The First Time Online – Enjoy While You Can

Most of you have never seen this. I really hope you enjoy it. To download, just sign into Vimeo and you’re set. If you Final Cut it up, please set to a Crystal Method or Sevendust soundtrack 🙂

In other breaking news:

I need only 120 more Amazon reviews to beat The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, a dream I’ve had since 2007! Not because I dislike him, but precisely the opposite — he’s one of my writing role models and I long viewed his book as untouchable.

If you’ve read the 4HWW but haven’t left a short review on Amazon, please take 30 seconds and help me here! The stars are, of course, up to you.

It would really mean a lot to me, and what a milestone it would be as a late Christmas present 🙂

Odds and Ends Elsewhere:

Tim Ferriss on Facebook (includes new videos)

Tim Ferriss – Smash Fear, Learn Anything (TED video)

Afterword – Common Questions

Thanks for all the kind words and questions in the comments! Here are answers to a few common questions:

“Gaijin [foreigner] resentment from the Japanese?”

None whatsoever. Major point of conflict with the production company, as they wanted me to show I was ‘proving my teacher’ wrong, etc. for manufactured drama. Total nonsense. The Japanese teachers and students were some of the most gracious and generous people I’ve ever met. The Japanese get a bum rap for xenophobia, mostly by Americans who go over, speak to them in English, and them call them ‘inscrutable’ when they don’t respond in fluent, idiomatic English. Learn some Japanese and they are 100% fine. Business settings = negotiating = not a representative interaction. Get with the people and interact, preferably with something physical. I’ve never felt this artificial insider/outsider wall people talk about.

“Pre-bed and other preparations for physical only or also mental?”

Also for mental and learning. Pre-bed and mid-night language review is incredibly effective for improving recall.

“How much story arc vs. real issues?”

It was real. The fear of falling off was real. It came up only after arrival that injuries were much more common and severe than expected. The editing didn’t do justice to the drama. We had 100+ hours of footage, and there were some gems that could have replaced other bits in this 45 minutes. It rained for 2-3 days of the practice time, for example, and we couldn’t use the horses. The non-yabusame human-to-human interactions with the Japanese were also missing. Some really hysterical moments.

“Have I been back to train?”

Not yet. I love Nikko and would love to go back. I have spoken with both my teacher (Hayashi) and some of the Japanese crew, however. Truly wonderful people.

“Superhuman book to include cooking?”

The way I do it, yes. Simple stuff that tastes great and works. Boys, don’t worry — it’s bachelor screw-up proof.

“Doing a traditional Japanese martial art myself for many years do you ever get frustrated when you learn a skill and then to a certain extent ‘move on’ that you’re just scratching the surface?”

A few people asked this. I don’t try and “hack” everything and move on. I do believe in the enjoyment of constant practice as an exercise, almost like meditation. It’s important to balance achievement with appreciation, and there are skills that I continue to practice without abandoning them. In fact, I don’t feel like I abandon much. Even if I haven’t really practiced tango since 2006, for example, the skills and awareness I developed in tango are applicable to other things, even yabusame. I feel like each is intertwined with the next, so I’m — on a macro-level — constantly working on a process of skill-development that spreads across these various experiments.

In simpler terms, I’m just having fun and doing what makes me most excited. I see nothing wrong with this. For some, that will mean 1 skill a year, others 1 skill a month, and others still, one skill a lifetime.

All are fair.

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  1. Just finished the book, and am reading it again

    I’m 19 and i’m hoping to have this financial part of the four hour work week down pat in 6 months

    Love you work man,

    By the way, just got myself a pair of Vibram KSO’s 😉

    You’re one of my role models Tim 😉

    Thanks mate

  2. Tim – Thanks again for the books, they were the best Christmas present I got this year. Your signed copy holds a special spot in my desk next to the old dog eared copy I bought two years ago.

    I did watch that show the first time it aired. Just the web cast, as it didn’t show here in Japan, but this year one of my priorities is to do a bit of yabusame.

    Akemashite Omedetto Gozaimasu.

  3. Hey Tim, delighted for your success mate! THANK YOU for sending me my complimentary copy of New 4HWW. My testimony got published (“killing blackberry”) in your book and true to your word I got a free copy! Of course I’d completely forgotten and already bought hardcover & kindle versions – glad to help the cause though 😉

    If you’re ever in N.Ireland (and you should!) look me up – happy to be a tour guide and feed you a pint of Guiness in the most bombed building in Europe! I’ll jump onto Amazon now & leave a review…



  4. Hey Tim,

    Finally! Been looking for this for EVER! Great book – I’ll leave a review in a minute. How can I get in touch with you, none of the stuff on the contact page seemed relevant!



  5. Tim,

    This is a damn cool video.

    I’m going to have to get the audiobook ASAP. I haven’t had enough time to read the paper version (obviously I need to!). I’ll leave a review then 🙂

  6. Now why again did you not continue with your show? This should be on the travel channel and lined up with ‘no reservations’ and other very entertaining travel shows!

  7. Tim,

    serious question.

    Doing a traditional Japanese martial art myself for many years do you ever get frustrated when you learn a skill and then to a certain extent ‘move on’ that you’re just scratching the surface?

    Hacking all very well but often the physical skill is not the point of the practice, obviously I know you know this but ho does that sit with you?

    enjoyed the program immensely btw,


  8. Ah, brilliant stuff. Downloading the video from Vimeo now. And while it’s downloading I’ll go and review the book (if I haven’t done so already – I can’t remember). 🙂

  9. Hi Tim,

    I tropped a review on Amazon and posted a review in German on my blog.

    Keep up the good work.

    greedings from Germany,


  10. Tim, we will definitely get you over the tipping point — you deserve it! I’m reading thru the revised version on my Kindle from France. Too bad Kindle sales don’t contribute to your stats for getting on the best sellers list, but I’m glad we got the new version on there even without it 🙂

  11. It would have be great to have this series on the air !

    Like Marco, I’m curious about the reasons why it ended. And does it have a chance of being relaunched in the future ?

  12. WHY IN THE HOLY NOODLES OF ZEUS ISN’T THIS SHOW ON THE AIR?! Sweet cuppin’ cakes it’s bad ass. I’d buy this box set on DVD – NEIGH! – ON BLU-RAY! in a heart beat. Which ever suit and tie waste of life didn’t sign your ass to a multi-season deal needs to get punched square in the neck meats.

  13. Loved the video. If nothing else, just because it puts me in the right headspace, where i want to make things happen, thanks for that!!

  14. Tim – review done. 5 stars. Read the original and rereading the new version I’m still struck at the brilliant insights in here. I should read this every year to keep me on track. Bought a copy for my son to help him through life. Thanks Tim

  15. Thanx I was in China when this went to air .. you could feel the joy and pride in sensei’s smile at your great achievement .. so many physical and mental challenges in just 36 secs ! Amazing.

  16. Hi Tim,

    Cool film. Wrote you a review on amazon for book.

    In your book you mention a documentary you were in for Brain-Quicken in 2002, It would be awesome if you could put that up too.

    Is it available online somewhere?


  17. Watched the Video. Great! Now getting the 2nd edition. If it’s as good as the first one it will be an other 5 stars rating.

  18. Awesome! Love it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing – kept me awake through the wrap up of a tedious project….

    And inspired to top it off.

    Can’t wait to see what you do this year.

    Congrats on your success.

    Love, Dani

  19. Actually, I Tivo’d this when it was on A&E. Great concept for a show – finally something that’s not a doc or cop show or an endless series of squabbles among vapid but photogenic 20-somethings!

    Any news about whether A&E is going to pick it up the series? I’ve been bugging my friends at a rival network for months to find out if they’ve heard any industry buzz. Good luck! I’d love to see more of the show.

  20. Awesome video! I just got my first copy of the four hour work week (it’s your new version too). I can’t wait to start reading it! Once I’m done I’ll be sure to post a review on Amazon.

  21. Tim you rock and have forever changed my perspective in life. The least I could do would be to write a review for my favorite book.

  22. Brilliant video, I think it’s time to buy your book.

    But why the obsession with beating specifically Malcom Gladwell? I thought you would a person who believes in “quality not quantity”. Was there an under the table bet we were all to privy to?

    Any idea if these shows will air in the UK or if they’ll be available to stream/download.

    Inspiring stuff keep up the great work.


  23. Thanks! I searched a lot for this video, at last we could watch it! You did great and the photography of the video is just awesome.

    Did you wake up every night with the REM cycles or just the first night?

    I agree, you should do more of these. Very inspiring.

  24. Brilliant video, I think it’s time to buy your book.

    But why the obsession with beating specifically Malcom Gladwell? I thought you would be a person who believes in “quality not quantity”. Was there an under the table bet we were not all to privy to?

    Any idea if these shows will air in the UK or if they’ll be available to stream/download.

    Inspiring stuff keep up the great work.


  25. Posted a short quick review as I’m on my way out.

    I’ve always wanted to see this show. Thanks again Tim and have fun in Africa…

    P.S. Thanks again for the book offer too. Awesome.

  26. Hi Tim!

    I wanted to post a review on, but since I live in Sweden and regularly use, I couldn’t do it. I think you can point that out to, if you want to.

    Great book, btw.



  27. Thanks for putting up the show. I’ll have to download it too.

    Just dropped you a review as well.

    Merry Christmas.

  28. I will hit amazon shortly. This video is amazing. I feel like I am watching a reality TV show with WAY better content 🙂

    Good stuff Tim!

  29. Thanks for the video links Tim. I’ll check them out later today and heading over to Amazon to write that review. I’m about halfway through the new book (I read the original 3x) and I’m stoked about all the up-to-date references and tools. Thanks for writing it!

  30. Awesome video! I’ve been wanting to see that for a long time. I just posted a review on Amazon. I hope you break 1,000!

    I’ve enjoyed your book a lot. I’ve given it as a gift seven times so far. 🙂

  31. Decided to sit with my coffee and watch the show.

    That was really awesome and well done. Pretty cool ending that you were able to hit the targets.

    Fear is a biggy. Letting go of that and there is no stopping you.

  32. Loving the book! But can anyone help in finding a couple things said to be on the blog:

    1) “recommendations from Warren Buffett to Josh Waitzkin” (pg. xiii in the Preface)

    2) how the acquisition of BrainQUICKEN transpired (footnote on pg. 41)



    1. Hi Britt,

      For the first two, just search their names. The the latter, I’ll be putting it up soon 🙂



  33. Tim, I just started to re-read the book. I have been able to automate some of my life using the principles in the book but now I am really going to focus on identifying a muse and diversifying and automating my income so I can focus on what I love. Thanks for being an inspiration.

    I watched the show when it came out on TV. I loved it. I was sad that there were not more of them. Keep doing what you do and we will keep listening.

  34. I watched this when it first came out on TV. Great pilot episode, I would be interested to see more. I’ll go ahead and get a review posted on Amazon for you.

  35. Just left my review Tim. Seeing that I have bought about 10 copies of your book to give to friends, I figure its the least I can do. Btw, your ideas have changed my life, so now I do exactly what I want to at any time… and I have more money and work less than ever before. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

  36. Just added my review but could only do it on as that’s were i bought the book. There are 71 reviews on there remember to count them in your total of reviews.

    BTW Awesome book, awesome video.

  37. Tim, you got it! Not sure why… maybe it’s really as simple as asking, right? Love the book. Love your swagger. Love your edge. Gotta go… I’m on my way to the amazon… dot com.

  38. Can’t leave a review on the US site but I see that you’ve broken 1,000 review already, congrats! I left you one on the Canadian one, which makes it 24 (only 976 to go).

  39. Tim

    Thanks for posting – have been looking for this for a while.

    Is there any footage available online of you winning the National Kickboxing Championship? Would love to see that too….



    1. Thanks for watching! The national kickboxing finals are in here — the one with the Captain Kirk tomoenage out of the ring:


  40. I was just about to write you the review you definitely earned, but the problem is that you can’t write à review if you have a different national Amazon account than the US. So I’m leaving you a review on

    If it’s just for you, don’t forget to count all the reviews on the foreign sites.

  41. Tim,

    Just dropped you a review on! Good luck in beating “The Tipping Point”. As much as I love Gladwell’s books, I think a healthy competition is always good!

    Actually, you just got my first Amazon review, never did take the time to really write down reviews even if I love the books. Sometimes we just need a nudge to do something great.

    Good luck man!

  42. Hey Tim, loved the book, waiting for the next in September.

    Any plans on releasing a cookbook for single guys who don’t have much time and are in a hurry?

    Hope you catch Gladwell. Peace.

  43. Saw it when it aired. That was the first I’d heard of you, from Leo mentioning it on his blog Dec of 2008, watched the show, bought the book, added some tools to my life.


  44. Tim – Congrats – you were already way over 1,000 when I left my review, but it was a great opportunity to say thanks for a life-changing book.

    I listened to the the audio version when it first came out – then bought the print version to be able to highlight it. While I’ve only used probably 20 per cent or less of the tips and ideas you’ve presented, it’s made a huge difference in helping this ADD challenged boomer get focused.

    Hands down my favorite – checking email twice a day. And Never on weekends and the cell phone hardly even gets answered from 5p Thursday to Monday morning. It’s made a huge difference in adding recreation back into my life.


  45. Thanks Tim. I was very sad to miss it when it first came out. Probably one of the most inspiration pieces of travel and adventure journalism.

    I wish you would do more.

  46. Excellent video! I love the thought processes demonstrated. One of the lessons I’ve learned over my lifetime is one Tim exemplifies: just trying something new is half the challenge. This hyper-learning is a phenomena worth investigating. The video was edited superbly as well! Kudos for the production team!

  47. Flippen loved it… brought tears to my eyes when you hit the first target… simply unbelievable.


  48. Great show! Very cool how you deconstructed the process, and mucho congrats for meeting your goal!

    Could you please share a resource or two on your sleep science?

    Thank you,


  49. Great show! Very cool how you deconstructed the process, and mucho congrats for meeting your goal!

    Could you please share a resource or two on your sleep science?

    Thank you,


  50. Man, how inspiring, exhausting and fun. Thanks for the video, it looked awesome, and would make an awesome series.

    Heading to Amazon for the review.


  51. Incredible! Talk about getting out of your comfort zone Tim. Incredibly motivating to watch you struggle through and work through your fear. Several big lessons here. Thank you thank you thank you. JP

  52. Sorry, after listening to the 4HWW audiobook (9 times), I can’t bring myself to actually READ it. But let’s see if the expanded edition has reached audible… Hope you kept that same narrator and attitude – he is AWESOME!

  53. That was quick. You just passed 1,100 reviews on Amazon. Not to mention an average rating of 4.5 stars. So what’s this say about you?

    1) You’ve helped a lot of people.

    2) You’re a great marketer.

    3) You want it more than Gladwell 😉

  54. Wow, that was amazing to watch Tim.

    My heart was actually racing when you were on your 3rd run. I had the hand clench and a big YES when you got both.

    Well done, you are such an inspiration

  55. Tim,

    Would you really be “beating” Malcolm Gladwell? Do you need that kind of validation? Aren’t all the stories of people’s success enough?

    Besides, to my knowledge Gladwell never asked anyone to write a review for his book in The New Yorker or on his personal website or blog posts. If I paid 1000 people to write a review on a hypothetical book I wrote, would I “beat” you? They’re not the same, but they’re similar is that you’re trying to get reviews by asking your audience whereas Gladwell’s audience was compelled to write the reviews on their own.

    I’m sort of sad to read that you wanted to “beat” someone else. For someone who claims to love stoicism, you really lack the inner self-confidence that I assumed you had. Maybe I’m misreading this, but I’d love to hear your side or opinion on this.

  56. I loved the attention to detail in the face of danger. I will now try to figure out a similar challenge for myself – keeping in mind my family responsibilities and aging body, of course 🙂

  57. You made it another time Tim!

    You’re just aces dude, this was a-w-e-s-o-m-e and you know why? Because you’re not just trying to sell it, you are real and you are having real fun.

    Just keep on like this.

  58. Tim, Kudos! Watching you go through the training almost feels as though I had been there and done it along with you. Thank you for posting that.

  59. That was really cool. I think you need your own show. Not only was the content really strong, I thought your hosting skills and comfort in front of the camera made the video very watchable. I hope this gets some air play somewhere. Fantastics. I am also headed over to Amazon to write a review of your book.


  60. Just do the show yourself. Take out the usual discovery fake drama, do interesting stuff and teach people how to learn. It’s not like you don’t have/can’t find the financing. Better yet, apply the same principles you teach to shooting and do it on the cheap. Then go sell it, allowing you to retain control. Worst case, dump it on some dvd’s, and we’ll all buy it.

    If you produce it yourself, it will simply be better. You won’t be stuck in one format, you can do it on your time-line, and you won’t be forced to dumb things down. Get enough hits on youtube or sell enough DVDs and syndication will be easier as there’s less risk for the networks.

  61. Next time I feel fear I’ll focus on my desire. Great piece. Boy I was rooting for all of you. Thanks for the continuing inspiration to live and really feel it.

    Bea (Baya)

  62. I’m sure you will receive thousands of comments similar to this one… I would love to have any of these that you have made, available on a DVD for purchase. Truly inspiring!

  63. Amazing, for a couple of reasons. First, that you had success, and Second that they allowed you to do this. One question, Did they look down on the fact that you changed the mount/riding position? It made more sense to me to that you hold on with thighs rather than ankles. Especially if your an athlete, every athlete has bad ankles.



  64. Tim, thanks for sharing the video. Yabusame seemed like such a life-changing experience for you.You’ll never run out of stories to tell your grandchildren when you grow old!

    Cheers to a fruitful trip in South Africa,


  65. Also, in response to J.D. Ross. The difference with Tim is he is asking friends from his blog. There is a great percentage of people that never look twice at a review. Tim relates with his readers and we all fill apart of what he does here on his blog. It’s like me writing to people I know on facebook and asking them. If you run a blog and your not connecting with your people like Tim does so well, then you will be alone at the end of the day. Now I’m going to give it 5 stars because Tim is forcing me to, HA!

  66. Tim, that video was amazing.

    You really are a master at deconstructing your fears and accomplishing unique things. The show was a great demonstration of that.

    I could see the real pride in your teacher’s face at the end.

    I’m going to be more conscious about breaking things down to break through.




    Live Bigger. Give Bigger. Earn Bigger.

  67. Just a shot at an answer for JD’s “inner confidence” question:

    I theorized that: a) Tim’s reservations about letting go of the reigns were apart of the dramatic arc of the show (e.g. – “can he do it?!?”) that were the result of premeditated plan on Tim’s part and/or b) the realization that falling would mean t-boning a post which would then cause him to pull that sword and gut himself out of humiliation or wish for quick death.

    Even if one can confidently talk one’s way into and out of situations, one can’t think one’s self out of physiological responses. It’s impulsive. I think he explained that pretty well in the show.

  68. Wow. That brings back memories of a sort. I was lucky enough to study Karate from some very accomplished Japanese guys back in the 80’s and 90’s. While I’ve never been to Japan, I did become engrossed in the culture via Karate and consider myself a lesser Japanophile (I still count my exercises in Japanese…).

    So this vid is an awesome insight into the mind of Mr. Ferriss as he displays the well learned discipline structures of Japan (the land of ultimate artistic mastery) while integrating his personal disciplines of life hacking. Awesome.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    I’m on my way over to Amazon…

    Norman Petersen

    Renton, WA

  69. The deconstruction of the process was one of the best learning lessons I’ve experienced. There are processes to everything we experience and if we become aware of those steps and master the most critical pieces we manipulate our results.

    I loved when you said “it’s time to stop the analysis and let my conditioning put the pieces together.” It made me think how often I let my doubts/fears override. In the words of Ice Cube “check yo self before you wreck yo self”.

  70. Damn firewall is blocking the video;)

    Will have to check it out in a more “free” environment. Congrats Tim on hopefully surpassing Gladwell. What a huge accomplishment!