sending out to friends and family all about how to “Chop Wine” so I have already been hard at work marketing your book! 🙂

  71. -Lost 40 pounds (186 to 146)on your diet so far and looking for recipes to keep it off AND to see if I can deconstruct learning math for kids for my business

    I’ve shared it on my facebook page (full of people who’ve already seen me lose 40 pounds and haven’t stopped asking me how I did it)

    Looking forward to your new book Tim

  72. I did the usual Twitter/Facebook deal to My 2,353 twitter Followers via 2 accounts


    Posted to my 615 facebook friends and made it public

    But the 2 Things I did differently were.

    1. I tagged the URL with GA codes so you could see if any traffic from my links worked.

    2. I made a T-shirt for my Dog that says “Buy the 4-hour chef”. He likes to run around the neighborhood so when we go for our afternoon run, you’ll get a little exposure, although it isnt that measurable! (pic coming if I can get him to sit still)

  73. A few months back I read The 4-Hour Work Week, and constantly posted insights and tips insights and tips on my Facebook page. The posts prompted a ton of conversations between my friends and family. This time around it’s all about The 4-Hour Chef, and sending everyone to Amazon’s pre-order page.

    I love to cook and I’m not terrible at it, but I’m slow as hell. I tend to focus all my energies on one dish at a time and forget about the rest. I’d kill to learn a few tips, such as:

    -Cooking time management (that won’t involve popping an Adderall)

    -How to better cook for one (decent proportions and reasonable budget)

    -Tried and tested flavoring techniques using herbs and spices with specific foods

    -And how to poach a freakin’ egg. So many cartons of eggs wasted in many desperate attempts!

  74. Tim, I want to learn how to combine the best “power” foods into the tastiest meals. Eating right doesn’t have to be boring; you show us how that’s true all the time.

    Here’s what I’ve done to promote the book:

    – A few months ago I set up and a google alert to start generating a buzz. Been posting everything interesting that’s come along

    – I’m linking to it on other blogs I run that deal with 4HB (3 in all) and posting about pre-orders on all three

    – I started a thread on 4hbtalk about the book to get all of those guys aware (over 2500 members).

    – I’ve tweeted twice with links to my 475 followers, posted on FB and G+ as well.

    – My FindingMyFitness newsletter goes out tomorrow to 195 people with prominent pre-order info.

    – Tomorrow I’ll be able to tell how many people have made purchases today through Amazon links

    Sales of your book will probably be my Christmas budget this year, so I’ll keep going. 😉

    Thanks for the preview! Can’t wait til the Android version comes out (unless you send me a Fire… 😉 )



  75. I posted on Twitter and Facebook.

    I am hoping to find some more slow carb recipes to help out in my weight loss journey. I have to lose 20 more pounds. I have been inspired by the people around me to lower my blood pressure and eat healthier. I have a high chance of getting diabetes if I don’t make the right changes now!

  76. I retweeted the post and am heading over to Amazon now to preorder the book! I intend to blog about the book upon releases.

    I’m also considering reading it prominently on my bus commute every morning, proudly displaying the cover for all passengers to see, then leaving it out on my desk to casually pick up at lunch when my coworkers ask what smells so delicious as I reheat my leftovers. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading the book! Keep up the great work, Tim.

  77. As a kitchen-newbie I need to learn how to cook food that’s good for me but still taste goods. Can’t wait to read your cooking hacks just as right now I’m enjoying your fitness hacks in the 4-Hour Body. I already started to photograph everything I’m eating and have changed the way and amount I eat in just the first two weeks. Can’t wait to put the 4-Hour Chef into my 4-Hour Body notes!

    I put up a post on my blog here is the link . Hopefully someone somewhere will read it and join in on the 4-Hour Revolution!

  78. Hey Tim,

    I want to learn: why the hell does everything I try to bake turn out to be

    total crap?

    I’m already a huge promoter of all things Ferris, but I liked and tweeted and txt’d and even (gasp) phoned about the new book, can’t wait to read it!


    ps down 4 inches and counting on the slo carb diet (thanks!)- hopefully the cookbook will have lots of good slo carb recipes!

  79. Overall, I’d like to learn how to learn. Different ways of learning as I myself want to try and learn as much as I can! Food is a nice start of learning but if I can apply those to everything else, that will make the book and everything about it that much sweeter.

    I pre-ordered the kindle version and the hardcover book as well as tweeted it to my 1,000 or so Twitter followers!

  80. Without the new book or app in hand, I am hesitant to promote something heavily. That being said, I have enjoyed both the Four Hour Work Week and the Four Hour Body, as well as your Twitter-feed. To that end, I tweeted about the book and app to my 1,100+ followers and oosted it to for my 888 Facebook friends, and send a few personal emails to people I thought might be interested (and could benefit) from the book. I cannot quantify the amplitude of my FB & Twitter posts (Klout doesn’t even do that accurately), but can report back with a direct conversion rate of personal emails. I’d say this type of personalized viral marketing will do you better than all the Tweets in the world.

  81. I’d love to add to my catalog of Slow Carb recipes. Also any specific recommendations for High value low cost wines :).

    I’ve retweeted and liked this post on facebook, but the bigger impact will be word of mouth with my friends and family. I lost 25 pounds this past year, put on 15 pounds of muscle, and gone from no running to 5k without injury following the advice in 4 hour body. Everybody I know notices and I tell them its from what i’ve learned in your book.

    Thanks Tim. And I can’t wait for the four hour chef. Pre-ordering now.

  82. Tim,

    I’d love to see you talk about the most common food myths (Don’t eat before bed, drink a least 64 oz of water a day, ect.) and try and prove or disprove them in your research.

    Also, I posted a link to your amazon book page on my Google + and facebook accounts. Love your stuff, keep it up and thanks.

  83. What I’d like to learn most from the 4 Hour Chef is what you have to say about sous-vide. The technique interests me, and I’d like to learn more about it, but haven’t attempted to yet.

    I shared the teaser, linked to the amazon page, and linked to this post on Facebook, Twitter and G+. I also sent out a few personal emails to a highly targeted group of friends and family that I believe would be interested.

    I don’t know how to quantify what I did, but Klout tells me I have a score of 49 if that means anything? (I’m new to this social media/tracking thing).

  84. I would like to learn about Wine, living the good life, productivity, and speed reading.

    -posted to reddit r/food 104,000 subscribers and r/books 86,000 subscribers

    -posted to hacker news

    -posted on

    -posted and started discussions on several private forums and mastermind groups I am involved with and had a huge response and interest alrealy.

    -posted to facebook, twitter, told all my friends and family

    -I will continue to post to major blogs and spread the word any way I can.

    -all posts include links to the amazon preorder page and this blog post

    -also included links to your previous 2 books where applicable

    Your books have changed my life, I am very gratefull and will do whatever I can to make your third a worldwide success.

    Good luck with the book launch I’m sure it’ll be another game changer.

  85. I would really like to learn about a process or a structure that would allow me to get 80% of the skill with 20% effort along with some tasty slow carb meals.

    Fowarded this blog to my friends as well as posted the 4 Hour Chef amazon page on facebook.

  86. I’d like to learn how to speed up skill acquisition = learning anything fast (what Tim is about!)

    4-hour chef, sounds delectable. Getting it simply cause your name is on it. Here’s my entry:

    – Tweeted to my 200 followers

    – Posted to Facebook fan page (6000 fans)

    – Continue to refer family and friends to all your books and various posts

    – Emailed my list of 17,000 (it wasn’t a solo email, just a brief mention in an article)

    – Told Santa about you and how the world needs your info on learning for advancement (this later point may not have happened)

  87. I have thoroughly enjoyed your two past works of art. Twelve months ago, I went on medicine which caused me to gain go from 185lbs to 230lbs. At the time, I was 24 serving in the US Military and never had any issue with my weight. I talked my dad into working through the Four Hour Body with me and implementing the techniques in a Fitness Competition to see who could lose 15lbs first, with a steak dinner on the line. Over the course of the next three months I lost 35lbs of fat and gained muscle. Since then I have kept the weight off with the practical and dense advice in the Four Hour Body. Your book convinced my dad to do morning protein shakes within 30 minutes of waking up and start using kettlebells. He’s 63 and I thought I was going to have to get an MD to get him to take that advice. You may be re-inventing wheels, but you always do things better than they have been done before because you approach subjects as a blank slate. As you keep to your principles, I will continue to share your ideas and books in my conversations. The topic I most look forward to reading about in your new book, the Four Hour Chef is optimal windows for eating to lose weight. I have always known that it is best to eat 5 meals per day, but I never realized the importance of eating protein within 30 minutes of waking up to improve alertness and boost metabolism. I also would like to know optimal times for consuming milk and how much to consume based on fitness goals. I wonder what nursing homes would look like if they started giving their patients chocolate protein shakes for breakfast. You rock, Tim Ferriss!

  88. From the 4-Hour Chef, I’d most like to learn how to create lean meals, quickly, during a busy work week. That’s the result though, so I guess I’d really like to learn how to shop better, and understand ingredients that go into it all, since that’s really where it starts.

    And, I shared it on twitter, with a direct link to amazon! (because let’s be honest, if I directed them here, it might decrease my chances of winning…).

  89. I’d love to learn how to be able to focus any time on anything. Also the most effective way to apply for grants/fill out boring forms, and how to monitor all personal health info and then graph it day by day (sleep patterns, stuff eaten, concentration levels throughout day, etc.) without having to write all the info down.


    – Shared on own facebook wall: “A book that uses cooking to teach people how to break down any difficult looking task in life. A great example of the life hacking way of mind: Anything is doable if you break it down into enough pieces”

    – Facebook “liked” it

    – Posted it on the LifeHacker facebook page with same message as above

    – Posted it on The Cooking Channel facebook page with same message as above.

    – Told a friend about it

    And I’ve never done anything like that before. Your books and ideas are just that good, and I like to share your ideas with my clients as I am an ADHD Coach (so my job predominantly consists of helping people think of clever ways to do things they couldn’t do before).

    Good luck with the new book!

  90. Hey Tim!

    I’m currently a international student in Canada, and one of the major problems I face everyday is what type of food to cook. Our on campus food is dominated by fast food and lacks real fresh food. I’m looking to use your new book to explore a way to eat a diverse and healthy food at the same time. Learning new skills is something that strikes a chord with me and I think cooking is something that I’ll see benefits in for many years to come.

    – It’s easy to just click share. I live in a residence on campus. By sharing your new book with my fellow residents and friends during our house meeting I believe that I can target the student market, a part of the market that could really use help with cooking.

    – Of course, I have also shared the idea within my ‘community’ on Twitter, Facebook and my personal blog to target more people who might be interested.

  91. Pre-ordered the book! I’ll spread the word the same way I did with your other books: social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) and by word-of-mouth.

    My experience is that more of my friends were willing to buy your books when I could show them how excited I was to read and implement the lessons. One friend bought 3 copies for him and his family based solely on my recommendation and a quick peek inside.

    So, I have no hard numbers to report, but anecdotally my word-of-mouth salesmanship will have a greater impact than anything I could post online.

    I look forward to reading!

  92. I am unable to get to your app on my Kindle Fire. I “bought it” on Amazon – it was free, then it told me to download it from the apps store and it’s not showing up. Am i missing something?

    1. Ok. I figured it out – I went to the app store and typed in the exact title, “A Christmas Countdown Experiment: The 4-Hour Chef Teaser” It pops up, you purchase, then click “install”. It’s downloading now. Can’t wait to check it out.

  93. I would like to learn how to maintain a certain skill level once you have achieve it without practicing it 24/7. For e.g. How do I keep up with my swimming skills that I picked up by practicing 2 hours a day for last 6 weeks.

    Posted link to the amazon on my facebook wall.

  94. Ok, so:

    – I posted it my Facebook Page (5900 fans)

    – I posted it on Twitter (3800 followers)

    – I Shared it on Google+ (1137 circles)

    – I sent an email to all the people subscribed to my blog (almost 4000)

    – and i gave the link to all my friends on yahoo messenger 🙂 around 90

    I wish you all the best this holiday season 🙂

  95. Tim,

    I got a tattoo of a QR code on my forehead, so all the tech savvy people could scan the shortcut to your site. Okay, maybe not that but I did:

    tweet to my followers

    like to my FB friends

    pre-order the book and talk to my friends about it, they know I’m a fan.

    Appreciate all your contributions.

  96. Hey Tim!

    -Just pre-ordered your book on Amazon

    -I’m a high school student that hopes to be able to cook for my divorced mom and family when shes busy.

    -I love cooking and might pursue it in the future but haven’t found a cookbook that i really like

    -I posted this page to twitter and around 1000 facebook friends, and to several forums I visit.

  97. Dear Tim – I would love a free Kindle Fire, as I’m currently between jobs, i.e., unemployed. I added a post to my blog,, recommending people buy your book, and giving them a link to Amazon. I look forward to learning cooking tips, as I’d like to do more home cooking to improve my health. (I have pulled out my juicer and started using it, so at least I’m getting some antioxidants that way.)

  98. I did the normal Facebook and Twitter post but I am also on my way to the store to purchase supplies to make a tshirt to advertising the new book and maybe the old knew too (love them all, the random podcast isn’t bad either). I plan on wearing it for the next week or so when I’m out. Whatever it takes to win. I have to got the super market later this week too so perfect opportunity. Not better way to get people excited about cooking when your shopping for food.

    BTW I’m typing all this on my phone, to excited to wait for a PC.


  99. I would like to learn gluten-free recipes that are quick, tasty and healthy from the 4-Hour Chef. I had a host of problems when I was growing up and only found comfort when I was older and experimented with ruling out gluten in my diet. It is amazing how one’s diet – sometimes very specific diet – has such a dramatic effect on a person’s optimal physical and mental state. Can’t wait to read 4HC. My copy is already on pre-order.

    I hit the “I like it!” button on my Stumble! bar and attached several appropriate keywords. I hope that will generate some traffic to this blog post.

  100. I’d like to create the possibility of learning how to learn skills (meta-learning) as mentioned in this blog through your book, and become a quality cook while I’m at it!

    -I posted to my twitter only 50 followers, I will continue tweeting. @dylandivine

    -I created an event on Facebook 845 ppl invited.

    -I posted multiple Facebook status’s

  101. I hope to learn as much information from this book as I did from your last 2. I have posted your link on my facebook wall; also posted reviews of the other books there when I was finished reading them as well. I know a few of my friends that have picked up one or both of your books as well.

    Now, I do have to point out, this Thursday is December 1, 2011. Thursday December 3 last happened in 2009 and wont happen again until 2015; so either your contest is officially over or hasn’t begun yet.

  102. Hi Tim! So excited for your new book to come out, I’ve Facebooked and Twittered the links to the amazon page as well as pre-ordered mine! Would be so great to learn these things:

    -How to use the most out of your kitchen appliances/tools if you don’t have a state of the art kitchen

    -How to determine the best meats, vegetables, etc. When I go to buy food, what is it that I should look for?

    -How do I prepare and season my dishes so they taste fabulous

    -How long can different types of food last? I HATE food poisoning


  103. Hoping to learn innovative new cooking methods and ways of thinking

    -Posted on twitter (@alexgoetz)

    -Endorsed on Facebook status

    -Sent personal messages to about 20 FB friends who would actually enjoy and use your books/ideas

    -Tumblr (

    -tried street miming, hopefully the book will help me deconstruct a way to make this scale better

  104. I’m a good cook already, but I’m hoping to learn a bunch of hacks for learning other skills rapidly. Loved the style of 4-hour Body and 4-hour Workweek, so this should be awesome!

    I’ve added the book to my Amazon Wish List and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

    In addition, I’m taking a quantitative approach, having created a custom link to measure the impact of my sharing of the link: I’m responsible for over 1% of the aggregated traffic to the page so far. 🙂

  105. Hey Tim and co.

    – As a student and marathon runner, my running team and I face the constant battle of putting the right food in our bodies, as well as making sure we have enough energy for a day of school after our early morning runs.

    – I’d love to use your new book to supplement our current meals, which are REALLY getting repetitive. A little wisdom from the book sprinkled in won’t hurt, either.

    Target. Not just mass sharing.

    – My approach isn’t just mass sharing with the people who follow me on different social sites, but in addition sharing with my marathon team the values I’ve received from your past two books.

    – While I can’t sell friends and runners on your new book, because I’ve yet to consume it, I believe sharing what I learned from your past books with a targeted group, is a unique and powerful way to share.

  106. Hi Tim,

    I want to learn how to simplify healthy cooking and teach my Mum how to use the 4-Hour method. She has tried a lot of different diets and fads but I believe the 4-Hour Chef and 4-Hour Body will be something she sticks with and will lead her to a healthy lifestyle.

    We are going to buy her a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I saw this post and I took it’s as a sign! I think you are amazing! I appreciate everything you are doing for people.

    I shared this on my Facebook and I have sent out emails to my friends.



  107. Hi Tim,

    Straight to FB, twitter, email list serves, and just to be sure I covered all my bases, bat-signal and flyer drop (just kidding on the last two)

    As for what I’d like to learn, basically how to be more efficient. Lots of recipes (and cooking shows, for that matter) claim to show you how to make something in thirty minutes or less, but none of them take into account the prep time, the mis en place. Plus, I’d also like to learn how to substitute ingredients—not everybody can afford white truffles and foie gras for a simple Tuesday dinner.

    Good luck with the book! I’m gonna get a kindle version for myself and a hardcover for my sister (who doesn’t yet have a tablet…hint hint!)

  108. In the 4-hour chef, I would most like to learn about:

    • Intake (food, drinks, spices, supplements, etc) for female hormone optimization

    o For decreased PMS symptoms (mood swings , binge eating, etc)

    o For decreased menopause symptoms

    o For natural yet faster strength gains

    • Gourmet Vegan and vegetarian recipes

    • Slow carb vegetarian recipes

    • How to properly combine /pair spices for a desired outcome without requiring a recipe

    • Meditate like a yoga guru

    • Creating the perfect baklava

    • Maybe an aphrodisiac section

    For the chance to win a Kindle, I posted a link on my facebook page to both the Amazon page for the 4-Hour Chef and to your blog.

  109. Specifically, I’d like to learn languages quickly (which I know you’ve written about before). But, more broadly, the bombardment of modern media has worn on my attention span, so I’d really like to hone my ability to focus on the task at hand.

    For getting the word out, I posted it on Facebook and changed the subheading to the “Here’s the complete title,” paragraph.

    I also tweeted it and put it as my gmail status message. I’ll get back to you about the miming.

  110. I wrote a blog post about the book. I am not clear at this point if The 4 Hour Chef cooks for 4 hours per day, week, month or year, so I asked my readers. My blog has had over 1200 views in the last year, probably 100 of those were me, so I may not get an answer from my readers. To increase my likelihood of getting an answer ( and maybe also a Kindle Fire with the new book) I put the question to the general public on Google Plus – a number last pegged at 40 million and growing, to my friends on Facebook (509 as of 11/29/11) and my followers on Twitter (97 as of 11/29/11.) Best of luck with the new book, I am looking forward to it.

  111. Here’s what I want to learn – the essential set of reasonable and affordable utensils/tools/pots/pans needed to have a close-to world-class kitchen!

    Okay – so, I’ve been excited and interested in this book for a while – before I knew about this updated post, I had already created a new post on my blog to let my readers know about the pre-orders (I’ve since updated it to include this post) – the post is here:

    I will also be sharing on my G+ page, Facebook page, Twitter. I’ll update more later with pageviews etc..


  112. Just sent out a link to my list of 598 Speed Reading Customers.They’re all buyers, interested in saving time, and time is a huge factor in the 4-Hour Series.

    And Facebook got a link on my wall as well.

    I’m most excited for the learning part you mentioned in the video. I don’t know what I would do if a 4H-Mind came out.

    Definitely excited, just wish it came out sooner. ~Ryan

  113. Thanks Tim, can’t wait for the chapters on learning anything, I’m working to find patience and to maintain my car! Posted this on Facebook and sent it to a few friends and family members who have similar interests.

    BTW, thanks for the opportunity to win a Kind Fire!


  114. I blogged about it on my Make Money Online website, just click my name to see the post. Also, I am sending a large Stumbleupon campaign of 100 visits per day to that post for the next full week. I figure 35 bucks or so is not so bad to promote this. It’s win/win!

  115. I had been waiting for a book with recipes from you.

    I’m especially interested in slow-carb recipes.

    I hope the same level as his other works.

    It would be amazing read it on the Kindle Fire!


  116. Yo Tim, Amazon has this book on 5.99 for the kindle edition.

    Your post says 9.99$.

    Hope it aint a mistake…. And I already pre-ordered it….

  117. Tim,

    I just shared your link on my FB page.The amount of people that see it wont set the world alight but it may lead a few people to the path of enlightenment.

    Having read the 4-hour body and the 4-hour workweek, I would like this book to do what the previous offerings did, which was to teach me some new concepts and ideas but more important, I would like the book to challenge what I believe to be correct and incorrect with regard to a wide range of topics such as the fastest way to learn.

    Also I may be one of a few people in Ireland spreading the word.

    It is said that 50% of what we believe to be true is wrong, the difficulty being determining which 50% it is. Hopefully this book can help me determine some of that 50%, LOL.

  118. ? Rice substitutes. I was raised that a meal is not a meal without beans, rice and meat. Now that I’ve discovered sushi rolls, what am I to do? (I NEEDS MY RICE!)

    ? Scaling meals to family portions. I

    ? What to eat when sick. This yr has been rough on my health and diet has suffered

    ? Cooking for the holidays.

    ? Meals for nursing mothers.

    ? posted on my facebook as well as tagging my friends who have been doing the slow carb diet with me. (posted the amazon link). 2x a day

    ? Shared this blog link on my twitter. 2x a day

    ? on my meetup group

    ? email signature

    YAY! I’ve been dropping hints at my hubs for a kindle fire but its been a flat no. So I am so excited! 😀

    1. hey – perfect “rice” substitute is cauliflower. Take a head of cauliflower and a box grater – and just go to town.

      The cauliflower is grated into little pieces about the size of short grain rice. Heat it up briefly and add to your dish in place of rice, it’s almost perfect.

      I’m Puerto Rican so I understand the whole rice and beans deal – I’ve made it this way and also as a stir fry – and to be honest I prefer the cauliflower now!

      Hope that helps!


      1. *gasp* cauliflower instead of rice? I’ll give it a try and see if this is a viable substitute. I wonder if it’ll work in a sushi roll?

  119. Tim, I would like to learn how to select various cuts of meat and a lot more about wine, as well how to make sauces, mine are TERRIBLE.

    I didn’t post this to my 200000 twitter followers, or my 5000 facebook fans. Sadly, I don’t any of these, I don’t even have a twitter account. I’m no a social media superstar, that’s for sure. What I am is a sleep deprived 2nd year medical student.

    So you’re asking yourself – what did this over worked, under slept student do? I’m the diet/exercise guy at my school. So I stood up in the cafeteria today and I yelled: (WHICH IS LIKE TWITTERING IN ALL CAPS)

    “If anyone wants to get their diet and exercise regime in check this holiday season come see me.”

    About 20 out of the 120 future physicians did, I talked about how I used the 4HB to go from a weak 180# to a strong 197#, how I cut body fat, and how your new book is coming out and that they could order BOTH books with amazon.

    Kicking it old school with the Social Networking – Josh

  120. I’d love to show others that you don’t have to be a chef to enjoy healthy options. I’d like to learn how to utilize quick easy fun and practical food options; something I can make on a Sunday and will last me mostly through the week. MOST importantly, I’d like to drop these last 10 lbs and maintain my health.I’ve been following you since the Four Hour Workweek which has helped me with my nightlife promotion/marketing company.

    My Entry

    -Wrote your book titles on 25 $1 dollar bills and used them at various locations. (Starbux, Panera, Chitpotle etc. I have pictures of this haha)

    – Mentioned your books/blog to friends and family via email.

    – Tweeted to 1200 followers

    – Post on Facebook (2000 friends)

    – Added your amazon books tinyurl to party fliers which will be handed out this week.

    -Added your blog post to My tumblr account along with my blogspot account.

    -Word of mouth every 5 minutes, multiple clicks.

    Thanks for your daring spirit. keep innovating brother.

  121. I would like to learn how to create surprising things to impress my friends 🙂

    Following your advice, I use adwords for you. I have in reserve a 75€ invitation from google. I bought “chef book” and “cook book”. Hope this help 😉

    Have fun!

  122. I’d like to know about some hacks on how to prep food faster. It’s all about time and efficiency in a busy life!

    I’ve sent out links to my FB followers (500+), Twitter (1,000+) and Google+! Also I have contracted a neighbor kid to write “4 Hour Chef” on our street in chalk, honest to god!

    Whether it helps or not, I figured it would be fun “on the street” marketing 🙂 literally… haha

  123. I would love to learn about how different nutrients affect each other, which combinations are good, which are bad. Meat + Vitamin C rich foods -> good for iron absorption kinda things. I don’t eat much and would like to get most out of it 🙂

    – tweeting about this now

    – sharing it with the EuropeForCharity facebook account, because crafty & awesome European artists/housewives/entrepreneurs are always eager to learn more 😉

    – sharing it on the forums I hang out

    Don’t consider me for the Kindle Fire though. I want to buy the touch e-ink screen version next year.

    Best of luck !

  124. Hello Tim,

    I would like to learn more new recipes for cooking and I would use your book on a new career of Robotics that I intend to start now!!

    – I posted the Amazon link in my FB

    – I posted the same link on Pierce College’s FB

    – I’ll posted every where I can

    – and of course the best publicity of all “word of mouth”

    I’ll keep you update on the responses to the post!!! Love your book 4-Hour work week. I have it in paper and audiobook!!!



    1. Hello Tim, I was wondering where you posted the list of the people who won the Kindle Fire. I really would like to know if I’m on the list (probably I’m not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask right?) It’ll be a very nice Christmas present. I really want to start reading my books without having to carry so many around……

      Marry Christmas and best to you for the coming up 2012

      Best regards,


  125. I’d like to learn basic flavor/texture/food group concepts to improve creativity in the kitchen and depend less on measurements and precise ingredient lists and cook more by “what goes with what” skills and knowledge.

    I just gave you the banner slot on my muse. This website gets 10K page views a day. Search Google for retro nintendo games.

    FHWW has changed my life and life view. Looking forward to the new book!

  126. Hi Tim,

    1. Want to learn the best ways to learn new things, so I can pass that on to my kids. I think it will greatly benefit them as they grow up. Oh and some great cooking recipes too!

    I pre-booked it, so stoked that it’s coming out! I shared it on Facebook to my 700+ friends and also on Twitter (@axiomseekr). I would like this time to take your teachings and give the best of them to my kiddos. My daughter is about to be 16 and my son 12. I think it would be great for them to learn in the most effective ways all that life has to offer.

    Thank you for all your great books!

    Peter Alicea

  127. I would like to learn to make apple crumble from the 4 hour chef – My mum makes it amazingly, and I’d love to prove I’ve actually learnt something useful at university this year by learning to make it as well as her!

    – tweeted it to 31 followers (I’m new to twitter!)

    – facebook “liked” it to 1050 friends, then posted a second time

    – told my mum about it on the phone (she loves cooking)

    – added to email signature. Only sent 4 emails, but will keep it there all week.

    – Stumbled it

    – Added a homemade sign to my window. With a school close by, having 300 parents and children walking past twice a day. If assuming 1 parent walks to and from school with their kid, and the sign is up for 3 days, then 2trips x 300parents x 3days = 1800 views (photo of my beautiful sign here. note – taken inside as its raining, I’ve now turned it facing out. –

    So in total, 31 + 1 + 1050 + 1050 + 4 + 1800 = 3,936 views, not counting the millions stumbling it can bring 🙂 All for you Tim!

  128. I really want to learn how to play guitar, I hope your book can teach me how to master that skill.

    I’ve tweeted about your book and the amazon link to my 300+ followers.

    I’ve told my friends on facebook about it. I have over 500 friends on facebook.

    I’ve put up a link on my blog. I get over 1000 visitors every day.

    I’ll tell all my friends who love reading about your new book personally.

    Once I become a famous rockstar guitarist, I’ll tell people I learned to play it thanks to you!

  129. I’ve read your others, so I’m really looking forward to learning more about how to be productive while remaining grounded and happy.

    I have posted on Facebook, Twitter, emailed several contacts, and have begun shouting it from the rooftops.

    Really can’t wait!

  130. In the 4-Hour Chef, I’d like to learn different cooking methods of indigenous tribes. For example, these tribes cook primarily with the fire and the sun, and have had thousands of years to perfect their recipes.


    -Blogged about your book on my website:

    -Shared your book through (includes my Facebook page and Twitter page; both are accessible through my website).

    -Sent the blog post about your book to my newsletter subscribers, as well as the RSS feed

    -Retweeted this page

  131. Our toaster has two setting, too light or burnt. I don’t even butter my bread, I consider that cooking.

    Nevertheless, even though I use my smoke alarm as the food timer, many have eaten in Cindy’s kitchen and have gone on to live normal lives ..

    I’m not about dazzling .. well, not yet anyway. Besides a smiling face is half the meal …

    YUM! Cooking skills from Tim Ferriss .. the master of the best self-help hit of the decade, “The 4-hour Work Week,” has my endorsement and I haven’t even gotten my hands on it yet .. can’t wait.

    Smiles from a grateful fan … Cindy

  132. In the 4-Hour Chef, I’d like to learn strategies for dealing with my love of bad food. How can I eat crap occasionally enough to keep me from being bad all the time?

    I’ve posted the link via Facebook, and via LinkedIn (about 1000 connections with the overlap), with the question “Is marketing viral when you ask your tribe to help spread the word with offers of shiny Kindle Fire goodness?”

    On a side note, I’m a happy owner of both of your books, and am particularly fond of the T-bar I use twice a week.

    I look forward to seeing what the new book has to offer. Thank you!

  133. Looking forward to reading your tidbits on food. Love your other tidbits of info in your other books!!! Posted it on my FB and blog and twitter (Est 400 + exposure)

  134. I want to learn things I don’t already know. Similar to how the 4HB taught me a lot about eating the right kinds of food (I already knew how to eat), I want the 4HC to teach me how to cook those foods better so they taste better and take less time.

    To let people know about this new book, I made the declaration of being a Tim Ferriss fan boy after seeing in impact of the 4 Hour Body in my thinking and doing.

  135. Tim,

    Looking forward to new recipies that should keep me in check with the Slow-Carb Diet

    Also looking to learn:

    -How to go from a “guitar hero” poser to Rockstar on a 6-string in minimal time

    -Change the way I approach learning new things and aquire skills with the maximum effectiveness using the least amount effort(um, ah, leverage?..)

    -Make some MASSIVE changes in my overall lifestyle

    -Creating momentum by working hard towards progress over the winter months!

    Tim, here’s how I’m helping ya out:

    -Facebook Like

    -Twitter: mini link to blog

    -Facebook status update: “4 words: Four Hour Chef, Duh! Tim Ferriss, it pays for itself…”

    -Bought a pre-copy of book 5 secs ago.

    -Bought the second copy for the Brother-in-law’s xmas present

    -Posting about your Book on my Blog:

    -Asking 4 people over the next week if they’ve heard about Tim Ferriss’ new book, “The Four Hour Chef”(then singing your accolades like a Sinatra-Fanatic at Saturday Night Karaoke!)

    Hope you stomp the Best Sellers List-

    Kevin S

  136. I’m honestly not exactly sure what I intend to learn from The 4-hour Chef, but having enjoyed and implemented many practices from 4hw and 4hb, I know I’ll enjoy this book as well.

    I’ve posted on:

    – Twitter

    – Facebook

    – Reddit.

    – I recommend your stuff via word of mouth all the time when book discussions come up.

    I really enjoy The Random Show you do with K. Rose.

  137. Hey Tim – I’m excited to read that you’ll be covering your infamous deconstructing techniques. I’ve posted this on my Twitter (7,800 followers) and I’ll include it in my newsletter on Friday (5,000 subscribers). As someone who run’s the UK’s most popular cycling blog I know they’ll be plenty of interested people in the cooking guide and also your four hour body book. Can’t wait for the new book which I’ve pre-ordered the print copy of. I’m interested in the 10 month lead time – perhaps a gentle push on yourself to get this huge project done? link: and I’ve Google Analytics tagged my link.

  138. From the book I hope to learn the best approach to learning foreign languages. I’m studying Elfish so I can get the Elves to cook for me like they do for Santa, and apply what I learned in 4HBody so I can look like Jesus 🙂

    Seriously though, I’ve worked hard to apply things I learned in the 4HWW, like the Pareto Principle (80/20), in my business and look forward to applying the knowledge / learning tools of the new book so I can better focus on my key clients.

    – Just posted on FB and tweeted to all of my minions.

    Once again they will soon hear of what I like about Tim’s approach to business, food and lifestyle. I’ve enjoyed the pre-order perks in the past, and I’m sure my family will end up with copies of the new book.

    Keep it up Tim!

  139. While my weekend/party cooking skills are good, I really hope to gain some skills as well as inspiration for my daily cooking – with hopefully the side-effect of speed-upscaling other performances too.

    You have a great number of disciples in US, so I tweeted about the new book in Norwegian to my Norwegian followers, as one step to improve recognition here. I hope the term “4 timers” will be as known here as in US within a few years. At least we can hope for some translated books. Actually, the 4hours workweek has been adapted by many (to their employers frustration), but we are many that will benefit from the 4 hour body. 🙂

  140. Hey Tim,

    I am not going to paste the link at my web because there is nobody who will read it. I have no readers yet, but ask me in few months:) I will work on that.

    Anyway I just gave your link at my Facebook (390+ friends) and I think many of them are your supporters. Actually I am your big supporter for few years now:) My friends are making fun of me because of my love of your work:) You changed my life man and now I can see people are commenting my Facebook status with your book. Nice. If you ever come to Brno – Czech Republic, let me know;)

    Take Care


  141. – In the 4HWW I learned how to minimize professional time consuming elements and to use (online) tools to let others do the work for you (buying my own time back).

    – In 4HC I like to see that work for my ambitions, like learning to dive, play piano, build cocktails and of course not wasting any valuable time cooking meals. Efficiency to get the most fun out of life.

    – Again, an amazing way to promote your book. And see how people run for a ” little” incentive.

    – Of course I am more than happy to evangelize. I am putting all the stuff from 4HWW into practice as we speak and result should be visible this winter. (I promise to share them as soon as they are in)

    – After being inspired I at least gave the book to three of my best friends. To be honest 4HB wasn’t that much my cup of tea, I hope your understand 🙂

    – I shared your 4HC message with my over 400 Facebook friends and 500+ linked connections.

    Klout score of 53 and growing

    Looking forward to get inspired by the Four hour chef and receiving that Kindle sized package in the mail 😉

  142. Just finished 4 Hour Work Week after tearing through 4 Hour Body first – glad I stopped by to check out some of the resources here while doing the book exercises – consider the print edition pre-ordered!

    – I’m actually quite experienced in the kitchen and love cooking. What I’m looking for are new and interesting ways to enjoy the same slow-carbs I eat everyday while still maximizing efficiency through your no B.S. terms and awesome factoids.

    – I pre-ordered and told everyone else I pre-ordered. I’ve been evangelizing your first two books after being a massive skeptic, and my social networks and several forum communities are well aware of my past cynicism turned fascination.

    Now – back to working (but not for work!)

  143. * Would love to see how to select good cooking gear. Do you need to spend $300 on a knife or will $50 work?

    *Distributed via Twitter, only 26 followers, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

    *Mentioned on LinkedIn, have 88 contacts.

    *Pre-ordered the hardcover edition (becoming one of my 25 remaining hardcover books)

  144. Love to cook but don’t really have the time, poor college student. No loans and work to ply for school so don’t have a lot of cooking resources. 4 Hour Body has been great for me so figure this should help too. Anything to take some of the stress off.

    -Posted on my Facebook wall, >300 Friends and on a couple Facebook account I manage including

    -Told my Mom about it since she is the one who got me 4 Hour Body.

    -Shared on G+

    -Commented about in on GOODREADS and added it to my profile

  145. I’d like to learn the very first step you implement to learn something new.

    Added bonus to learn how to eat well by preparing simple meals combining minimal ingredients (hopefully no long lists of spices needed) – using just one key cooking fundamental for each recipe.

    Several years back me and some co-workers started a work book club. This will certainly make the list for the club.


  146. Hey Tim! My husband and I are so excited for the new book. We want to really become smashing cooks. I also want to become a great amateur photographer. I’ve posted to Twitter where I have 64 followers (but I hashtagged, so I’m hoping it reaches more people). I also posted to Facebook where I’ve got about 900 friends. I’m adding it to my signature line in my email and then I’m thinking that if I DO win a Kindle Fire, I would totally be willing to wear an ad on my back at a 5k in Santa Monica in two weeks. There are normally about 2000 health conscious runners there and if they don’t know about you yet, they SHOULD. Cheers!!

  147. I’d love to learn your take on the following:

    – Eating/Cooking healthily while on the road (without a proper kitchen.)

    – Food to eat to boost the immune system

    – Meals to cook with your vegetarian girlfriend while being a whole-hearted carnivore

    – Preparing the best food for a child

    – Healthy desserts of course

    – A comparison in price and calories between each meal in the book and it’s equivalent vs. eating out.

    I posted on Twitter (tagged you buddy!), FB, and sent a link in my newsletter. Between those mediums, that’s roughly under 3,000 more hits! Not as many as some, but an honest number! And, I’ve already pre-ordered the book!

  148. 1. First thing I did was forward the video to my friend and a successful lifestyle designer who runs an amazing food tour and cooking class business, Delicious Istanbul.

    She’s also a fan of Tim’s, so I suspect mentions of the book are bound to crop up in her blog posts in the coming months. 🙂

    2. Needless to say, I tweeted about the new book to my 300+ followers:

    “Very much looking forward to #reading@tferriss’ 4-Hour Chef: a book about #learning as much as about cooking: ”

    3. As an avid cook, I spend many evenings in the kitchen. The book’s idea of meta-learning inspired me to reflect on how learning to cook translates to learning other skills.

    Result: I’m now writing a blog post (referencing Tim’s book, of course) on how the skills I learned in the kitchen helped me, a die-hard theorist, master the practical aspects of my new career in animal behaviour modification.

    4. And, of course, I preordered the book! 🙂

    P.S. Wine chopping rocks! Tried it tonight on a nearly-undrinkable bottle of red. The improvement was drastic! Can’t wait to try out all the other hacks, tricks & techniques.

  149. 1. How to make the same slow-carb breakfast several different ways

    2. Speed tips for making great tasting meals faster

    3. Travel tips for cooking (ie: region specific recipes, grocery tips, etc)

    posted this to twitter @SouthernCooking123



  150. Sent a mass group text message to 328 people regarding the book. It ensued ridiculous comments like, “sell out” and “don’t text me ads ever again,” might have gotten blocked by a few but it was worth it. Facebook, twitter, email, meh. You won’t find better impressions than text.

    Kindle ME!

  151. I told my co-workers about this.

    I am hoping to learn

    – The simple path to cooking like a pro.

    – Have a ton of fun reading it have even more fun cooking and then showing my friends and family!

  152. I’m most excited to read 4 Hour Chef so I can:

    -Know the different cuts of meat & their preparation

    -Get started toward mastery of meta-learning

    I have started a 4 Hour Chef fan page on Facebook (, Liked and linked to this article, and linked to Tim’s preview program for the Kindle Fire. I’ll update my total impact by numbers on the 3rd!

  153. Hi Tim!

    The kindle pre-order option isn’t showing up for me in New Zealand.

    Amazon simply says “Not Available” and “Pricing Information Not Available”

    Just wondering if it has been set to only allow USA kindle pre-orders? Maybe a non-usa price has to be set?

    Looking forward to grabbing a copy 🙂

    P.S. – Feel free to send me a Kindle Fire if I just noticed that your international market had been excluded for the kindle pre-orders 🙂

  154. Sweet!! Another 4 hour wonder to checkout!

    I cannot wait to learn what tricks you have in store for the kitchen.

    I hope to learn how to cook more, faster and for less $$ in your new book. Trying to feed a family of 6 means that I need all the extra help I can get!

    To spread the word, I tweeted, your article, shared the article on Facebook, and on Google+, told anyone that would listen about your books, and the impact they can have on their life!!

    Keep up the amazing work!


  155. I would most like to learn how to efficiently improve my ability to play pretty much any instrument, and thus become a much stronger musician and multi-instrumentalist. In addition, I would love to learn how to make better tasting and healthier food, especially being in college, proper nutrition helps a lot in not getting ill and sleeping well.

    Shared on Google+ and Facebook, stumbleupon thumbs upped.

  156. I’d most like to learn:

    How to eat for flatter abs if I want to look extra cute on a particular day.


    Meals to cure ailments, like after-workout soreness or fend off a cold.

    I have been eating Paleo for a year, so I don’t want basics. But little hacks on the basics like the nuts/coconut-added-to-mashed-cauliflower thing you mentioned is great.

    I’m concerned about using plastics to cook with a sous-vide. Is there an alternative, like silicone, that’s more likely to be safe?

    How to drink without a hangover – Paleo’s killed my alcohol tolerance, even with ample water and a b-vit.

    How to get the nutrients you mention in the 4HB without supplements, where applicable (like, meal ideas using your tips)

    My niche is gardening, so doubt my followers will be interested till the book’s out and I can show examples of how gardeners can use this stuff (I did a 4HWW post about hacking your gardening Tim Ferriss-style!), but I did personally email every friend I know who is interested in either cooking or a hot body to show them the teaser and say I pre-ordered! My cousin bought a copy so far.

  157. Hey Tim,

    – I just recommended this on Facebook to about 370 friends with a personalized description stating how i’ve enjoyed your previous works and am looking forward to this one.

    For simplicity and cost considerations, I’m really interested in simple groceries lists that can be used for a lot things. As as single guy, I can’t have a pantry full of ingredients I’ll only use once.


  158. I’m psyched about this! Tim, I can’t wait to see the mental process behind how you’ve become a master at so many things. Not just to master my current pursuits but to ignite my curiosity and confidence in new endeavours.

    I posted to facebook for my 887 friends to see

    Told my girlfriend (who is a well-known chef at a top-3 catering restaurant in town)

    Passed on the link to all the entrepreneurs I know via email and also the 447 in an entrepreneurial Facebook group (Most of whom basically live their lives by 4HWW anyway)

    Can’t wait for it to come out! Cheers!

  159. Tim, the number one thing I would like to get out of the 4HrChef is to learn how to learn all the things that I am interested in, in the most efficient manner. I have taught myself a myriad of different skills over the years. I am self starter and go getter for sure and now have a career filming, editing, animating and more which I learned by asking lots of questions, being a sponge and lots of time “doing.” There are many skills I have just decided to let others do but which I regret I have not learned. It seems like I can’t possibly live long enough to get my hands into all the avenues of interest that I have. Looking forward to having your new book help.

    I have tweeted the link and posted it to my Facebook. I hope it takes off like a rocket ship and can’t wait to dig in! (162 words plus one smiley face 🙂

  160. With so many diet and cook books out there, it will be a breath of fresh air to have one that is simple, applicable and straight to the point. In addition, few things are more powerful than “lessons behind the lessons;” that is, using a model (in this case cooking) to teach other valuable life skills. This is the sign of a true teacher, not just an instructor.

  161. I would love how to make dinners inexpensively.

    I would like you to do wine pairings.

    I sent out an email to friends and family to join the blog.

    I also shared on facebook.

  162. After viewing the teasers the thing I’d most like to learn from 4 Hour Chef is how to make those delectable white chocolate chip pistachio cookies–and still burn fat this holiday season 🙂

    • In addition to tweeting about the book to my 250+ followers, I also took a targeted approach and individually instant messaged or emailed 10 friends that I thought would be interested in the book.

    • I included family members that are foodies, friends that are hopeless in the kitchen, and even the colleague that introduced me to 4 hour body.

    • I specifically highlighted purchasing the print edition of the book–I know if I win a Kindle fire I’ll invest in both print and digital version.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  163. oh man, i thought this post would say it’s being released by christmas…i’m supposed to wait until next september? talk about a letdown.

  164. Hi Tim,

    I would most like to learn how to cook more portable slow-carb meals, because I am rarely at home to eat my meals.

    – Bragged “like a school girl with a crush” to my housemates and their boyfriends, who have read 4 Hour Body in the choose your own adventure format

    – Pre-ordered the hardcover book for myself and my brother, who is starting chef school in Feb 2012

    – – I’ve Facebook liked this blog post to my 369 friends, as well as your Amazon book page with the wine chopping video – could we combine speed decanting with speed dating? That would impress me.

    – Tweeted both the Amazon book page & this post, where my Klout score is 44/100 and on the way up!

    – Requested copies be ordered to the Vancouver public libraries in both hardcover and ebook format

    Looking forward to the iPad edition of the teaser too!

  165. Most want to learn: best way to consume alcohol without losing strength/gaining weight, recommended supplements for women, female specific recommendations for strength gain, hacks for traveling internationally for long periods of time with children, “learning anything” tips for kids!

    Promoted to : 3194 Facebook followers, 522 twitter, 2500+ on email list, stumbled via, working on a blog article (135K + readers/month) and planning a results based giveaway once 4HC is released (signed copy would be great 😉

    Me: body recomposition, kettlebell junkie and 225 lb deadlift thanks to 4HB, automated business thanks to 4HWW, can’t wait for 4HC!

  166. I was expecting such a book from you and here I was right.

    – I this book because I want to learn more about cooking with less carbs

    – I like to be more skilled at things I may already know, but you always give your “special touch” and since I cook for 5 people regularly(co-workers), making them eat healthier would be awesome!

    – I like your reading and so far have both 4Hour books, loving them so far and workin on implementing lots of advice from the books into my daily life.

    What I did:

    -Twitter share:!/il_viaggiatore/status/141634227446886400

    -Facebook share(public post):

    -Blogged about the book with link both to the blog and the amazon page:

    -Started “selling” it to my close friends who love to cook and consider themselves “foodies”.

    – Pre-ordered the Print version. (I don’t own an iPad or Kindle, so no ebook for me :/ )

    Cheers from sunny Portugal!

  167. Would most like to learn:

    – How to cook for specific fitness goals to change up those mundane grilled chicken dinners by using various spices and cooking styles.

    – What are the 20% of tools to use in the kitchen that you use 80% of the time.

    – Different styles of cooking from all around the globe to impress the girlfriend.


    -Updated Facebook status

    -Updated twitter status.

    -Spread the word to my culinary friend who already loves you for your slow-carb diet!

  168. I am most looking forward to learning how to learn and your deconstruction of that process.

    To promote the book I have:

    – sent links to several food blogger friends across the US

    – contacted everyone via email who read either 4HB or 4HWW at my recommendation or with whom ive discussed either with links to amazon page and blog post

    – posted about it (with links) on FB at occasional intervals and will continue once daily for the next week

    – tweeted about it (with links) at regular intervals and will continue once daily for the next week

    – am writing a blog post about why this is so exciting

    – preordered hardcover edition

    – perordered kindle edition

  169. I would most like to learn about some of the cooking tips from the pros. I am also interested in reading about the tips to drinking alcohol without the weight gain amongst everything else the book will have. It was hard to choose!

    I tweeted about the blog post here:

    Facebook liked it (on my personal page)

    G+ +1’ed it

    Long time reader of 4HWW and your blog. Would love to read the new book on a kindle fire!

    Good luck in your ventures!



  170. I think the cover looks sexist – reverse the man at fire and woman at stove. (but I’m looking forward to your book anyway and my kindle version won’t show cover)

  171. Would love to see/learn healthy recipes for all age groups. Starting with baby/toddler food ’cause that is when good food habits develop. Educate the current generation to change the next.

    I’d post your link on my FB and tweeter feeds. Reached 600+ folks.

    Good luck!

  172. I would love to learn everything I possibly can from “The 4-Hour Chef”! My family would be so grateful!!! So here is what I have done to spread the word (so far):

    * I shared on my Facebook page

    **I sent out an e-mail to everyone in my address book (about 114 contacts)

    ***I called my Mom, Sister, Brother-In-Law, Sister-In-Law and one of my sons

    ***I am going to pick my kids up from school right now and I will be sharing with everyone who will listen to my rant and rave

  173. I want to learn how to keep my family fed, fit, and fabulous without wasting all of our time in the kitchen. Plus, learning the skill of learning – very cool.

    Already working off knowledge in 4HB.

    -Twitter and Facebook posted (500+ friends and followers)

    -Walked between office buildings with big “4 HOUR CHEF” sign taped to chest and amazon page pulled up on iPad. Had five people ask me about it. Two already familiar with Ferris’ prior books but unaware of this one.

    -Posted on company billboard for co-workers in office of 1200 people.

    -Stuck copies of chest sign on street lamps with instructions to google it.

    IMPACT: 2 future purchases for sure and at least 3 new converts.

  174. I would like to learn:

    – how to prepare simple, inexpensive and tasty slow carb meals

    – more about spices and foods and how to choose them and blend them to create unique dishes to my liking.

    – how to speak Spanish conversationally

    – how to build a nice website (ie layout, html, graphic design, CSS, etc.)

    – how to play chess like a master

    – how to play the piano

    I have done the following to spread the word:

    -Liked it on my facebook page (130 friends, I know it isn’t many but I don’t “friend” people unless I am actually friends with them and keep regular contact with them. I take the “choose your friends wisely” mantra seriously.)

    -emailed a link to this blog post to my favorite people

    Note: I would have blogged and tweeted also but I don’t have a twitter account or a blog. I aim to change that as I work on my muse though.

  175. I want to be a better person working towards a healthier lifestyle.

    I posted your link on my tumblr (100+ followers) and I told my mom about it, that’s about the world to me.

  176. two things, first, do we need to be US residents? and second: how about putting the “leave comment” widget at the top of the comment area? so we can leave a comment without the need of scrolling all the way down 300 comments or so,. which is a usual number for comments in this blog,.

    i know, comments comments comments.

    have a nice day!

  177. I shared this link with all my college mates via our class facebook page. I think my classmates and I will benefit most from learning new things more efficiently. Especially since we are in class 30 hours a week and then spend another 20 studying. It leaves little time to do anything else. I hope I can glean some hacking of the system knowledge from your new book. Thanks for putting this together.

  178. Tweeted, Liked the FB page, posted on my FB wall, and posted publicly to my Google+ page as well.

    I also promise to write a review and post on my blog ( which currently has a readership of more than 3 readers (counting my parents)!

  179. This is way off topic, but does anybody know the site used to create our avatars for commenting? I want to change my photo but I can’t remember where to go to do it. Thanks!

  180. Bought it! Got 2 friends to buy it. Tweeted it. FB Liked it. Stumbled it. Dugg it. On delicious. Evernoted it. Google+ posted it. +1ed it. Tumbled it.

    Tired now .

    Excited about learning trips to maximise what I’ve got to live it large.

  181. I workout all the time, but I need to learn cook healthier and do it more often to get more results from busting my tail at the gym. Admittedly, I am not the best cook and I am sure “The 4-Hour Chef” would help me to change that.It would help improve my physique, make me healthier, and save me money (takeout is pricey!).

    Liked on Facebook and posted the links to your blog and Amazon on my Facebook page.

  182. What I would like most to learn in the 4-Hour Chef is recipes to help lose weight. I spread the word by both liking and sharing on Facebook. I also told my husband (impact minimal)! This comment is an attempt to get a free Kindle Fire, the last one was in reply to the cover question.

  183. – I really look forward to learning the kitchen hacks Tim can pass along! I love applying some of his principles to my physical life, already; now let’s see what I can do in the kitchen…

    – I posted to over 600 people on Facebook! “4-Hour Chef is finally released! I plan on getting a copy; what do you plan on learning from yours?” I really hope to spark a conversation between my friends!

  184. I have a Klout score of 53.

    So I reached out to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and directed my followers and friends to this page. Having a very large Indian Community, which tends to try for lucky draws, my description went: Win a Kindle Fire Now!!!And learn about another awesome book by Tim Ferris.

    According to Klout I influence 970 individuals. With an amplification factor of 49 (this is on the high side).

    Will also be speaking about this to my family and any friend I meet on my trip to India. They all love the 4 hr work week.

    Have fun Tim. Cheers.

  185. I’d like to learn ways I can satisfy my sweet tooth without sugars or artificial sweeteners. Is this possible? I shared on Twitter and FB but can’t quantify the results as I just did it and want to make the 300 cuts! But I’m a big fan of both TF and cooking so I’ll be advocating for this book!

  186. Hey Tim,

    Really appreciate your books and am looking forward to the new one! While I enjoy cooking, I’m actually more interested in the learning how to learn new skills component. I’ve got a list a mile long of things I want to figure out how to do!

    I’ve promoted the book to my 800 Facebook friends and through Twitter as well. Additionally, I’ll be sharing it with the group of 18-25 year olds that I work with (and maybe even buying copies for them after I read it!)

    Thanks for the opportunity for a kindle fire!

  187. Well, I let the Facebook world know of my most excellent purchase. Oh! my slew of twitter followers know as well. All 60 people that follow me for some odd reason. Maybe for my jokes, or my love of re tweeting rather than using original thoughts.

    Anyways!! I cannot wait to read your latest invention.

  188. Hey Tim, I loved the 4 hour body book and uses some of the tips and tricks every day to keep the 115 lbs I lost off for over 1 1/2 so far. I can’t wait to see what you have in this book.

  189. Tim,

    I am most excited about not only learning how to cook but also learning how to learn, sounds kind of funny but I am a 20 year old college kid and I have a lot of things I want to learn… Most can’t be taught at school 🙂

    I got the word out first by sending a broadcast message to my email list of 251 – who are all buyers and very active in the internet marketing niche and know a thing or two about viral marketing – telling them not only about your new book but also about your kindle competition. Should help get you a large audience from my list and their resources combined

    Then I produced a quick video which I uploaded to youtube that talks about your new book as well as your kindle competition. Then I posted a link to the video in the signature of my forum accounts to get tons of exposure 🙂

    Also posted on Facebook, told my parents, and mentioned the new book to my SEO mastermind group of about 30 people

    Hope that helps,


  190. 1) Left a tweet to my 5400 people who I have an -active- relationship with.

    2) looking forward to your brand of efficiency when it comes to cooking food.

    I’m brief but enthusiastic! Feel it?! lol

  191. hey tim.. i can’t wait to read this book.. i’ve been looking forward to it since i first heard about it! i am excited to learn how to make some new seafood dishes, and how to fit some more healthy family meals into our busy schedule.

    i posted about this book/contents on my twitter, facebook, and emailed all my friends… i also posted it in a few forums that i regularly visit.. i will be pre-ordering the book and also adding my review on amazon after i receive it!


  192. Man, I’ve been waiting for this book! I shared it to my Facebook, which has 134 friends I all know personally, and two forums, one of which has over a thousand members, the other has over 50.

    What I would really love is a thorough deconstruction of what makes Asian food soo darned delicious. So many different flavors, such seeming precision.

  193. I preordered “The 4-Hour Chef” because I would love to learn to cook without following an exact recipe.

    While my followers list may not seem as impressive as some, I am more than confident that I will have a much higher conversion rate with my 370+ twitter followers and my close friends, than the people who sent out similar messages to 3,700+ followers.

    How am I so sure? Simple, I’ve used Pareto’s Law as outlined in “The 4-Hour Workweek”. Rather than sending “one-size-fits-all” emails, or tweeting out to thousands of spam twitter accounts, I sent personalized emails to people already predisposed to buy the book. My friends and high-quality followers know I don’t retweet for contests and would never recommend something I wouldn’t purchase for myself.

    • I e-mailed links to a few of my closest friends for whom I had previously purchased “The 4-Hour Workweek”.

    • I posted to following message to twitter:

    “Preordered Tim “Superman of Silicon Valley” Ferriss’ new book “The 4-Hour Chef” and so should you. #notasponsoredtweet” – Link:

    Thank you for your consideration and I hope the new book does well!

  194. Looking forward to the new book! Pre ordered both iPad and hardcover edition version as I did with the 4HB (I call them my “on the go” version and my “sit by the fire with smoking jacket” version).

    Predominantly it has to be science behind cooking that I’d love to read. I’m sure the chopping method of which is faster (that you mentioned on the Joe Rogan podcast) is just a tiny taste of what’s to come to help in any capacity.

    Have now mass emailed friends/family and facebooked it….

  195. I want to learn how to stop cooking like a caveman. Seriously, my skills end at burger flipping and boiling water.

    So far, I have tweeted it Facebook liked it and shared it, send it around via email to friends and family. Estimated exposure is 500+ people.


  196. Tim, if I got your book on kindle for 5.99(don’t worry I’ll get the hardcover too because it will look good on my shelf) and it’s an error, am I locked into the erroneous price?

    As for what I’d like to learn, it’s what other software programs like (Dual N Back) have scientific evidence backing the claim that they help with things like attention or IQ. The dual n back task, for example, improves scores on Raven’s advanced progressive matrices.

    What am I doing to promote your past and future books? I can’t possibly win the twitter/facebook friends contest. I don’t have an online following, but in person I’ve introduced your book to people that would have never heard of it. I’ve helped people in my family and extended family lose weight, and I’ve gotten friends into weightlifting and language learning and I point them to your books or blogs whenever possible. People that otherwise wouldn’t have heard of them. Your books are in Spanish, for example, but not marketed towards latinos. My dad runs a contracting business and I’ve advised him based on the 4HWW, and I’ve convinced him to get a TimeSVR account.

  197. I’m a college student who’s been cooking on my own for the past year, and I’ve lost 85 pounds doing it (from 350 to 265, so far). I feel like I’m entering a time in my life where making myself better is a real priority. I RT’d your link on Twitter to a measly 150 followers, but I always recommend people check your stuff out in real life (I love the Random Show). Peace!

  198. + I am most looking forward to reading about your cooking experiments in your new book… that’s my most favorite part of your work, as I’m a scientist too!

    + I made a BUMPER STICKER that says




    I’ve printed it out and will have it copied onto bumper sticker paper at office depot – I’ll try to post a pic when it’s on the car

    + I shared a link to your blog on FB

    + I shared your post on FB as well

    + I shared the Amazon page as well to FB

    + I thought about wearing a sandwich board in downtown Santa Fe, but not sure I have the courage for that!

  199. Love it. Shared.

    Also note for Tim/Charlie: Minor typo noticed under 50 Kindle Fire Devices, 1st sentence: “If you don’t yet have a Kindle Fire and would one for free” (forgot “like” one for free)

    That worth one? 🙂

    Thanks, love all the books. Bought multiple, shared all.


  200. I want to learn how to choose a ‘good’ cut of meat. I’m tired of spending way too much money on meat & being disappointed in quality.

    I’ve shared the link to the page along with a brief description of your book on an online diet forum that has 133,481 registered members.

  201. Wow! What a great marketing idea. I’d most like to learn the best ways to cook all meats safely without losing juiciness – I never know what the best way is. I’d also like to learn how to keep spices so they last longest, and what grains to use in what dishes.

    I tweeted:!/scg003twitparty/status/141649730282340352

    and shared on Facebook:

    I have a 45+ Klout score so I bet a lot of folks will click over! I am intrigued by your books.

  202. What I’d most like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef is the following

    * Best way to keep food fresh longer

    * How to cook/prepare in less time (time saver tricks)

    * Tips on beer <— I did the slowcarb and man did I miss beer. Even on cheat day I would think twice about it.( im not a big wine fan)

    *Allowed snacks <- if any, sometimes its hard to get cooking when hunger hits.

    Sent as many people as possible here. 🙂

  203. me become a better chef/cook then my wife.we are neck and neck(in my opinion).a little bit of am edge would be great !

  204. I would love to see more upscale vegetarian dishes. I’ve been a vegetarian for about six years, and I often have trouble finding creative new dishes that appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

    I’ve spread the word by posting on my Facebook page (414 friends), on Twitter (@zingx) (~25 followers), and e-mailing some of my friends and family who love cooking and eating.

    Thanks for the great giveaway, I’m a big fan of 4-hour everything!

  205. Posted on the how-to reddit (40,533 readers) and the DIY reddit (62,215 readers) with the headline

    “Tim Ferriss’ New Guide on Deconstructing Skills and Advanced Learning (+Free Kindle Fire contest)”

    I would like to learn about the processes you use to deconstruct skill sets and how you apply that to actually learning the skills.

    -posted on private forums I am involved with, they’re already into your stuff, so it’s definitely targeted.

    -posted to facebook, told my friends

    -I will continue to post to the relevant places I frequent.

    -all posts include links to the amazon page and this blog post

    -also included links to your previous 2 books where applicable

  206. Hey Tim – great books so far!

    In The 4-Hour Chef I would most like to learn some of the detailed material that you teach in the High Tech Entrepreneurship class at Princeton and what you do at Singularity University. I would hope to get out of that ways to learn complex computer programs like Adobe Premiere and make content that is attractive and doesn’t look amateurish.

    aka learning complex materials and being able to explain/perform it beyond the basic level

    To promote the book I did this:

    Shared on my facebook page (656 friends) and tweeted to followers

    Liked blog post and amazon page on Stumbleupon

    Posted on my fraternity facebook page (1418 friends)

    Posted on wall to UNLV Student Government group page (1103 members)

    Posted on UNLV student body facebook page (2388 friends)

    Posted on facebook event page for a DJ concert I am hosting (622 attending)

    Posted to facebook walls of people more influential than me – various blogs and websites:

    – Lifehacker

    – High Existence

    – MensHealth


    – TED

    – GQ

    Hopefully people that visit those sites will see my post or the editors will get an early info about the book.


  207. Hi TIm, here are my comments:

    For the Book cover:

    -I like the cover, however the color seems off for a recipe book. I like the yellow green and olive color, which I saw somewhere.

    On how I can drive traffic and get your new book recognized out there:

    -Direct email, sending a link to my former clickbank clients (truthaboutabs) about this new book

    – Discuss in forums (esp. paleo related forums)

    – Post in my facebook wall, then giving good review on 4hww and 4hb, and how the 4hc can be as good as those 2 previous books.

    -Tweets ofcourse

  208. I would like to learn in The 4-Hour Chef:

    – How to create meals for pre and post-workout nutrition to optimize my training and recovery

    To spread the word I:

    – Shared the link with the two CrossFit gyms I’m a coach at totaling 500 members. The 4-Hour Chef (and the principles of the Slow Carb Diet) mesh perfectly with CrossFitters.

    – Shared the link of Facebook

    – Shared the link on Twitter

  209. Shared on my FaceBook, and sent an e-mail to some family members. I may not get as many “likes” and page views for you, but its the effort that counts.

    I look forward to learning anything and everything about cooking. My Fiance and I are getting married soon, and I am in a rut making the same things over and over. Looking for new tips and techniques to spice up things I already make, and making things that are out of my comfort zone!

  210. I’d most like to bridge the gap of learning potential between the sponge my mind was when I was 12 years old and the resulting learning drop off after 25+ years of adding alcohol, caffeine, the internet, short attention spans, and far too much broadcast television

    • I’ve posted to my personal Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts – around 3000 impressions.

    • I’ve given copies of your first two books to around 10 casual acquaintances in a kind of “pay it forward” approach – asking them to pass it to their friends, etc.

    • I’ve pre-ordered 3 copies of the new book to give as gifts.

    • I’ve had strange dreams that prophesied the coming of a fiery tablet that would teach me the ways of learning anew -which is either a product of incredibly good Mexican food or a vision of my future.

  211. Hi

    I really wanted to learn how to cook deliciously and fully nutrient diet foods.i want to loose weight.But i don’t want to starve or eat tasteless food.

    Need to learn much about food for diabetic people.

    I passed information regarding this book to my Friends and hope everyone will love the book.

  212. -What I would like to learn is how to cook a delicious meal that tastes like it came from a restaurant.

    -I want to be able to cook nutritious meals too.

    -I want to learn tricks to cooking that are easy enough I can show my sister how to do them

    I posted this on Twitter. I have 357 followers.!/Vamper_Fan/status/141652724549812225

    I posted on FB for my family and close friends.

    Congrats on the book!

  213. Hi Tim,

    What started off as following your 4HB and a 20lb loss this year leaves me ready to dive into the 4-Hour Chef! Looking forward to finally getting a not-girly “cookbook” that will help drive my lifestyle, not just my meals.

    – I’d most like to learn how to plan better to continue effectively, efficiently fueling my body with your straight forward, no fluff way I’ve come to expect! I have the basics of what & when to eat, but am starting a fitness challenge with some girls who need to a healthy LIFESTYLE overhaul and am always looking for skills I can pass on to help them think for themselves and not depend on me.

    – “Make my wine taste better” – winner, winner, chicken dinner! On that teaser statement alone, I’m already sold and anxious for the release 🙂

    -working on a blogpost (2,000views this past month), posted on FB (460+ peeps), and Tweeted (@melissyk)!/melissyk/status/141657128304775169

  214. I am interested in learning to make quick tasty snacks that get me through the tough time during the day between lunch and dinner.

    I really enjoy passing on your work week book to my employees and working with them to balance there personal life with work life. Becoming a new father both your books have greatly impacted my life and know than the cooking book will do the same. To spread the word I have already preordered a few books for friends and family as IOU stocking stuffers and alerted my tweeple’s and social groups to get a great deal while available.

  215. Does this apply to non-US people? As the fire is only available there at the moment.

    Either way, I’ll preorder soon. I’ve already tweeted and liked it, but have no feeling I’ll win with my total numbers barely topping 1600.

    However I do hope you listen to my idea of what I want to see:

    A complete step by step breakdown from concept/choice of hack, to methods of deconstructing the interest, evaluation of effectiveness and then settling on choice.

    E.g. How/why did you choose Tango dancing, research the best instructor for the price, find a easily/reasonably beatable record, and set your heart on it and going about it.

    I tend to lose sight of the end goal in the middle of this process in pretty much everything, from language learning to dropping weight/staying with diets and developing business plans. This is the Tim Ferriss secret I really want as I know everything else you’ve written about works (as I’ve tried it).

  216. Hey Tim

    -Im most excited to learn about basic cooking techniques that will save me money while making good food! Im going to be on my own for about 6 months, and I don’t plan on eating out alot, so I want to learn all I can!

    While promoting your book, I RT’d (105+ active followers) and tweeted several times about the new book.

    I sent out updates to my school (Taylor University) and other major student groups on FB to my over 1000 friends

    I was also specific in targeting recent college grads, newlyweds, and single parents to help them out.

    I would say my reach was 385 people on Klout, so you probably will have at least 35 book sales because of me!

    thanks for writing this blog. I love the 4WW and 4HB, and I can’t wait to read 4HC!!!

  217. Hey Tim.

    I have been sharing this news with all people who belong to my tribe. In person mostly, but of course also over the internet. Liking and sharing the post on facebook and putting up a post in a forum with like-minded people.

    I’d like to learn the definitive answer when to salt a steak, before or after grilling it?

    But I’d most importantly like to learn how to make my cause a success and that I always be able to attract and connect to brighter and wiser people, who can help me achieve my dreams, hopes and visions.

    Thanks for helping me already and showing me the way on this quest now and in the future.


  218. I liked and posted this link of FB to 400 friends. Will continue to post it intermittently so people around the world can see it. Telling friends and family about it too. Hard to quantify, but hopefully will reach more people as friends share the link on. Maybe 1000?

    There are so many things I want to learn about in 4 Hour chef. I’m a big foodie and I love cooking and dining out.

    -Mashed coconut cauliflower sounds amazing and healthy

    -Sous vide turkey leg? Yes please.

    -Harissa Crab cakes sound divine. I love the kick of harissa.

    -Learning more about food, production, cooking and how it affects a person’s health and wellness is so much fun and it looks like you’re going to make it a fun and enjoyable experience.

  219. I most looking forward to how you are going to break down meta-learning. That is something that always fascinated me about your work from the day I first heard about you.

    I made posts on Twitter and Facebook along with pictures of me “streaking” throughout Iowa State University in 36 degree (F) weather with signs promoting your new book. The picture can be seen on my Twitter account @TheBryceIsRite


  220. Hi. i liked on facebook,and also mostly looking to learn to make dishes that will help with my diabetes.salads,lean meats,and olive oils recipes also.thank you very much

  221. -From the 4HC, I would most like to learn how to understand/estimate how different foods and spices taste together. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I can read a description of a meal and have no idea how it will taste in real life. I am taking big risks everytime I’m at a restaurant :). Also I am interested in meta-strategies in general, being a student of NLP.

    For promoting 4HC:

    -I posted this on both of my facebooks:

    Professional (private) – 408 friends

    Personal (/jonnyv) – 451 friends

    I placed this on 2 forum signatures of mine.

    I also preordered 4 hard cover versions.


    PS: I lost 50lbs this year using tips from 4HB! My brother lost 40lbs as well. I will post a before/after on your FB soon. I got a lipid panel done and I am healthy as can be (used to have bad cholesterol). I am shooting for 30lbs more!

    Thanks for everything Tim!

    PPSS: Only 162 words 🙂 (including this PPSS)

  222. I’m intrigued with the idea of a cooking being a vehicle for learning other skills. I look forward to reading it!

    I’ve liked this on Facebook.

  223. I’m looking forward to putting your skill deconstruction method to use in my life. I’ve a lot of skills that I want to learn (or relearn) where the “How can I” is all that’s left.

    Until I can pre-order the book, I’ve done the following:

    * facebook posted the amazon link. my page has 111 friends, not a lot but lucky in a repeating numbers kind of way.

    * Tweeted to my ~70 followers.

    P.S. I’ve your “Trial By Fire” pilot on repeat.

  224. I would like to learn why I always quit when learning to cook and how I can get better at consistently preparing food for myself.

    I retweeted your tweet about this page and posted it to my Facebook (over 1,500 friends).

    Kindle Fire!

  225. I would love to learn how to cook like my older brother used to. He went to the Art Institute’s culinary school and was always my inspiration.

    I posted your link on my facebook, twitter, and tumblr. I’ve also used word of mouth and told my friends. Especially the ones who complain about not being able to cook. 🙂

  226. Hi Tim,

    As a follower of your other books, I am confident that I will learn something new and interesting. I recently discovered the joy in cooking, and seeing how this can be applied to other areas in life by breaking things down certainly sounds interesting to me.

    I have bought both the physical and ebook versions while waiting at jury duty…

    I posted to facebook at

  227. Re-Tweeted and will post to Facebook

    – most interested in tequila hot chocolate, exploding cows and tattoos

    – love new cookbooks and different people’s ideas for food and preparation

    – did I mention exploding cows

    – hoping for new food ideas for fueling for long cycling rides and weekend long hikes

  228. I would most like to learn how to get out of negative mental cycles, or motivation exercises, particularly first thing in the morning when I seem most susceptible.

    -I tweeted this to 2140 followers, some of whom are actual people, though some of the robots RT links a lot, so that could help a bit.

    -Sending links to my mailing list, which is really just my mom, some friends, and an ex who stalks me.

    -Sent to my 328 real-life Facebook friends who are actual people I know personally and know how much your other 2 books have improved my world (I haven’t had a job since 4HWW, build awesome campfires, and lost 35lbs with Slow-carb).

    -I’ll include the links in a blog post that I already have coming up about my transformation after reading 4HB.

    -I am not willing to go as far as a tattoo of your likeness for a Kindle Fire, though I would consider wrestling Kevin for your sheer amusement and page views, if you think that would help.

  229. I would like to learn how to hack my food to make it more savory the “four hour style” 🙂

    I want to know about ingredients crucial for making the dish great rather than just acceptable.

    Most importantly, I want to be a SUPERHUMAN cook.

  230. I’m hoping to learn some skills for healthier eating, like how do I pan fry foods without a tub of butter or saving me from salt addition!

    I’m sendding all my facebook friends over and Im going to ask them to mention I sent them Thanks!!!

  231. I’d most like to learn how to make awesome meals with less cooking time and especially clean up time.

    I made a post and link to this blog on 4hourpeople here:

    In August, 4hourpeople had 70,000 people a month reading posts. (Not sure the current stats). But it’s 108,280 ranking in the US on Alexa. And a page 2 site ranking for 4 Hour Body.

    I also shot off a Team post and email to 4 Hour “team bean counters” which has 145 members on the site here (announcing a special group for the holidays and the book):

    i also did the above along with facebook (312 friends) and a twitter post last night to the youtube video (1080 followers). I typically have about 7% click-through.

    1. update: so far based on responses in the first post on 4hourpeople, this has resulted 5 confirmed hard copy sales and 1 kindle sale. (This includes my purchases). I have no doubt more have purchased, but this is those who have stated so in a comment. I also have one friend on facebook who said they pre-ordered it. So far 7 total confirmed sales from these efforts.

      Also later today a twitter post with a tracking stats link should be made as a result of my efforts – during a twitter chat hosted by one of the “top 50 business women to follow” on twitter who has over 100,000 followers. I’ll post a link to the status and stats tomorrow morning.

      1. results update:

        -8 confirmed sales of 4 Hour Chef & my FB.

        -email blast to 145 members of “team bean counters”

        -orchestrated 2 tweets by “top 50 business women to follow” on twitter (137,489 followers) here:!/startupprincess/status/142045829597892608

        -results from 1st tweet 95 clicks:

        screen cap of stats:

        (She will post again tomorrow).

  232. I posted your teaser vid and the pre-order link on google+ within my circles as well as publicly. . . also pre-ordered my hard copy.

    I hope you cover soups and perhaps foods with cognitive benefits; I’ve always wanted to make clam chowder, and could use a boost in memory

  233. I blogged about it (blog is on the first page of google for slow carb diet already)

    Tweeted it!/justhamade/favorites

    Then Pre-ordered the hard cover (I don’t have a kindle or I would have got both)

    Then posted it on my Facebook

    And Tweeted again that I pre ordered it

    If the book gets me in the kitchen then it will be a miracle and my wife will become a huge Tim Ferriss fan.

  234. Looking forward to your new book, Tim. I’m adopting a Paleo diet and it will be helpful for me to become more capable in the kitchen, so your book will likely be a big help to me.

    I’ve already shared a link to this post multiple times across Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    You can monitor results and clickthroughs for the 2 links I created here:

    So far, looks like 11 total clicks, and I’ve already scheduled a couple more of these broadcasts over the next couple of days. Hope I’m able to send some more traffic your way.

    Also eager to get my hands on a Kindle Fire.

  235. Hi Tim, what I would like to learn most is how to spot/avoid/counter sugary foods and ingredients, and their effect on our cardiovascular health and diabetes risks; there’s added sugars and sweeteners everywhere!

    Posted an update on my LinkedIn profile… So much competition for the Kindle :]

    Keep up the good work!

  236. I wrote and recorded a promo song for YouTube!

    Listen here:

    My channel has 417 followers and over 24,000 views. I also posted the song and info on my Facebook (650 friends) and will Tweet weekly through the release of the book (reaches my Twitter followers AND Facebook). I’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook and enticed others to do so, as well.

    Your books have been a great inspiration in my life and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Hope you enjoy the song! (Feel free to use it for any promotion you please.)

    Thanks, Tim!

  237. I’d like to learn to play guitar. I’ve shared this post on FB, Twitter, liked it on FB and Amazon, shared my pre-order on FB and Twitter. I’ve read and enjoyed your other books…this one will be no exception. Can’t wait!

  238. I want to learn how to make decent food quickly like I see the pros do vs bad food slowly.

    – Posted to a forum with 20,000 members and an extremely active and loyal group of core users.

    – I linked it up on twitter @phormality (127 followers)

    – posted it to tumblr

    – I have pre-ordered the hardcover book

    – targeted friends who are most likely to pre-order and also spread the word further.

  239. As a mom of 3 children, that are heavily involved in after-school activities, dinner has taken a backseat in our house. I love to cook, but never can find recipes that are easy to prepare or are well liked by a house of picky eaters.

    I am hoping Tim Ferriss will show me how to prepare these meals in the morning, and be ready for a tasty dinnertime treat!

    I have posted the amazon link to my Facebook wall, as my friends are “mom” in the same boat. Its a challenge to help us!!! We busy moms need all the help we can get. I have also emailed the link to this page and the amazon page to several friends not on Facebook.

    I know Tim can help us!!! My husband will be your new best friend after i can finally cook him a “real meal”.

  240. Hola Tim!

    It seems to be that I can’t pre-order the Kindle Version… could it be because I’m doing it from Buenos Aires?

    (I’m getting a “Not currently available” message where the “Pre-order: Add to cart” link should be… the Hardcover link is working fine)

    Un abrazo!

  241. I was originally looking forward to learning some tasty new slow-carb recipes the most. However upon further review (aka reading this blog post) I will change my answer. I would say that the thing I’m most excited to learn from “The 4-Hour Chef” is your method of deconstructing a desired skill for effective learning. 4HC sounds like it’s going to be way more than expected, though I should have expected that! It’s always fun and useful to learn another way of looking at the world.

    I have shared either this blog posting or the Amazon pre-order page (depending on relevancy to the audience) on both personal and business social media sites and blogs. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and WordPress. Our business is a chef apparel store, so it ties in nicely! I have also emailed a few close friends. Reach is difficult to measure at the moment.

  242. – learn how to cook to, let’s face it, impress women (at my place, or theirs)

    – retweeted to 100+ followers

    – FB status’ed to 1000+ followers

  243. What I would most like to learn from The 4-Hour Chef is the ingredients themselves.

    1.) In the sense of how they complement each other and how different dishes combine these ingredients to form a cohesive taste and look.

    2.) As well as how one could gain the knowledge of realizing that these sets of ingredients would work well together rather than another set of to understand/estimate how different foods and spices taste together.

    I promoted mainly by email and face to face with people I am acquainted with that I know who are interested in cooking, health, or who aren’t the best at cooking but tries. So around 20 people right now.

    Thanks 🙂

  244. Covered the standard stuff, FB, twitter, but more importantly, emptied a pad of Post-It Notes all over the house advertising the 4 Hour Chef to my wife, the resident chef in our house. The kids had a ball helping post them.

    1. Oh, and I’d like to learn some nutrition / food hacks to help fuel marathon training and maybe take a shot at an Ironman this year.

      Covered the standard stuff, FB, twitter, but more importantly, emptied a pad of Post-It Notes all over the house advertising the 4 Hour Chef to my wife, the resident chef in our house. The kids had a ball helping post them.

  245. Hey Tim!

    Posted on my facebook–

    Posted on Twitter — both links to blog and amazon + tags to you and the fourhourchef twitters —

    I also work in the kitchen at the Nittany Lion Inn and am looking forward to trying some of the recipes. I’ve been experimenting with slow carb recipes there on my own and it will be nice to actually use some recipes coming from the guy that started it all.

    You’ll have to take my word that I’ve gotten my friends/family/co-workers hooked on your books but it’s true!


    -Ben Nargi (Penn State University)

  246. I’m looking forward to pick up effective techniques that I can keep in mind when cooking and learning — mantras to inspire! You did it with your first two books and I’m sure I’ll learn a bunch that I never thought about in this one.

    Can’t wait to read it! I just tweeted and facebooked a link to the Amazon page to my 630 twitter followers (most of whom I know personally and are highly engaged with my tweets) and to my 350 Facebook friends.

    Looking forward to reading!

  247. I liked it on Facebook, shared the link with a quip about my lack of cooking ability, and retweeted. I’ll think of something creative and quantify it before Thursday. It’s easier to pimp the 4-Hour Body (I’ve got an NFL player on the T-boosting protocol and I rammed a copy in the book depository at my old town’s library, for examples) but I’ll figure somethin’ out. For the Kindle and since I really get a lot out of your work.

  248. Hi Tim,

    – Consider yourself re-tweeted, liked, and emailed to 1,000+ contacts

    Looking forward to the Four Hour Chef, am most interested in tackling quick and easy recipes that will provide energy throughout the day. Plus of course, am all about the interactive holiday Kindle app. Who doesn’t love wine and cookies?

    -Last, thanks again for your guest appearance last month at Yelp. We all appreciated your insight.

  249. I’m looking forward to seeing what techniques Tim breaks down from the professional chefs, what they share, and how much is culinary training really necessary.

    I posted this blog post to my Twitter feed (@injuryexpert) and am inviting Tim to be a guest on my SI Inside Fantasy podcast.

  250. The standard FB Like, Retweet, and +Google. But to be inventive, I have sent out 30 carrier pigeons to Toledo, hoping to influence some people in Middle America.

    As for the cookbook, I’m looking for a way to produce chia seed bars! The magic seeds are great, but need a better way to eat them then in my morning beverage.

  251. Hi I referred all my friends from facebook here. The one thing i’d love to here about is how to stick with any diet. I get bored after 1 week and old habits creep back in. I really am desperate to know.

  252. I’m most interested in hearing your throughts on the combination of spices and flavours. Your work on four hour body was fascinating and since I know how well you delve into the science of things, I’m expecting this to be an impressive read.

    I’m pumped you’ve got a new book! I own both editions of 4 hour work week plus your Four Hour Body and likely this one too. Would love a fire to read it on 🙂

    I spread the word on Google+ and Twitter for you!

  253. I have just mentioned The 4-Hour Chef on a Czech national TV. I am guessing 20 000+ viewers, since it was at night. I would say that half of them speaks english good enough to be able to read the book.

    I haven’t done it yet, but I will pre-order a hardcover version.

    I would like to learn how to speak french in less than four months, because my girlfriend’s family speaks only french and I will meet them in April for the first time (a long distance relationship can work…)

    I think they will love me, if I cook something for them.


  254. Hey Tim,

    Thanks! Shared it with everyone I know – I would love to grab a Kindle Fire 😀

    1.) Liked & Shared with all my 4300+ friends on facebook

    2.) Tweeted it to all my followers

    3.) Sent the link to my mailing list of over 4500+ people

    4.) Posted on my blog (which currently gets about 30-40K pageviews a month)

    5.) Sent an email to my mom and dad about it because they are great fans!

    I wont have time to do street miming but, I posted 20 posters advertising your new Kindle Fire Collaboration with links in a local university with over 20,000+ students.

    It was a LONG day mate 🙂

    Let me know if you would like to verify any of the above claims, I have proof 🙂

    Thanks dude

    Great job


  255. I want to learn, by power of example, specific methods and systems that would help me acquire information faster, understand it better and apply it with success. In short: apart from learning more about food and how to cook I would be interested in: systems, processes and tips that can be applied in all areas of life.

    I posted:

    – a link to the book on three facebook profiles – total about 2000 friends

    – the link on my twitter profile- 158 followers

    – a banner with link on my travel website (in signature)- should get 5000 views in 48 hours

    – a link and recommendation on the facebook page – 1665 fans

    – Instant messaged over 100 friends with recommendation and link

    – a message and link on a facebook group: 4000 members

    and recommended the book to my friends.

  256. Can’t wait to give this a read. I published this via the following:

    Twitter (6,307 followers):!/rejects/status/141672802901172225

    Retweeted via my website’s Twitter account (37,339 followers):!/rejectnation

    Facebook (670 friends and subscribers):

    And published via Tumblr:

    Personally, I’m all in for the ‘lose fat during the holidays’ part.

  257. I’m Disappointed – apparently you can’t preorder the kindle edition on an international scale – the option is blocked where I am.

    Why the targeted marketing? Decided to shift to more traditional tactics?

  258. Bullet: Retweeted to the people that follow me on Twitter.

    Powder: Shared on Facebook to all of the people that are obsessed with checking to see if I’ve shared something interesting.

    Barrel: Did a public +1 for the thousands of weirdos who check to see what’s going on “nearby” on Google+.

    Trigger: Commented on this site, which I have never been to before, and now am poking around and finding out there is content here that could be of use to me…

    I know you said to use “bullets” but I figured I should switch it up a little.

    I love to hack life and it seems your site is full of tips trick and alternative ways of doing things = appeal.

    Thanks for your time!

  259. Retweeted the post to help spead the word. Always fun to see your idea’s on marketing and PR. I am looking forward to the book for the cooking tips, but also they basic algorithm based solutions you have developed to learning skills.

  260. Hey Tim, I’m promoting the hell out of your book. Thanks again for all of your words of wisdom.

    I would like to learn more about the lost art of buying from a butcher. It would be great to learn all the types of cuts (shoulder, belly, head, thigh, etc.) I think the nyt recently wrote about this lost art? Maybe, maybe not.

    – Facebook (911 Friends) & liked the FB page.

    -Twitter (meager 20 followers. working on it)

    retweeted here:!/algrabow

    -E-mailed family members and family friends who already know of my allegiance, but must be reminded incessantly

    -Banishing the “disbelievers” from any future house parties i have

    -Will stand outside busy metro stop with poster tomorrow and post the picture

  261. I posted to my 692+ fb friends, 75 twitter followers and posted on my blog.

    I’m a personal trainer. My customer base consist of mostly regular people trying to stay healthy and maintain a decent fitness level. With that said,

    – I’m looking for practical ways to cook really good tasting calorie conscious convenient meals for a family or for a single person.

    – An organized method to shop for necessary spices and condiments

    – Tools that are needed on hand

    – A very “dumbed down” method of teaching step by step of what to do from the grocery store to the kitchen cabinets. Assume you are a single person moving into a new apartment with nothing. What cooking stuff do I need to have? This might sound silly, but I wasn’t exactly sure what a masher or meat tenderizer was up until recently

  262. I’m a college student trying to make it in the world of entrepreneurship and lets just say, student loans aren’t giving me money. I really want to get the 4-Hour Chef for my mother who is a great cook, but cooks very unhealthily and her weight and eating habits are starting to show in her health. She loves to read, and loves to cook, so this is undoubtedly the perfect christmas gift for her. Plus she doesn’t have a Kindle and I’m sure that’d be on her list as well. I have put a picture link ad on my website for you and retweeted and shared this on facebook on my company page and personal page! Thanks!

  263. I’m a chef, and I’m interested in 4-Hour Chef not because I think it will teach me new skills for cooking but because I am always interested in new ways of thinking about food and skills. My mind is the most important tool I have as a chef and anything I can do to strengthen it is worthwhile.

    Ive facebook liked, posted and tweeted this blog post.

  264. =) After lending out my copy of The 4 Hour Body to a few friends, I amassed a bit of a following for fellow slow-carbers. Personally, I’ve lost over 140 lbs and kept it off for over 3 years eating pretty much exactly as you had described in 4HB and The Slow Carb Cookbook. Honestly, I can’t give you credit for my success, but I’ve got to give you some very serious props for coming to the right conclusions and shouting them from the rooftops in a way like I only wish I could. Much respect, sir.

    At any rate, I’ve dispersed the good word on the upcoming release to my fellow dreamlining, lifehacking, slow-carbing, 4-Hour-Universe fans and have my fingers most sincerely crossed that you’ll look favorably upon my humble efforts.

    As for what I hope to get from your new book: man, I’ve so often read and heard about sous-vide cooking but never worked up the cojones (or the cash monies) to give it a shot. I’m looking for a really good excuse to dive in. Prove to me that it’s worth my time, money and calories?


    All the best,


  265. I recently realized ive been putting a lot of crap into my body in the form of alcohol, tobacco and terrible fast food. I decided to try learning to cook and by God! It tastes great and I feel ten times better! More energy and just plain feel better. I want to extend that feeling. This book will enlighten me on what else I don’t know.

    I shared this to my personal FB and to my business FB ( /BeerdCo) that has 4500+ followers as well as tweeted this post and retweeted HTG’s post. Thank you!

  266. I don’t know if it’s in the book, but I’d like to learn how to cook a turkey that wasn’t super dry like the disaster I cooked up for Thanksgiving.

    I’m sending the link to a few people via e-mail/chat, and I like the beta cover design. Is that a turkey?

  267. Tim, I loved the other 2 books – have print & kindle versions. I’m looking forward to finding out how you deconstruct cooking! I have a busy physical therapy practice & your methods have helped me become more efficient!

    I posted links to this blog article on Facebook, Twitter (@BudWardPT, @ArundelPT, & @PracticeMaverck), & in my practice newsletter. This is a total reach of ~1000 people! Hope it helps you hit your goal!


    (deconstructionist in training)

  268. I’d most like to learn about foods that will clean your body of accumulated toxins as well as eating for optimal brain function. Some info on Traditional Chinese Medicine would be killer too! Maybe some Ayurvedic stuff as well? (I’m a die-hard naturalist)

    – I emailed 113 people I know who have interests in your work (mostly old HS friends and coworkers)

    – retweeted

    – liked on facebook

    – shared on my FB wall

    – posted links on friend’s walls who are familiar with your work

    – shared the link with FB groups that would most likely buy (think Vince Wong’s Project 1% group, which by the way got the first like in the first seven seconds)

    – I am nearing the end of writing a manual on how to hack sobriety and will reference some of your work.

    All together, reached just shy of 3,000 people. QUALIFIED people

    Your stuff rules!

  269. I liked this on FB to my > 500 friends. I also shared it on Google+ to my public circles (700+ followers). I hope I’ve made at least a small impact.

    I would love to read about quick meals (like kettlebell for your stomach). I’m also interested in a muscle-building diet (as I’m built like a distance runner). Lately I’ve been doing low-carb/slow-carb, and I’d love some new ideas for that too.

    Can’t wait to read the new book! (And the agile pedophile returns for the trailer?)

  270. Hi Tim,

    I posted a tweet to my twitter followers:

    I want to learn how to shop for good food before it’s cooked (how to purchase good cuts of meat, the right fish, fruits/vegetables (according to seasons) etc. when to purchase food at its best and what to look for so that you know its being bought when it is at it’s best. What is the most efficient and fastest way to do this so that it can be easily replicated each time…for a career women.

    Love the cover!

  271. Awesome! Pre-ordered! Also shared link on facebook, 2 twitter accounts, and emailed my closest friends and family.

    After 4HB helped me go from 280lbs to 200lbs I can’t wait to see how this book changes my life.

    Happy Holidays Tim

  272. “Liked” on Facebook and RT’d to Twitter followers.

    I really hope to learn how to manipulate various ingredients and spices to make simple, yet fresh and delicious meals. Wouldn’t hurt to learn a new skill while I’m at it, I’ve been telling myself I need to learn Spanish.

    Cheers Tim!

  273. Very interested in learning to enjoy some of the great foods of the season without gaining weight. I especially love the wine…I am a Mommy to four so ….got to have the wine you know?! So far I am spreading the word by telling Mommies at the bus stop, text, tweeting, told Budget Savy Diva a fantastic blogger, posted to facebook. Thinking of starting smoke signals but promise won’t use it as an opportunity to make smores!!

  274. First off I would like to thank you for all the effort you have put into your books. I am a bit of a knowledge junkie and your books are like my favorite “fix.” I am extremely passionate about health, fitness, and just squeezing every ounce of awesomeness out of life. I liked this on facebook and talked my family and friend’s ears off telling them about your new book. I told them that they don’t need to buy it for me for my birthday because I already pre-ordered it :). Thanks again,


  275. Already pre-ordered the book! I shared via facebook, twitter, linked in AND even pre ordered books for 5 of my closest friends!!! I ride the train into LA everyday (1.5 hrs each way) and sit behind a desk for another 8hrs. I would like to see some quick low calorie recipes for us who don’t get much exercise during the day…these would be lunch recipes, so low calorie, high protein would be key. A kindle would do me WONDERS, right now I’m reading atleast a book a week an a kindle fire would be greatly appreciated. Your work is wonderful and you have truly inspired me. Thanks!

  276. I would like most to learn how to incorporate fresh ingredients (those which I can grow myself) into my everyday cooking. Things that are healthy, fresh, and delicious.

    I informed my parents, close friends, a few professors at school, and one wanna-be chef who seemed really into it – he immediately preordered one (how’s that for a metric? – we got a sale!). Additionally, I posted to my facebook (581 friends) and to my blog, which has 40+ followers who all seem to actually read what I post. Lastly, I shouted “FOUR HOUR CHEF IS ON PRESALE AT AMAZON” several times across campus.” I don’t know how well that last one worked,

  277. I would like to have some more slow-carb recipes. I re-tweeted and liked on facebook, of which I have 632 friends that will see it. I also spread the word at the hospital in which I work about all of your books and methods. Most people think I am crazy, but my results can not be argued. Keep up the good work!


  278. I would love to learn how to handle raw meat. Considering I mainly eat and cook vegetarian items, my significant other likes meaty meals but hasn’t had time to cook due to work. I would like to learn the basics of handling meat and then learn how to cook according to the way people want it (well done, rare, etc). I retweeted, Facebook liked, shared, and emailed this! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  279. Tweeted

    Facebooked (settings: public)

    G+ ed. (settings: public)

    All w/ personalized messages, because, hey, I’m happy w/ all the fat loss thanks to kettlebells, but am skeptical/intrigued that you stated in 4HB that you don’t cook, now you’re a chef? Well, you embrace controversy, and my comments go there. 🙂

  280. With this book, I want to be able to cook a fabulous dinner for my girlfriend and for my family complete with dessert and wine pairing ALL BY MYSELF!

    Posted it to 4 FB pages, twitter, and LinkedIN:







    Good Luck.

  281. P.S. – just wanted to say . . .

    I loved 4HB and I love learning tips like avoiding BPA from books like “truth about six pack abs” which you touched on recently and showed me how the author got started. I hope for more of that too!

  282. What I’d most like to learn: how someone goes from full-out know-nuthin about cooking to being a chef.

    Tweeted @susankitchens

    Facebooked (settings: public)

    G+ ed. (settings: public)

    All w/ personalized messages, because, hey, I’m happy w/ all the fat loss thanks to kettlebells, but am skeptical/intrigued that you stated in 4HB that you don’t cook, now you’re a chef? Well, you embrace controversy, and my comments go there. 🙂

    [feel free to delete previous comment. Hadta RTFM a bit, there.]

  283. Tim

    Looking good! I want to learn tips and techniques for preparing nutritious healthy meals that I can enjoy alongside the principles of 4HB (eg. slow carb options). I am hoping that this book gives me an insightful broad overview of different styles of cuisine which I can learn to master.

    Tweeted to 3295 followers

    Posted to some relevant FB groups (Ferriss/4HB fans)

    Creating a blog post

    Starting a massive FIRE using KINDLING with an image of the book on the top in the centre of London…..

    Cant wait to get hold of this one!


  284. -I really just want to learn how to continue improving my life. 4 hour body helped me lose 23lbs that I’ve been trying all my life to lose. I can’t thank Tim enough for that.

    I’ve even helped my mother and brother lose weight with the slow carb, it’s an amazing plan.

    I posted this on my personal facebook and my music page. Personal is 300 close friends, music page is 5,118 likes.

    I’ve been looking at the Fire for my mother for Christmas. I’m getting a hard copy.

  285. Tim,

    Congratulation on you’re NEw book, eBook and 4 the kindle fire promo. I have re-tweeted about this to my 100 + followers and I’m going 2 put a post on my blog about it 3.

    I was beginning to wonder what you were doing with your other 36 hours. Thought you got lazy like the rest of us out here. Glad to see you were busy as usual

    I will pre order ure book and I’m not going to get S. Kings new Book to help your sales be ra best on NYT and Amazon ATBSL!

    Your loyal fan,


    ps. I’d be willing to shout from rooftop that you, Tim Ferris, are my Hero if I’d be in Kindle Fire country sooner.

  286. I’m hoping to learn:

    how to learn better and faster, and

    Teach my fiance how to cook quick and healthy

    I RT’d the post and put it on Facebook. Est. Reach 700-1000 or more with unknown sharing at this point.

    Loved your previous 2 books, have shared them with all my Buddie s!

  287. I shared this on my facebook page and also liked this post. I would love to know how to cook from scratch. I wasn’t taught to cook when I was young and it’s been a learn as you go process. I would love to be able to cook things from scratch without the use of a cookbook. Thanks and happy holidays frome me and my family.

  288. What I’d most like to learn is how to cook visual amazing and lovely tasting meals to impress girls but meals that are easy to make. I am trying to expand the variety of meals that I can make, so some new dishes that a newbie can do would be great. I want to learn as much as possible and some new life hacking tips from you would be brilliant.

    To promote the new book, I have:

    · Promoted on my main site, which is for guys who are looking to learn new skills and better themselves – the perfect audience for your book!

    · Posted to 130 people on Twitter

    · Retweeted your original post (Twitter)

    · Posted the link on my facebook website fan pages (to about 100)

    · Posted on facebook business page and personal facebook page

    · Liked your facebook fan page on my personal and business page (200+)

    · Website post on two sites

    · Telling people about it by word of mouth (I’m a fanboy!)

    · Will be the topic of my next email newsletter

    · Will be reviewing it on my site when I get it too

  289. Shared the link with friends and liked on FB. Also told friends and family including cousin who’s a food blogger. Hard to say how many impressions but I would guess somewhere around 500.

    I’m really excited about this book. I loved the other two books and really enjoy food and dining out, although let’s be honest, who doesn’t.

    I’m interested in the parts about making a bottle of wine better in 20 seconds. Selecting good cuts of meat. Some of the recipes look amazing like the coconut cauliflower “mashed potatoes” and the wealth of sous vide tips.

    I’ve had the pleasure of eating meats sous vide at some amazing restaurants and want to figure out how to do it at home. It seems like a really healthful and flavorful way to cook meat in its natural juices.

    Thanks for the opportunity to take part in this!

  290. Hi Tim 🙂

    I posted on twitter @shewritescode, posted and liked on facebook and also liked the kindle and hardcover books on Amazon.

    I’m a wanna be foodie but I tend to stick to the boring basics in the kitchen since my schedule is hectic most of the time. I’m hoping your new book will inspire me to take the time and cook the things I love. Can’t wait!

  291. I’d most like to learn new techniques, ingredients and hacks in furtherance of the 4HB/SlowCarb lifestyle. For instance, new takes on recipes or ingredients I haven’t contemplated. Lentils are fine, but variety is always good, and many of us don’t have the time to research all of the options.

    In an effort to get the message out I’ve referred to your blog-post on my own forum for 4HB discussion (a place where I challenge readers to get transparent about their diet, exercise and habits – what gets measured gets managed). Of course you’ve also been tweeted/re-tweeted as well. And with the pre-order on the book being so cheap, the 4HChef (or at least the promise of this book, depending on delivery) will find its way under several Christmas trees.

  292. Hey Tim,

    Given that I’m a vegetarian what I would like to learn from the 4 hour chef is how can I make delicious dishes that I often miss out on and still get all the proteins from using veggies instead!

    Instead of sharing on social media platforms, I put it up across some amateur cooking forums seeing that it is a ready market already and I’m sure a lot of people would have spread the word over on facebook, twitter, etc.

    I shall be posting it to:

    amongst others!

    Have registered to all of them, unfortunately, can’t post yet as account hasn’t been registered. Plan on starting a new thread on each of these top cooking forums. Will post the links to them once I have.

    Hope this helps, and all the best!



  293. Hey Tim,

    4-Hour Chef is pre-ordered. Just shared this article with 400+ facebook friends and added the article to StumbleUpon. Really looking forward to the new book.

  294. We just found out last week that my wife is expecting our first child! Therefore, I know that she is going to be busier than ever and helping out more with cooking is one of the things that I would like to do. I want to make her proud. I think the 4-Hour Chef could help me accomplish this!!!

    I just pre-ordered the book on Amazon and look forward to receiving it. However, my wife’s due date is in late July so I will have to make do until September 25th. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Kindle to get The 4-Hour Chef Teaser app.

    I liked and shared the Amazon and Blog links on Facebook under sastover17. I also tweeted the Amazon and Blog on Twitter under @sastover1717

    Happy holidays and thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  295. I’d really like to learn to be better at casual conversation.

    As for the Fire, here’s what I did:

    * Liked on Facebook. (138 Friends)

    * Shared on my Wall with mention of 40 pounds I lost on 4HB

    * Retweeted (21 Followers)

    * Tweet with mention of weight lost

    * Posted on my Tumblr.

    Can’t wait for the book to come out.

  296. I’d like to learn to cook easy, healthy meals and enjoy them guilt-free, instead of always reaching for easy (but bad!) carbs.

    I’m no social networking guru, but I shared the links across Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (reaching a small, but focused network of a couple hundred individuals, who re-share often), and gave a personal connection about why I enjoy your writing so much. I also sent it directly to friends who’ve read your work before. Cheers!

  297. I shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, plus reshared with the accounts for a blog I run. Total 1st generation exposure: 2K people (approx).

    I’d love to learn to learn languages the way you do.

    Way to Kindle a fire!

  298. Hi Tim 🙂

    I posted on twitter at @shewritescode, posted and liked on facebook and also liked the kindle and hardcover books on Amazon.

    I’m a wanna be foodie but I tend to stick to the boring basics in the kitchen since my schedule is hectic most of the time. I’m hoping your new book will inspire me to take the time and cook the things I love. Can’t wait!

  299. From the 4-Hour Chef I’d like to learn basic techniques. I don’t cook very often but I would love to start learning. I’d love to learn basic tricks and techniques for a beginner.

    I posted a link to your blog as well as the 4-Hour Chef Amazon page on my Facebook & Twitter. I have over 1,700 Facebook friends and 1,000 Twitter followers. I’ll be putting up a post on my blog later this evening.

  300. honestly, i would like to learn how to de-bone a fish..

    i shared on facebook, twitter(queenofgarlands), stumbleupon, fark, digg, and linkedn.

  301. My wife and I have embraced the 4 hour books. In the 4 hour chief, we hope to pick up valuable information on better food choices for our children. Additionally, we are always looking for better ways to build confidence in ourselves and our children so all of us can truly embrace a more rich and exciting life. Thank you for everything…..

    We are sharing on our Facebook pages to let our “fat, bald, red BMW convertible” friends know what we are up to.

  302. I would like to see some quick low calorie recipes for us who don’t get much exercise during the day…these would be lunch recipes, so low calorie, high protein would be key.

    Already pre-ordered the book! I shared via facebook, twitter, linked in AND even pre ordered books for 5 of my closest friends!!! I ride the train into LA everyday (1.5 hrs each way) and sit behind a desk for another 8hrs. I would

    A kindle would do me WONDERS, right now I’m reading atleast a book a week an a kindle fire would be greatly appreciated. Your work is wonderful and you have truly inspired me.

    ALSO- this is my second comment, I wanted to make sure I was eligible so I put what I wanted to learn in the “first line.” oh and it’s under 200 words.

    Thanks Tim!!

  303. I’d most like to learn the best techniques for what appear to be “basic” things good chefs can do, such as chopping vegetables incredibly fast and accurately, best tools to use, etc.

    OK, trying this again. I Tweeted out a link to your Amazon page, with a unique affiliate code that I can easily track, as well as Hootsuite’s analytics for clicks. I used two accounts, and a Facebook account:!/CliqueClackFood/status/141675572194586624

    This time of year is great for deal searching, and we usually get a lot of clickthroughs. THis should be a good measure for what our foodie audience likes. We should review the book on CliqueClack Food sometime!

  304. I most want to learn how to cook quick healthy meals, as a busy parent my wife and I have a hard time balancing our healthy meals with our limited amount of free time.

    I can’t wait for the book to come out!

  305. I look forward to 4-Hour Chef so our family can learn how to cook more efficiently. One of the biggest problems our family has is that we get lazy and don’t do the work needed to eat simply and healthy. This leads to eating processed and easy foods which -even while we are eating them- we know are bad for us. I don’t want my kids to have an unhealthy future. If we learn to cook efficiently it WILL then be the easy way. Good luck with your newest book!

    Tim, I promoted this blog entry on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’ll get a viewing by about a thousand people. I’m working on a wider audience but for now that’s what I’ve got. 🙂

  306. Ok I posted a link to this post on Twitter to my 630 followers. I also posted a link to my 756 friends on Facebook. So that’s nearly 1400 folks I told!

    I would love to learn about the optimum times to eat. You covered some of that in 4HB but sounds like this new book is more about how to use food to your advantage. I like that.

    I also want to be a better drummer, guitarist, songwriter and singer.

  307. I’d like to learn how to turn my kitchen into a place where magic happens! Where raw materials go in, and creations of wonder come out.

    I want my kitchen to CHANGE people. Change their notions about food. Change what they thought would be possible to make, possible to taste. I want to overload their brains with a flood of sensory input.

    I want my guest’s taste buds to long for more of my food after they’ve tasted it… And for everything they ever eat again to taste like cardboard in comparison.

    Most importantly, I want to ignite a spark in the people who taste my food. To plant a seed in their minds. Inception style. I want them to decide that they, too, would like to cook as well as I. And I will direct them to THE book, so that they may learn to cook as Tim does.

    I posted this on my Facebook account, 2 Facebook pages, and 2 twitter accounts.

  308. I want to get some tips from the Four Hour Cookbook on how to get things done faster so I can focus more time on my family and side businesses… Get more done with less. Tim is the master of this…

    To spread the word tweeted to my 25k followers. Have seen 3 RT’s in the first 10 minutes. Cool.

  309. Hi Tim,

    I’m a big fan of your books and your blog.

    1. created two bitly links: and

    2. tweeted the links (will tweet more throughout the day).

    3. published the links on various google apps

    4. liked on facebook

    5. pre-ordered hardcopy

    1. I forgot to mention that I just moved into a new apartment with a full kitchen. I’m hoping to make good use of the kitchen by applying the skills taught in your book.

  310. Soo excited for this book! Your previous book was amazing, it changed my lifestyle completely, I’ve lost 30 pounds! I was hoping there would be more cooking recipes and techniques to come, its going to be great to see it all interactive. I tweeted and facebooked it.

  311. I loved 4HWW, 4HB, and was even was a video semi finalist in Tim’s contest to get into his August seminar. I’m trying to put my finger on why this book doesn’t interest me. I love cooking but I’ve got hundreds of books on the subject (and a bunch of Paleo ones).

    Tim- when are you going to do a book on language acquisition?

  312. I would love to learn how to cook an meal that impresses my girlfriend, but my mother as well.

    To be honest, I don’t like to cook because I don’t think it’s fun. So I hope your book can show me some interesting meals and inspire me to enjoy cooking in the future.

    Retweeted your tweet (~750 followers) and shared your amazon link all over the internet with a short URL of my my very own URL shortener:


  313. -I would love if “The 4-Hour Chef” could teach me how to use basic principles of cooking so I could create my own recipes based off my own innovation or follow instructions without being glued to them, because I have wanted to learn that for years.

    -I posted this page and the Amazon page to my Face, I Liked this page, and I retweeted Kevin Rose’s tweet about you and this page (I thought that would garner more views).

  314. Please and thank you in advance for another amazing tool! I can’t wait to see the recipes… All that don’t include lentils as I found they are a migraine trigger : (

    I have tweeted some tweets (60 or so followers)

    Sent some direct messages that have been returned and retweeted

    Facebook has been shared, and reshared at least once ; ) so far…

    As soon as I get to my massage client list tomorrow at the gym I will be chatting your new book as I have 4HB, keeping the love and fat loss flowing.

    Preorder done, waiting oh so patiently… Would be easier if I could get the Kindle Fire preview…

    Oh pick me, pick me!! Please (mom always said use good manners)

    Even if I am not one of the chosen few, I will keep spreading the word, I am a massage therapist on a mission….

  315. “If you don’t yet have a Kindle Fire and would ***LIKE one for free, I’m giving away 50 of them. This is a thank you for providing so much helpful feedback over the last six months.”

    Just helping out. 🙂


  316. Tim,

    Thanks to you and Amazon for the promotion! If I am lucky enough to promote your book to your subjective standards…lol, I’ll be shipping that Kindle Fire off to my little brother who has just left for his first deployment in the US NAVY…so here goes!

    I’m assuming that the book has a ton of great tips to integrate the basic four-hour body foodstuffs into simple quick-fix meals, and that is what I am looking forward to getting out of it most.

    What I have done so far:

    > Written a FB post, with a link to the Amazon pre-order page.

    > Twitter (of course)

    > Written a blog (

    Planning on:

    > Daily FB Posts, Twitter, etc.

    > Email blasting everyone I know with the details.

    > Abusing my corporate email by “accidentally” sending something out company wide…

    Other Possibilities:

    >Threatening everyone I see with a smart-phone/ipad/kindle etc with a wet willy unless they visit my blog post.

    I’ll post some Goog analytics and other good stuff soon!

    Thanks Tim! Happy Holidays!

  317. Hey Tim,

    Super excited for your new book, I was really inspired by 4 Hour Body I can’t wait for this!

    – I posted this on Twitter (to 300+ followers) –

    – Liked your page on FB

    – Posted an FB update (to 1,000+ friends) with a link to this article titled “Tequila Hot Chocolate” (mostly because my friends are alcoholics) – which is also one of the many things I’m looking forward to reading about. Already got a dozen likes!

    – I also pre-ordered the book.

    I can’t wait to read about the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills. The holiday eating guide looks great and more recipes to add to my daily 4 Hour Body regimen.

    Thanks so much for doing all of this. Very inspiring stuff.

  318. First, I’d like to learn how to keep my recipes consistent. I shoot from the hip while cooking, and can almost never replicate recipe successes.

    As for promoting, I posted threads on Reddit, both on the /paleo and /cooking subreddits. Tried to be honest about the giveaway, but we’ll see how the reddits respond. Either way, I’m guessing you’re about to get a lot more people posting the link around (since Reddit is all about the repost). At the time I posted it, nobody else had, yet, so I’d like to think that I get some credit for any subsequent reddit posts, right? Right? 🙂

    Ah well, wishful thinking. Thanks for being awesome, btw!

  319. I would love to learn more about cooking healthier and tastier meals in a shorter amount of time.

    I recently got my blood tested as well as my physical and it looks like I’m pretty healthy at 24. I look forward to living a long and healthy life and this book can help me do that. I am a big advocate against obesity and for youths to start living a healthier lifestyle. A lot of my friends in college are starting to feel the same way. I have done my best to push this idea out and not a lot of college students know how to cook. This book can change all that that.

    I have retweeted this to 200+ followers, tweeted your facebook page, posted this on my blog, liked your facebook page, liked your photos, posted this on my Facebook wall with 3,061 followers. I have sent the link to my team at work as well as the presidents of all the fraternities and sororities at San Jose State University for the young ones to start eating healthier!!!

  320. In addition to the regular Facebook, Twitter, punching friends and telling them to buy the new book, I also grabbed my camera equipment and as many kitchen gadgets as I could hold (and let’s not forget a bottle of Malbec). Threw everything together pumping a big number “4” with my left hand.

    The magic became this:

    Oh… and did I mention I’ve already pre-ordered the book as well???

  321. Tim, I’m interested in learning how to play guitar using your approach. I have zero musical background (other than pressing play) and have no interest in pursuing this skill the traditional way. I want to beat the system.

    I purchased your book and kindle edition and will post to my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles as well as sending personal emails to friends of mine who I introduced 4 Hour Body to.

    As a side note, I run a company and we are implementing your principles, combining the Pareto Principle and Parkinson’s Law. This stuff works.

    Thank you!

    Scott Jagodzinski

  322. I have liked, and tweeted this… Absolutely loved both of your first books, I have the hardcover of 4hour workweek, and the kindle of 4hb, and I am preordering 4h chef.

    I want to learn more abt how to make the 4hb work for me, and how to kill my cheese craving, which never went away.

    Also, just want more Tim Ferris Insight!

  323. Shared this on my G+ to my 2,000+ followers, hopefully that should scare a few folks out of the woodwork.

    I’ll get a blog post up before the 1st, but I can see there were already over 200 entries and I would love to get my hands on a Kindle Fire, I haven’t owned a Kindle yet and think it looks amazing.

    Best of luck with the book.

  324. – My big win from the 4 Hour Chef would be to expand my cooking styles. I optimize for simplicity, flavors, and freshness.

    – I mostly cook Thai, Chinese, American and Mexican dishes with an emphasis on protein and spiciness. I have a nice variety of slow-carb meals, but could use more! I constantly cook for friends in my Facebook Album: Bachelor Cooking. It’d be incredible to add some new flavors here.

    – Reach: Facebook views (up to 1300 views). Twitter views (up to 830 views)

  325. Facebooked and tweeted (via @GabyYYZ ) 4 Hour Body is the best lifestyle hacking manual out there for the body, can’t wait to see what 4 Hour Chef has to offer.

    Love you up here in Canada!

  326. Dear Tim,

    It was an honor to meet you at Greenhouse in NYC.

    Kindle Fire:

    I’d like to learn the optimal way to blend/juice vegetables. I co-founded real estate finance platform, and as part of my monthly e-mail campaign to 45,000+ industry contacts, I included a special 4HC holiday mention of this blog post. For verification, I can provide the e-mail list used as well as a screenshot from my e-mail campaign provider’s report on clicks, etc. (please give it 7-14 days for better accuracy since many users respond to my campaigns within this time frame). I expect this to convert for you. This is the first time I considered a non-industry message to my users because I am a sincere fan, and I consider your product highly applicable and beneficial to all. Of course, I shared on FB and Twitter as well.



  327. This is AWESOME!!!! Liked & Shared on Facebook, tweeted this blog post with a link, and +1’d. To able to cook like a pro and be able to use the skills for other things as well.

  328. This probably won’t count as a contest entry, but worth pointing out in case it can be fixed… I’m currently in Malaysia (thanks in part to 4HWW) and Amazon won’t let me pre-order the Kindle version.

    “This title is not available for customers from your location in: Asia & Pacific”

  329. Hi Tim,

    I’d like to learn how to feed my family on this way of eating so I don’t have to cook a separate dinner for myself! In other words…how do you get kids to eat beans? Hey, maybe I can look that up on my new Kindle Fire?

    Posted on Facebook today, awaiting responses.

    The 4-hour Body plan = lifesaver for me. Diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia earlier this year; down 25 pounds. Stopped blood pressure meds; cholesterol WAY down; goal of getting off diabetes meds in next 6 months with another 80 pounds to go! I’ve been on all the “diets” and for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I CAN stick to this easily. Thanksgiving was rough but looking forward to your plan for Christmas!

  330. I am REALLY excited for this book!! Even without the Kindle giveaway I am a huge fan of your work and have been telling everyone that will listen about The Four Hour Body. I pre-ordered the print edition and will get the iOS version as soon as I can. I hope to learn new recipes and techniques to use in my new healthy eating lifestyle!!

  331. Hi! I am currently in the middle of a “lifestyle change”. I have lost over 30 pounds so far. My problem is, I love food and love to cook. As a mother who works full time and is a grad student, I am often pressed for time and looking for awesome recipes. I am not a novice chef by any means, and I would say I am a newby when it comes to cooking, so looking forward to purchasing this.

    I have posted this to my Facebook and shared this with my 70+ friends and family who share the love for cooking with me. I emailed the link via email (yahoo) to my friends, co-workers, and family.

    *I will also make sure to mention this at my weekly weight loss meetings

    Can’t wait to read it!


  332. I Want To Learn:

    How to deconstruct anything and master it faster. Of interests is music.

    Also, how to get the most dense diet for gaining weight and not have to eat constantly.

    What I’ve Done To Share The 4-Hour Chef:

    As a marketer, I will show 20,000 impression between 2 popular food and cooking sites for a banner ad I created which links to Tim’s blog post. I will update on the clicks etc in a day or two.

    And,a like on Facebook for my most wonderful friends.

    Excited to get the book! Thanks Tim for info that has changes my life.

    1. The RESULTS

      42,712 people saw a link to the 4-hour Chef blog post.

      27 people clicked to the actual blog post.

      Keep doing cool and helpful stuff Tim!

  333. What I most want to learn is how to maintain the weight loss once it comes off. That’s the point I am still struggling with.

    As for how I promoted this:

    – The usual social media (Facebook, Twitter)

    – Set the default url on every macbook at the local apple store to this url

    – Tried to do the same at bestbuy, but they stopped me 🙁

    – Added a small print out of the url for this to my handout for the seminar I am attending this weekend

    – Plan to hand out more print outs of the url at the clubs in Vegas while there

    – Shouted “Get the 4 hour Chef Book” while driving around my neighborhood

  334. Tim & friends! I’m here to help you help people “deconstruct & learn any skill.” My life is my message; google me.

    Here are the hard numbers for the campaign:

    Social Web

    880 followers @paperfeet

    (listed: healthy living, social entrepreneurship, personal development, etc.)

    1039 fb friends, post via Jimmy Tomczak

    (Detroit, NYC, LA – college grads, mentors, movers & shakers, ages ~14-60+)

    731 fans via post to paperfeet/TOMBOLO fb page

    (barefooting, upcycling, waste reduction)

    737 member Clinton Global Initiative (CGIU) 2011 closed fb group

    (young innovators)

    132 people of A2 Entrepreneurs fb group

    (Ann Arbor Entrepreneurs & “foodies”)

    500+ LinkedIn peoples via personal LinkedIn share

    Email Marketing

    403-person “paperfeet” mailchimp following

    — 41.5% list open rate & 9.9% click

    1429-member Digestive Health Ann Arbor monthly newsletter to be sent out Dec. 6th

    — 28.4% open rate (focuses on healthy living, eating, food allergies, etc.)

    The 4HWW helped me get featured on CNN Money for living debt-free. The 4HBody inspired me to get back into rowing too: I’m doing the Concept2 Holiday Challenge Row for Disaster Relief. For every person who rows 100k – I’m doing 200 – during the challenge, Concept2 donates $2-cents/km to the Red Cross.

    Cheers, Jimmy

  335. I can’t wait to get the book. It looks very practical and probably has a bit of your humor sprinkled througout. My husband and I are both foodies. He loves to cook it; I love to eat it! I am pre-ordering the book for him as a Christmas gift, since he loves learning new tricks and trying new experiments…I mean, dishes. I have posted your article about the book on FB and Twitter and will be writing about it in the next day or so on my blog.

    Good luck with the book release!

  336. I am hoping to learn basic life skills beyond microwaving a bowl of broccoli, chicken and black beans.

    To Promote this book I have:

    Hastily created and held this poorly made sign by a heavily trafficked intersection. I also occasionally yelled helpful nutritional tips at moving cars.


    Duration: until hands got cold

    Applied Science is cool!

  337. Posted to my FB, Twitter, Google Plus and told all of my family. Plus I plan on telling everyone else how awesome your work is! Please hook me up!!

  338. I can not wait for the 4-hour-chef to come out. I do not currently have the kindle fire so will have to wait for the kindle or iPad version to come out. I can’t wait to see how it will help me with organization for the holidays. I am constantly looking for new ideas, recipes, and how to do thinks I never would have tried without research. My kids love cooking as well so as they said, 2 heads are better than one. We can learn and enjoy cooking as a family!

    I have posted your blog as well as the Amazon link on my FB page and am, as I type, referring them here. I have started with 0 likes and have 5 friends check you out so far going by link likes. They are loving it!

    More statistics to follow.

  339. I clicked on “Like” in Facebook, and reposted it with the following:

    Tim, you have changed my life. Because of the book, “4 Hour Work Week” I ended up selling my business, and am extremely happy about it.

    Because of the book, “4 Hour Body” I have lost 40 pounds so far this year (went from 230 pounds to 190, and still going, target 180). And enjoyed doing it.

    Already ordered the book “4 Hour Chef”. Would like to see recipes on the Slow Carb Diet, it works great.

  340. Sent ’em through FB message!

    I want to learn how to memorize more effectively (aka faster and longer retention). I’ve been quite obsessed with my memory actually looking at different nootropics as well as memory puzzles. I hope this book can address this in some way! Keep up the great work!

  341. Social proof is the new marketing according to this excellent article from techcrunch so I sent personal emails to a dozen family and friends who are all avid readers, and sometimes chefs.

    Also submitted for inclusion on, the buyers guide for men. Readership of aprox 80k per day (quantcast).

  342. Tim,

    IWhat do I want to learn? Everything. With your techniques I’ll be able to learn more of it faster, right? So I think I’d like to start with food for endurance athletics, followed by sauces (specificly reductions), pastries, confit and then move on the the Chinese language, HTML programming, and the rest.

    Here’s what I’ve done for you lately:

    -used my official St. Croix Scenic 50 ultramarathon twitter account @stx50 (497 followers) to retweet, as well as my personal account @hglmattydaddy (6 followers, 5 of which are real people).

    -shared the link to my 301 friends on Facebook.

    -wrote a blog post: ‘Doing Tim Ferriss’ Dirty Work’

    -pre-ordered 2 hardcover copies and emailed my entire personal email contact list.

    Way to go, knocking another one out of the park (and before it’s even written!)


  343. If I win a free kindle fire, I’m definitely posting it on my facebook along with a purchase of your “4-Hour Chef” to add to my “4 hour” collection of your two other books.

    I want to learn how to apply the sous vide method, and read about the wine section. Most importantly, i’d like to read about your tried and tested methods for healthier eating.

    Will like this book on my facebook!

    Good luck to me!


  344. I think I would most like to learn ideas for preparing meals in advance and tying the meals back to the tools from 4HB.

    Facebook Likes and links, Twitter and a little good old fashioned word of mouth with some friends who are like minded.

    Thanks for what I am sure will be another great addition to the library, Kindle and Hardcover.

  345. – I would most like to learn how you analyze and break things down to find the simplest form to learn ‘anything’

    If I get the Kindle Fire…I will do my happy dance :)!

  346. – learning how to do something new is very intimidating

    – your books have taught me to be fearless in my approach to learning

    – your TED talk was my main source of reference used in my quest to do something I’ve always wanted to do: a backflip!! (this was the main topic of a speech that I gave for my public speaking course)

    – I emailed a bunch of my guy friends about your book

    – we are the typical kind of guys that don’t read books and certaintly don’t know how to cook

    – i’m confident that you will be able to convince us that cooking is actually pretty f-ing cool!

  347. I’ve posted the link to twitter which posts to my facebook.

    I’ve posted the link to google+.

    I liked it on Amazon & facebook.

    I +1 it for google+.

    I retweeted your original post.

    Several of my friends know how much I like the 4-Hour Body. It changed the way I think of dieting forever. I even got a few to read it & adopt a few things from it. I can only imagine that the 4-Hour Chef will have as much of an impact. I love to cook and am always looking for ways to improve how I do so. This book is now on my wishlist for Christmas!

  348. Today, I botched waffles, and yes, it was sad. I think I’d count The 4-Hour Chef a success if I can do waffles correctly in two and a half.

    I posted the Amazon link into my weekly article at, which gets upwards of 50k page views per month. ( ) I’m told the bottom author citation jokes (which change every week) are some people’s favorite part of the article, so it’ll definitely get some views from being put in there.

  349. I’d most like to learn how to cook meals that my entire family would enjoy!

    Here’s what I’ve done/am doing to spread the word:

    -Liked the book on Amazon via Facebook

    -Sharing the info with my readers on my blog

    -Sharing on FB

    -Retweeting on Twitter (1100 followers)

    -Talking to my friends and family in person

    Thanks for the chance!

  350. I liked you on Facebook and followed on Twitter. I also retweeted and shared on my page. I will continue to do so through the contest period. I would honestly like to learn how to cook good food. I never buy cookbooks and I don’t really like to cook. It doesn’t come naturally to me. If I try to come up with something on my own, it always comes out wrong. If I could learn better techniques and have a better understanding of cooking methods then perhaps I would cook more often. I would like to cook better for my family and pass on what I learn to my kids. If you can help someone like me become a confident cook, I would be eternally grateful!

  351. I have shared the amazon link on my facebook, pre-ordered the book, emailed 7 of my closest friends and family (especially the one who showed me the 4HB), and word of mouth (people ask me wow you look like you lost weight, what did you do? I tell them about 4HB and simple it is to follow.)

    I would like to learn:

    -Simple instructions delicious tasting and fat reducing meals you in the new book.

    -New ways of making old time favorites.

    -Ways to make our child hood favorites like pizza and hamburgers in a healthier way than what I have learned so far.

    – About different types of vegetables that I am unfamiliar with in preparing or cooking.

    Thank you.

  352. I’m highly interested in discovering which learning technologies work the best for quick learning. i.e. Brainwave entrainment, hypnotism, meditation, baroque music, theta metronome, etc.

    If you break down this field like you did in the 4-Hour Body, I’m totally stoked to devour new book. Good luck! I appreciate all you do.

    I Facebook liked and Facebook shared this page. Impact unknown.

  353. Hey Tim!

    I tweeted out your post!/mrbusche/status/141694040939835394 and I also posted it on my facebook page. Loved 4 hour work week and 4 hour body, so I’m sure this will be just as great. 4 hour work week changed my life, so sending this out to my friends is the least I can do.

    I also pre-ordered 5 copies. Being released late next year they’ll make great gifts for my parents, brother, sister-in-law and in-laws (and of course a copy for myself)


  354. I’m really into Stoic philosophy so learning how you think that can be applied to living life in the 21st Century will be interesting. (972 followers) (832 friends) (102 likes) (Blog Post)

    As I’m in Napa I’m off to have a glass of wine with friends now so will also tell them all about it ; )

  355. Looking forward to learning more on cooking, guitar, and italian for starters.


    posted the trailer on facebook.

    Also liked this page and the Amazon page

  356. We are trying to get nationally ranked as mixed doublesbadminton players, we want to learn how to stay cool under competition.

    I was the first to share your Facebook video. Linked on my Facebook and google plus. Shared on twitter. Bought 2 copies hardback. I hope you sign them! Individually emailed 10 clients who have been asking about weight loss.

  357. First and foremost thank you for everything you do. You are an inspiration and provide meaningful insight as to how we can better our lives. I have enjoyed both books and all of you pod casts especially JRE.

    – I am in severe need of a job/career change and hope deconstruct and learn additional skills to make myself a force in today’s job market. (until I can find my muse)

    -I have re-tweeted, facebooked, and google +’ed the links. Additionally everyone at my office and in my circle of friends will be hearing your name a lot again as they often do.

    Thanks again, and I hope to someday meet you in person and shake your hand.

  358. – what i want to learn from your book: how to cook well enough to impress the ladies! that’s the god’s honest truth!

    – i’m in my late twenties, so it’s time to grow up (a little) and start to learn how to cook and how to cook well.

    – i’ve read your other books and i’m very confident in your ability to simplify things that are complicated or perceived as daunting.

    – i emailed my 5 best friends recommending that they buy your book. the know that i’m VERY picky about things that i’m into and they know that if i’m really excited about something, then it must be pretty f*ckin’ cool.

  359. I just wanted to make an easy, affordable, gluten free and delicious protein bar.

    i posted/mesage/twitted to my account and also messaged individually the following BRIBE to my “200” true fans and friends:

    “Tim is a good guy. And I want to help him sell his new upcoming book.”

    “So when you purchase a kindle / hardcover copy of the 4 Hour Chef, you will have a 2-month unlimited access, starting Dec 15 2011 to my personal Amazon Kindle Library that includes the following books:

    – 4HB (Tim Ferriss)

    – Poke the Box by Seth Godin

    – The Education of Millionaires By M. Ellsberg

    – Anything you want by Derek Sivers

    – Primal Blueprint By Mark Sisson

    – Etc

    All you need to do is email me the receipt @ (lol)

    (PS. Please be kind to use Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader ex. Google Chrome)

    Its not much, but the risk is Mine: Deletion of the books and the account by some bitterkid, but I just noticed and found out that most people thats included in tim’s “tribe” are good people, so its all good 🙂

    PS. As of this time, 19 of my friends email and message me back about it. nice