The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 Per Twitter Follower

48 hours ago in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Photo: Matt Mullenweg)

“Tweet To Beat could generate help for thousands of students in high-need public schools. My colleagues and I are cheering you on!”

-Charles Best, CEO of

The Ethical Bribe

The gist: To benefit U.S. public school students, I will bribe the entire world to follow me on Twitter for $3 each.

I’ll also be giving away a round-trip ticket anywhere in the world and a fully-loaded MacBook Pro. But first things first…

This is “Tweet to Beat”, a follow-up experiment to LitLiberation, which was a campaign by bloggers and their readers, and CEOs and their employees, to spread the power of literacy worldwide. It was a new fundraising model based on competition and social media scalability, and it funded not only US public school projects (20,000+ students) but also libraries and schools in developing countries. I’m in Vietnam with readers right now to visit two of the schools.

With zero financing or hard costs, this model ended up raising more than $250,000 in less than a month, 3x more than Stephen Colbert during that same period.

The Experiment

I think that was just the tip of the iceberg, and Twitter is the perfect laboratory for a new-and-improved approach (at least with a few variables).

It’s public and therefore accountable, it’s trackable, it allows exclusive communication with followers when needed (“protect my updates” under settings), and it’s current media popularity makes it the ideal PR vehicle for this campaign. Last but not least, though this experiment has no victims, produces no spam, nor violates the Twitter Terms of Service, this alternative use will get some purists hot and bothered.

Here’s how the Tweet to Beat campaign works:

1) For every new Twitter follower in the next two weeks, I will donate $1 to, and an anonymous supporter will match $2, for a total of $3 to U.S. public school classrooms per follower. For now, the matching limit is tentatively capped at 50,000 new followers, though I’m open to increasing it later. 50,000 new followers would mean $150,000 to U.S. public school education, and I hope to double or triple this total with a few twists.

The goal is directly helping 25,000 U.S. public school students in low-income and high-need areas in two weeks. This timeline is half the time dedicated to LitLiberation. My current follower count is, at the time of this writing, 22,782, so we’ll round down and begin the count at 22,500.

Every Twitter follower will also get:

-6 months of RescueTime’s Pro time tracking tools for free (Normal price: $48). Just install it with no data entry and know exactly how you spend your time. Set thresholds, alarms, or use it for an entire business team. Full disclosure: I am now an investor in RescueTime, as I think they’re the best out there.

-6 months of DropBox’s Pro 50GB account for free. (Normal price: $60) This is a reader favorite. Sync your files automatically to your computers and the web; sign in and access your files from any browser or mobile device. It’s the world’s easiest back-up and syncing service.

-6 months of PhoneTag Alpha, the latest voicemail transcription service, for free (Normal price: $60). This is closed to the public and an exclusive for Tim Ferriss followers (!). Read voicemail on your mobile phone, portable device and/or e-mail. Forget about phone interruptions and suffering through long-winded voicemails.

Total value: $168 to each follower.

2) There is a simultaneous competition for those who would like to spread the word. Just do the best you can (Facebook, blog, e-mail friends, FriendFeed, add to your e-mail signature, tell local media, etc.) and detail what you did in the comments here. Tell your friends who are teachers and encourage them to do the same. Bonus points go to people who act sooner vs. later. Deadline for comments is 3/30/09 at 3:30pm PST.

If you’re able, I suggest you use a service like to get a unique URL for this post so you can track clicks on your individual link as you promote it. Click-throughs are more important than “exposure”. Here are a few links you can use: (shortened URL for this post)

Not sure of what to say? Here’s the simple version for Facebook status and other channels:

“The Tweet to Beat – Paying $3 per Twitter follower:”

Just get them to this post using curiosity and let the post do the convincing. For more promotional tactics that work, see the comments from this past competition.

The prizes:

Grand Prize: Round-trip ticket anywhere in the world Continental Airlines or one of their OnePass partners fly. This is pretty much everywhere on earth. Redeem the ticket anytime within 10 years, so no rush. If you prefer the 2nd-place prize, opt for it and the 2nd-place winner will get the round-trip ticket.

2nd-Place Prize: Brand-new condition 15″ MacBook Pro and laptop backpack with the following specs, donated by direct marketing expert Joe Polish (his Richard Branson interview here):

15″ MB PRO 2.6GHZ 2GB / 200 / SD APPLE $2,794.00


ADD 2GB(1X2GB) PC2-5300 DDR2-667 SODIMM



How Little Does It Take?

I hope you choose to participate and make a difference. Karmic capitalism doesn’t take much.

Taking an hour to mentor a child, sending a single e-mail, or following someone on Twitter — remember that the small things are often what have the biggest impact, as we actually do them.

Please spread the word and further the experiment. I’ll share all of the results so others can duplicate them with non-profits worldwide.

Interested in doing more? Please consider donating a few dollars directly to U.S. classrooms near you through

“One of the great movements in my lifetime among educated people is the need to commit themselves to action.”

-Peter Drucker

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with over 400 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

478 Replies to “The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 Per Twitter Follower”

  1. Tim,

    Great idea! I’m going to send it out on my blog, twitter and facebook. I wanted to let you know that the short url in the post isn’t correct. It 404s on your site.

    All the best,


  2. That sounds like a great cause. Nice to see Twitter used in this manner. I was wondering when the platform would start these type of experiments. Cheers to making the public schools a little richer and @tferriss a little lighter in cash.

    I’m predicting more than double your current followers. People love to give back especially if it’s for free (for them).

  3. I’m posting on my twitter account, @trickjarrett, on my podcast’s twitter account and on my Facebook pages in hopes of stirring up more support. Awesome stuff Tim, love that you’re helping support public schools!

  4. Hi Tim,

    This is a great idea! It would be even better if your comments field allowed inline videos — they can communicate so much more than simple text.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the results.


  5. Tim this is an awesome cause, I’m sure you’ll reach your goal pretty soon.

    Btw, is a pretty neat tool, you just opened up my eyes on how to use similar link tracking tools to build an affiliate program!

  6. Good luck with this, very generous & I will be Retweeting / promoting it as much as I can.

    Just to point out an error, in the links to use the full link “” delivers a 404.


  7. Incredible work, Tim! I don’t know where you guys (and gals) think of this stuff but this is really ingenious use of social networking & social media. Love it, love it, love it!

    And for all of you 4 hour work week readers out there who don’t necessarily have the money to give to causes you are deeply passionate about…never underestimate the value of resourcefulness, your time and/or your expertise. Just with the will to wanting to do good will often bring the answers before the questions. In 2008 I did something volunteer related every single week of the year and in the first quarter of 2009 I am feeling it all come back in immense proportions.

    So despite the state of the economy I encourage and challenge you all to take your life from hard knocks to heart knocks by empowering others and volunteering in your community. It can and will make a difference.


  8. Seth Godin’s has done two charity fundraisers via Twitter so far, and it was a smashing success.

    I will be spreading the link around, and continuing to teach young students about free enterprise along with my SIFE team.

    Keep up the good work!


    From Tim: Thanks, Ethan! Seth is a smart gent, and I’ll have some new wrinkles on Twitter to be announced soon in a follow-up post. This will be a lot of fun, and the impact should be tremendous if people get involved as I hope they will.

    All the best,


  9. @Ethan,

    Thanks! Seth is a smart gent, and I’ll have some new wrinkles on Twitter to be announced soon in a follow-up post. This will be a lot of fun, and the impact should be tremendous if people get involved as I hope they will.

    All the best,


  10. Hi Tim,

    Love the idea. An idea might be to start a twitter trend for this project.

    For example, I have posted, “@tferriss #TweettoBeat – Paying $3 Per Twitter Follower:

    Tweeting it as a trend, #TweettoBeat, might make it more viral/easier to follow/search on twitter.


  11. Alright, well I got it out to approximately 50,000 people. I don’t know how many of which are on twitter yet. I encouraged them to signup for Twitter solely to follow Tim, for the time at least and then they can get hooked.

    Also got it on Reddit as it didn’t seem to be on there before.

    And I got it on Hacker News as well!

  12. Tim

    Great idea!!

    I replied @tferris already but think it’s worth a second pass…

    What would be really cool is if this reached a ‘tipping point’ by encouraging people to donate 3 hours of their time (and knowledge) in support of local schools [re: educational reform]. 50k Twitter ‘follows’ is just a start. I’ll kick it off and personally commit to invest 3 hours of my time supporting students in our local college’s entrepreneur program as my ‘match’.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Tim,

    Tweeted, LJed, Facebooked, MySpaced, and posted to a forum I frequent regularly. If I think of anywhere else to post it, I’ll recomment later. May I suggest a link to where people might donate directly if they’re already following you but want to have a direct impact?

  14. Distributed across my social network via Twitter (@AlexBerger) & Facebook. Should put it in front of 1,000 or so extra eyeballs. Nice to see self promotion and a good cause combined for mutual gain – something i’m happy to support!

  15. Tim, I’ve been following you for quite awhile now, ever since I started reading your book. Since I’m not a new follower, will I still be eligible for the drawing?

    By the way, I’m only working 3 hours a week!

  16. Great idea!

    My previous comment (with links to the profiles/pages I posted to) was probably catched by your spam filter — anyhow, I posted to, Twitter, Facebook and it’s gonna be displayed on my blog and lifestream sites as well.


    1. Congratulations, JP! That is awesome and you should be very, very proud. Consider for a moment the permanent impact on lives your actions will have. Well done.

      All, thank you for suggesting I offer a link to donate directly if you’re already following me and have spread the word. I added this to the post:

      “Interested in doing more? Please consider donating a few dollars directly to U.S. classrooms near you through (”

      Now, brushing the teeth needs to happen.

      Bedtime for Bonzo,


  17. Thanks for putting this together. It’s been Twittered (@jefferyjohn), facebooked, and blogged ( while I scheme other ways to push it further, and ways to replicate it for my kids’ schools in Canada!

  18. Tim –

    Another brilliant idea and I’m happy to help.

    Just mailed to my complete list (won’t share numbers here but it is significant), will Tweet it several times and publish it on my blog and in my Facebook update. I’m also speaking at two big events in the next week, I’ll promote your challenge there as well.

    And, if you are interested, I’d love to offer one of each of the products I sell as a potential 3rd place prize if you are interested in raising the stakes a little. Just let me know.

    I’m a huge fan of Karmic Capitalism and of everything you do to demonstrate how everyone can help.

    Keep the great effort coming.

    Dave Lakhani

  19. Great idea Tim! I’ve written an email explaining Twitter and your project and sent it along to several past professors and teachers as well as my parents, both of which work in schools. Also I’ve sent out the info via twitter and facebook! Best of luck!

    -Matt Propst


  20. Great Idea!

    I submitted it to digg and Yahoo Buzz and put it on my Facebook. I’ve also registered the following domains and pointed them to this page:,,

    This is going to be great to watch.

    Trent (@tlayell)

  21. Hi Tim,

    We’ve been trying to get your ear on something and this gives us a good reason to get top of mind while promoting a good cause. We’re posting on the Twitter stream for our customers and sending to some of our favorite Mechanical Turkers.

    Our specific URL:


    Twitter ID: mcolacurcio

  22. Fantastic idea Tim, I’ve Tweeted, blogged and chatted about it with a few friends online.

    It seems like there’s a lot of passion of these kinds of drives. Maybe you can also include ways for people to get involved more directly with volunteering time or needed skills as well?

  23. Tim,

    Awesome idea! I’ve started spreading the word via twitter, facebook, digg, stumbleupon, reddit, delicious, and other social media sites. I’ve also informed people in the education industry like Jeff O’Hara (Co-Founder of, a microblogging platform for the classroom) and sites like

    I’ve got some more ideas as well. My wife is a 2nd grade teacher and I’m going to get her to spread the word to her fellow teachers. I’ll keep you updated on all of the progress!


  24. Just Ping.FM’d it and did a special post on Facebook and one of my blogs.

    Will be interesting to see the results.

    I’m curious Tim what you think each follower on Twitter is worth to you? Probably more than a dollar ;]

    Nice way to come up with a win/win or a “Do Both” situation.

  25. Very admirable. I put the word out on Facebook, Twitter and my blog.

    Thank you once again for helping out those who are less fortunate and allowing us to participate.


  26. Awesome idea Tim.

    My wife is a teacher and the budget cuts in Duval County (Florida) are killing the school system. They’re cutting resource teachers (art, music, PE, etc), they’re cutting sports in some places… it’s just terrible.

    Teachers already have to spend their own money on classroom supplies. The more we can increase the awareness of the problems in the school system the better off America will be in the future.

    I’ll be tweeting this, posting it on my blog and promoting on facebook.

    Good luck.

  27. Hi Tim,

    Great idea to help raise much needed money for public schools.

    So many fund-raising events never show us the outcome from the event, which leaves you wondering what the outcome wound up being,

    So I hope you post follow-up messages and post photos of the check or checks being handed over to whoever handles that for the schools.

    It’s great to see people making a difference instead of sitting around waiting for someone else to do it.



    Michael D. Walker


    From Tim: Michael, I totally agree, and this is why I included a quote from the CEO of at the top of this post and am using a public tool like Twitter. I’ll also document everything as it moves forward. Could not agree more that this is important.

    All the best,


  28. hey tim! i’ve been following you on twitter for a while now so i won’t count as a new follower, but because of that, i’m donating to DonorsChoose anyway!

    so far i’ve posted to my facebook profile, facebook status, twitter status (@thislooks), tumblr page (, blog (, submitted to reddit, and mass emailed most of the people who I think would understand how twitter works.

    regardless of which one of us promoters wins the prizes, i think the real winners are the kids who will receive this money. please thank your anonymous supporter for me and all of the kids who will benefit from this money.

    what you’re doing is a clever way to get people involved without too much effort and reminding us of all we could be doing if we put in a little more effort. if we are all able to contribute in some small way to this project just by hitting the internet for a few minutes, we should think about giving more time and doing something even more productive!

  29. Tim, I admire your passion for such things and wish I could be in a better financial position myself to offer some kind of matching contribution. Nonetheless, I have RT and will be donating what I can privately.

  30. FIXED:

    hey tim! i’ve been following you on twitter for a while now so i won’t count as a new follower, but because of that, i’m donating to DonorsChoose anyway!

    so far i’ve posted to my facebook profile, facebook status, twitter status (@thislooks), tumblr page (, blog (, submitted to reddit, and mass emailed most of the people who I think would understand how twitter works. you can see my success here:

    when i get home this evening i’ll hit up livejournal, livejournal communities, myspace, flickr, youtube and vimeo.

    regardless of which one of us promoters wins the prizes, i think the real winners are the kids who will receive this money. please thank your anonymous supporter for me and all of the kids who will benefit from this money.

    what you’re doing is a clever way to get people involved without too much effort and reminding us of all we could be doing if we put in a little more effort. if we are all able to contribute in some small way to this project just by hitting the internet for a few minutes, we should think about giving more time and doing something even more productive!

  31. Excellent idea Tim. Will be very interested to see how this turns out. Social entrepreneurship is the way forward. Will make sure I post it up everywhere I can.

  32. I can’t wait to see how much is raised – our kids deserve every penny of it. It’s been twittered, facebooked, and emailed to my public interest-minded friends.

  33. I updated my Facebook status and retweeted. In addition I told my brother who is a Math teacher and sister the speech pathologist. Me I wouk with computers and used to tutor math and computer science.

  34. Tim – Great, great idea and props on following through with it. As you and your followers have been kind to my own blog numbers, I’m doing what I can. Blogged, tweeted, updated status on Facebook, added link on Facebook, updated status on 5 instant messenger accounts and have added it to my autosig for the time being.

    However – My hope is that you can somehow specifically point this money towards increasing our childrens’ creativity through education, as this will ensure the money goes the furthest in helping these kids.

    Let’s hope it takes off the way you envision it will and thanks for YOUR creativity.

  35. Tim –

    Great way to bring attention and funds to @DonorsChoose – KUDOS! I’ve been a fan of for quite some time, and I can’t think of a better way to utilize SM Networks…especially Twitter.



  36. That’s a neat idea! We will see if scientists and science geeks are interested – I’ve posted it on Twitter and fed into FriendFeed. Good luck.

    1. @Stephanie and All,

      I wouldn’t mind at at all! Please do spread the word to your local media, put it in your e-mail signature… whatever helps. The more champions, the better.



  37. Spreading the word about the experiment here at my office and emailing all my friends and family with a link to this page. Great job Tim!

  38. Posting up in twitter, facebook, linkedin, so far. more to come i’m sure. i have a daughter in this great public school system of ours… and it needs all the help we can give it.

  39. Wonderful idea Tim! Posted to Twitter and facebook so far – more soon!

    Hope you have some great Pho in Vietnam. That always makes me well when I’ve got a cold or something.

  40. Hi Tim, “The Tweat to Beat” looks like another great idea!

    I will do my best to spread the word through tweets, status messages, blogs etc. and I was about to set up a mini-site solely for the purpose of bringing more attention to this initiative. Then I found out you had already registered the domains 🙂 How about me helping you design and develop the [the]tweattobeat websites?

    Kudos on your initiative, I am sure it will at least match the success of LitLiberation!

    David Hund – Valued Standards webdesign

  41. Tim –

    Thanks for applying your marketing genius to such a great cause! Sounds like people have done lots of great things to help.

    For my contribution, I wrote a little shell script that grabs the trending themes on Twitter, and every few minutes sends a message to the people reading about the trends, asking if they have seen your post. I created the TweetToBeat twitter account to post from. I’ll be running my script for the next few days to make sure plenty of people have a chance to see this. I figure this method of reaching out to people will cover a lot of folks who may not be getting news from blogs, digg, etc.

    I’ve created a trackable link (, so i can monitor my progress. As you know, can weed out bot click-throughs to give a much more accurate representation of how many people hit the link.

    I will keep this running around the clock to people checking out the twitter trends in all time zones can get the word and join the cause!

    Thanks again for your clever entrepreneurialism!

  42. Hi Tim,

    I’m a student of development economics (actually a pretty small study field) so I have a special interest in this topic.

    What I want to know is what criteria do you go by when selecting a school to build? a child to help? and so on.. I couldn’t find this info on your website, but I’d say it’s the most important factor on whether or not you’re going to be effective.

    Regards, Roark

    P.S Thanks for your advice on studying kanji, I discovered the amazing ‘Remembering the Kanji’ mnemonics based method and making perhaps 4 x usual progress

  43. Hi Tim,

    Thanks so much for what you are doing. I RT on my twitter page as well as sent to a few celebrities w/ many followers, asking them to kindly RT. I also posted a link to this blog on my Facebook account. Good Luck!!!


  44. Not to be the devil’s advocate here, but don’t my tax dollars pay for US public education? Perhaps the crisis in Darfur or the monks in Tibet might be a more worthy cause? Just throwing it out there for discussion.

    1. @Snow,

      Your tax dollars should pay for US public education, but it’s non-selective. allows you to choose the specific places (your hometown, for example) and classroom projects you’d like to help.

      Thanks for the comment!


  45. I just posted the link on my facebook page.

    Just hope this help !

    Thx for all the things you do for your people tim.

  46. I have found little in this post that backs up the idea of direct help. To what extent do you control what your money will be spend on? You mention as if that word is self-explanatory. It is not. Building or supporting a school without a concept of what you want to teach is no different than charity. You give money away without an interest in your impact? What do you mean by helping directly? Exactly what is direct?

    In your karmic capitalist post you contrast empowerment to charity, but you don’t explain the difference. Saying that one should think in terms of empowerment is not an explanation, but a statement, a re-branding of charity.

    Spending money does not empower. Earning money does, for which action and knowledge are required. However, giving a book by Ayn Rand would have a different effect than giving someone Immanuel Kant to read. What do you stand for? Will you choose the materials that are given to the schools? Being a money pool manager is not the same as empowering people to achieve prosperity. Why choose How did you make that choice?

    Leaving the context of empowerment to chance doesn’t make your project right. How do you benefit? Your name on the door of a school doesn’t represent a philosophy, unless you name one. Leaving the teaching to others will have some effect but none that you control directly.

    I wish you would verbalize the moral logic of your project in more detail to make your project one that backs – well, an idea. Pooling money is not an idea, merely an activity. Why are you doing it? Giving a girl money for nothing doesn’t turn her into a self-sufficient being – automatically. It is more or less just a redistribution of money and odds. You could use the same money to open a school that teaches things you believe in. That would be “direct”.

    “you can finance a girl’s education for 10 years ($2,500) and effectively guarantee a future without poverty to an entire family.”

    Show me the teacher who can guarantee that, because he should be collecting money.

    1. Hi Alex,

      While I appreciate the hard-line objectivist response, with, you control EXACTLY what your donation is spent on. I’ve seen their financials and know their operations, and I’ve written about this before.

      I’ve been discussing Ayn Rand with several people for a few days now, and I believe that — in this case — doing some due diligence before attacking would benefit everyone involved.



  47. Hey!

    Great cause. I’m very impressed by everyone’s creativity so far – thanks for the ideas.

    I’ve added the url to my gmail email signature, posted it to my Facebook status, and am emailing out to a few communities that I’m a part of.


  48. Great topic and to top it off great karma. I read Tim’s phrase “karmic capitalism” and thought….cool phrase, shuffled over to NameCheap and snagged the domain name after using Google for a discount code (“namecheap discount code”). All in $8.81 for a sweet domain name. Now to put it to good use, not really a domain for the get richer phase of my life, now seeking ideas in the karmic path of thought. Any ideas? Email them to karmiccapitalism (at) Until I get a proper landing page and email set up at the actual website, all done within 24 hours.

    All this came about after reading the domain article on Tim’s blog:

    FEBRUARY 27TH, 2009

    How to Buy Domain Names Like a Pro: 10 Tips from the Founder of

    Ideas sprout from everything you read.

    Cheers, thanks Tim and everyone.

  49. I posted about your contest on two forums. One with 118k registered users and 2100+ actively viewing, and the other with 50k+ registered users and 1100 actively viewing. I also tweeted about it. But I’m still in the double digits there.

  50. Hey Tim,

    I retweeted and facebooked what you are doing – that’s awesome. A couple days ago I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda. Have you seen it? A scene that really struck me and convicted me was when an American Media man had captured all the violence and was showing it to his colleague. He didn’t realize that an African man was standing in the room and apologized later to the man for being inconsiderate. But the African man said “isn’t this good, because when your people see what is going on here, they will have to do something and come help us”…The American man sadly smiled and said “I think they will watch it and say that it is terribly sad, but will just continue eating their meals..”

    So, I’m glad you aren’t just seeing the need around you and continuing to just “eat your meal” but you are doing something to help. It’s great. Something I’m wanting to grow in.

  51. Awesome job! I started an account on, linked to my twitter (@Vorien) and posted what you suggested. I only have 12 followers at present, but i got 10 clicks in the first five minutes. Inspired, I posted a link and put it in my facebook status. Looking at the aggregate link things are going really well! Thanks Tim!

  52. @Michael Walker,

    Michael, I totally agree campaigns like this should be accountable, and this is why I included a quote from the CEO of (DC) at the top of this post and am using a public tool like Twitter. DC is involved, and I’ll also document everything as it moves forward. Could not agree more that this is critically important.

    All the best,


  53. Thanks all! This is just fantastic and you guys are rocking it. I have to jump on a bus but will check in later today, but I am, as always, impressed and overwhelmed by how awesome my readers are 🙂

    Pura vida,


  54. Just tweeted and facebooked your link. As a teacher I think what you are doing is awesome. You ever been to Borneo? I’ll be over there starting the 15th for two weeks. Feel free to stop on by.

  55. I volunteered at my granddaughter’s 2nd grade computer lab today before I read about your project. What can one person do? Whatever you can, wherever you are, whenever you get the chance! Start close to home – soon-saving the world takes time. Let’s start with educating our children! Thanks Tim for the $3.00 project. I tweeted support for your project – @SeniorTweet on Twitter. Val Spangler

  56. Tim!

    Your post was so damn timely in that I was thinking of how I could thank you. I just donated directly to an education project in Manhattan. Your book has changed my life. Seriously. I am about to start my own company within few months and it all was inspired after reading your book. So thank you – and the money that I just donated was in your name (not technically, but “karmic-ly”). The product that I will launch will also serve to help woman in need. So a big shout out from NJ..

  57. Holy moley, Kay’s gone high tech and signed up for a Twitter account. It’s a week of crazy firsts, not the least of which I have my first public speaking engagement tomorrow. Talk about leaving your comfort zone. Of course, now I have no twitter followers myself, so I definitely think you should return the favor and follow me on twitter linked here.

    I think it’s great what you’re doing for education. I already donate a considerable amount of time and money to a scholarship foundation I created in 03, so I’m not going through donorchoose. They are a great organization though; I’ve heard lots about them.

  58. Spreading this through the usual, and some unusual, channels. Also showing

    it to contacts in China, India, Mongolia, and Thailand as an example of how

    to approach philanthropic fund raising in creative ways. Good work.


  59. Great motives, fantastic idea. I’m trying to do my part, too, and spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, delicious, Stumbleupon, Buzz, etc.

  60. Tim,

    You’ve been inspiring me since the I purchased “The 4-Hour Work Week” the day it was released and began using it to guide my business development strategies.

    Now you’ve done it again with your unique pairing of using an ethical bribe that benefits EVERYONE in return for their becoming your valued Twitter subscriber/follower.


    Those who follow you will benefit immensely by your experience, knowledge and wisdom, and society will benefit from the value you’ll be adding to our educational system through your donation and that of your anonymous contributor.

    Thanks for demonstrating how one person can influence others in meaningful ways AND make a powerful, positive difference in the world!

    I hope others will follow your example of being of service and adding great value in their own way.

    Jay Aaron

    Strategic Visionary / Visionary Strategist

  61. You and your ideas! Spreading the word facebook, blog, twitter……

    Thanks for being an example of someone who cares, it is an inspiration.

  62. Man, I just had a discussion about how Fonzie would scare parents of today, and here I’m being reminded to be like Fonzie in the comments… Dilemma.

    Anyhow, twitter, facebook, livejournal, and my site. Nice idea; I’m a big fan of and like to see people step up.

    Please follow up with which projects you’re planning on funding, and which ones you do. Bonus points for basic science equipment for poor schools.

  63. Dude… this is another stupid publicity stunt. A lot of people are stupid and will fall for it, so congrats on exploiting the poor.

  64. Hey Tim,

    Great to see on what you are doing and making small steps to changing the world. I tweeted, facebooked, myspaced, msned and blogged your link.

    Massive inspiration.

    Good Luck.

  65. Hey Tim,

    I am trying to get people to RT your page. I was surprised by a reaction which I thought you may want to address as others may think the same.

    Without naming any name, but you could figure out easily anyway, here’s some replies I got:

    “I love @tferriss but that “experiment” is only an attempt to get more followers in his profile don’t be blind :)”

    “I am not tweetering anybody begging for new followers ego trip, even for literacy or charity sorry”

    I have to admit that I am a little disappointed at this reaction as it’s coming from someone very involved in the twitter community, anyway…

    Otherwise, you can check my stats on under username “ash”. I am spreading the message exclusively via twitter. I am trying to reach prominent twitterers, people in others countries (w/ translated message). I look for communities (schools, libraries, etc…) using twitter and with an interest in literacy and I spread the message to them as well. I’d like to get ppl from all over the world to visit your page!

    Whether this is a marketing scheme or not, I fully support the purpose of your experimental project. Empowering kids with the power to read and strive later on is priceless.


    From Tim: Thanks for the comment, Ash. I did a Twitter search for the comments you listed above and couldn’t find anything at all, but my general feeling is this: the world would be boring if we all agreed on things. In addition, I think online pundits are critics by nature, so I would expect some push-back. Not only this, but the entire experiment is designed to elicit a response, so this is good news.

    Thanks for the support!


  66. Amazing idea and fabulous work all around! Sending out a tweet, posting a bulletin on myspace and setting my status on facebook. I’ll also be hooking up my e-mail list with this inspiring cause and easy way to help. It’s really a win win win for all! Thank you!!!!!!!

  67. I submitted your post to our site, . You can use the black arrows on the home page to scroll to the “Tweet to Beat” non-profit card where people can actually video chat for free in real time to organize themselves around the cause.

    This is the kind of thing we just launched for.

    I hope to meet you in China sometime soon. 😉

  68. Just looked at and my efforts yesterday represented 7.6% of all clicks. 🙂 (110 of 1,412) through updating two of my Twitter accounts and doing a couple @replies.

    I also just had 3 “crazy ideas” run through me and I think they’re going to increase that percentage quite a bit.

    The first one will put my gaming channel (2,615 Fanatic YouTubers) and email list (1,300 CRAZY Xbox gamers) to use. (Got any old video game stuff that you’d like to donate to the cause?)

    I see you’ve gone up 1624 followers (24,406-22,782) between posting this yesterday and right now. It’s really hard to determine how many of those followers came from my actions but I would guess 25-50 which would represent 1.5-3% of the increase.

    Today’s plan will include a more accurate way to determine who followed you and why through creatively using hashtags and @replies.

    That is all I have to report. 🙂

  69. Tim,

    This is my first post to you – I’ve been following your blog and Twitter for about 6 months now since I first read your book. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to really contribute on your next social venture and I feel this is an excellent idea. As a young and travel-hungry entrepreneur, you truly inspire me and I constantly speak of you in high regard to my friends, mentors, family, and professors.

    I am doing all I can to support this cause. I am sharing this with my Social Entrepreneurship class and spreading the link to your blog post through: my University’s resources (teachers, mass emails, Entrepreneur Society, Daily Newspaper, announcements), my twitter account, Facebook status, a group on Facebook, and sent an email to all my contacts and will include the link in all future emails sent out. I got creative and did a Craigslist posting under local news for San Diego.

    ex: “Ready to help U.S. education? Philanthropy made easy. #1 NY Times Bestseller author Tim Ferriss donating $3 per new Twitter follower:”

    p.s. After I graduate this semester I plan on living in Spain with a family for my first mini-retirement.

    p.s.s. “Trial By Fire” was awesome! Hope to see more soon. 🙂

    ~Arman Assadi

  70. Tim, I’ve been following you on Twitter since you first discovered it! You know by now that I choose to donate my money, time, and efforts toward alternatives-to-school which promote true democratic education (click on my username to visit the iLearn in Freedom Network.) I respect your choice as your own, though, and wish you the best in all your adventures — everything is a learning experience and the world is our classroom!

    @Alex Tim has been supporting DonorsChoose for quite a while now, and I believe you will find the answers to your questions in previous blogs. Try the related articles or search engine for more info.

    @David Lithman wrote:

    “The more we can increase the awareness of the problems in the school system the better off America will be in the future.”

    Highly recommend the writings of John Holt (How Children Fail, Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better) and John Taylor Gatto (Dumbing Us Down, Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling) for an inside look at the System from well-known, highly respected educators in the field.

    Grabbed some quick stats from the web on the financial picture (economic recession/depression aside):

    Gleaned from the HSLDA website (no endorsement of this organization implied): -=- Another obstacle that seems to be overcome in homeschooling is the need to spend a great deal of money in order to have a good education. In “Strengths of Their Own,” an independent study first published in 1997, Dr. Brian Ray found the average cost per homeschool student is $546 while the average cost per public school student is $5,325. Yet the homeschool children in this study averaged in 85th percentile while the public school students averaged in the 50th percentile on nationally standardized achievement tests. -=-

    From the MyKidsDeserveBetter website: -=- “In dollars adjusted for inflation, public schools spent about $876 per year for elementary and secondary school students in 1930, when student literacy rates were close to 90 percent. In contrast, in 2003 public schools spent about $7500 per student, while literacy rates fell to the 50-70 percent level in many public schools.”

    “…average annual tuition costs for Catholic and Protestant-affiliated schools for the 2002-2003 school year were approximately $3500-$4000 per elementary-school pupil and $5500-$6000 per Secondary school pupil.”

    “In 1998, the Home School Legal Defense Association commissioned Larry Rudner, statistician and measurement expert at the University of Maryland, to do a study on the academic achievement levels of home-schooled students. The study tested 20,000 home-schooled students on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). …

    “The study found that in every subject and grade level of the ITBS battery of tests, home-schooled students scored significantly higher than public and private school students. On average, homeschool students in the first to fourth grades performed one grade level higher than comparable public and private school students. By the fifth grade, the gap began to widen, and by the eighth grade, the average home-schooled student performed four grade levels above the national average.

    Home-schooling parents not only give their kids a superior education, but spend far less than public schools. For example, some excellent phonics reading programs cost less than $150. Even if we assumed that an average homeschooling parent spent about $1500 a year on learn-to-read or learn-math books, computer learning software, and other learning materials, that is about one-quarter the average $7500-a-year that public schools spend per student.” -=-

    Wanna talk economic stimulus?! Consider sending that money home to the parents (many teachers are parents, too, for those concerned about job security) and let them pick up a copy of “Teach Your Own” by John Holt at the local library. FYI: Homeschooling doesn’t just take place in the home, or necessarily restrict parents from pursuing their own careers (although parenthood is an honorable and fulfilling occupation in its own right!)

    Support groups, co-ops, local clubs and organizations, genuine (vs. compulsory) community service, etc., all represent real life learning and socialization with interesting, experienced people of all ages, not to mention allowing kids the freedom to develop their own sense of self-esteem for being a productive member of society during their formative years. Win-Win from what we’ve observed in our own freeschoolin’ family over the past 20 years. Try it for yourself, but be forewarned, freedom in learning is highly addictive! 😉

    Cheers ~

    Penne & the CanDo! Crew :o)

    Luck is when opportunity meets *inspired* action!

  71. My usually-very-web-enabled-brain still is catching up to Tweeting. Perhaps it is having a newborn, or being 42. I dunno. But I know how to donate $3 and pass the word to get others to do it. Thanks Tim – always love your stuff.

    Best, Peter


  72. Tim,

    I am sure this is a great cause and all but I feel like someone has to step up and protest nevertheless. I am subscribing to your blog because I love the ideas of the 4 hour workweek – get more done in less time, think global, and so on. However, many of your latest posts have been revolving around setting up competitions and the like to involve the readers. Well I am not interested and I think this is not in line with your own philosophy, at least not from the reader’s perspective. I think spending time taking part in freebie competitions has little to do with 4HWW. To make matters worse, many of us are not in the US, and are not on Twitter. I just wish to learn more about working smarter, not harder. If you wish to donate money to your favourite cause, just do it, I do not need to know. Could we please return to the basics.


  73. Hey Tim great idea! I saw some of the campaigns Seth Godin had, and it´s an interesting experiment in mobilizing your “tribe” in action all while growing it too quite clever 🙂

    If you know anyone at Facebook please ask them to remove the 100 invite limit please, it is slowing down the spread of great ideas!! Hence, that was 2hrs of work @ the office non company related to click on everyone on my list haha

    Any suggestions from people on how to spread this more on Twitter in your network? I only have close friends that I am following right now, maybe it´s time to grow for a good cause.

  74. Hi Tim,

    Very interested in the experiment.

    I work for a non-profit in the UK, a CVS (Council for Voluntary Sector) which represents the 3rd sector and our expertise is support and development for community, voluntary groups and charities.

    I however also have a medical centre in Bangladesh.

    A relative has a building that was used as a medical centre in the 80/90s and they expanded and moved on leaving the building which is empty now.

    By assembling a management team in Bangladesh and setting up a charity in the UK I could have a medical facility in Bangladesh with 30 beds up and running. One of the managers at my work place used to work for a micro-finance in Sri Lanka and her parents are retired doctors, uncle and auntie doctors and sister a nurse; she is keen to get involved. Ben my direct manager worked for an international charity also and would like to assist.

    By providing affordable healthcare not only will the poor benefit but the profits will be put back in to the business to duplicate in other areas of Bangladesh.

    I am looking eagerly at this type of scheme that can help raise the money. I calculate that a facility can be up and running with £100,000 and breaking even under 12 months even after slashing costs by 30 – 40% as well as offering a designated free service.

    I am savvy on social media optimisation and have access to some of best individuals in running a charitable operation that can span continents. Winning ingredients really!

    So please keep us posted. (even personally if you can) Your assistance by sharing the data and giving some advice could see affordable health available in Bangladesh to millions of people.



  75. Oops! Looks like my my numbers were a tad off… 😛 seems to have been acting strange lately. Anyhow, the new math is 115/10,741 which is still a STRONG 1%! 😀 lol

  76. Brilliant idea, of course… you go, Tim!

    Besides posting this information on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter… I sent out a PERSONAL email on the subject, to friends, family, and PODCASTS that I love (who I’m hoping will give a shout out to the cause). I believe that when you put your plea in your own words, people react more positively.

    I also made it a point to include a bit about joining Twitter, since a large number of people may not understand what it is and how easy it is to use.

    Good Luck! Peace, Love, and Tweets…

  77. Posted to Twitter and facebook and will add to Myspace as well. Will also include as a status on Digsby instant message client. This is an amazing idea and hope it floors all of us with an awesome response from people.

  78. This is fantastic. I followed you on Twitter of course, then sent out a tweet to my followers (@retta719)

    I posted the link on my Facebook page as well.

    I’ll definitely blog about later on as well. I’m opting out of the contests, just happy to help the spread the word for a good cause. 🙂

  79. I don’t want to sound negative but there is a bigger issue than money in education. My daughter is a social worker in the Bronx and many times she feels frustrated because there are opportunities for kids to do all the things you espouse but they or their parents don’t want to do it. The money is already there. It’s the lack of a family that is a much bigger issue. I believe around 80% of children do not have a father and almost the same percentage are born out of wedlock. Since the mid sixties that number has been dropping precipitously. Without a good family foundation, these kids are doomed to follow the footsteps of their parents. It’s a vicious cyle there. I feel most sorry for the kids because they are neglected and generally left on their own or, too often, beaten or sexually abused. This is the hidden story you don’t hear on CNN etc. If you look below the surface you will see that the social issues have a very dramatic impact on success in these areas. I know it’s a feel good thing to raise money but what is more important is to see what the real issues are and whether those dollars are spent wisely. It seems everyone is trying to use money as the cure for all the ills. We have spent billions and billions on education in these areas with very poor results over the last thirty years. The root cause needs to be examined and my view is family life as the key to success. We need to reinvigorate that and you will see results in all areas of children’s performance.

    1. Hi Bob,

      I totally agree with the family as root catalyst (positive or negative) of education, both in school and self-directed. That is not, unfortunately, something I can affect as easily as under-resourced classrooms. One step at a time, but I certainly agree.

      All the best and thank you for the thoughtful comment,


  80. Great idea, Tim,

    I’m putting that tweet headline you wrote up (great headline!) at the top of every email that goes out of Everyone will get it when they receive their @replies by email.

    I’m also going to write a marketing newsletter to my 100k financial advisors and refer to this post, to introduce Twitter for use in marketing.

  81. I started a debate on Facebook and Twitter about whether this efficient, low-investment, high-visibility campaign is another example of gutless do-goodery that points to a decay in moral fiber or a creative leveraging for a time and resource stressed society.

  82. I love this concept, way to go. In these trying economic times you must be commended on such a noble goal. a couple of questions:

    1. how could this be regionalized so money goes to a specific school system or area of the contributors choice

    2. with the internet being such a home to scams, how do contributors know that their money will go to the exact educational cause you claim

    3. how can this idea be “franchised out” so that more people can/will do this exact same type of fundraising i.e. a high school class project, etc.

    Great idea and the cost is perfect so that everyone and anyone can participate.

  83. I retweeted this twice to my 750+ followers (@dhempe). I have also updated it on my site. Already 33 people clicked on to this link. Very noble idea!

  84. Sorry a little late, I have posted to facebook, twitter, company bulletin board (where donorschoose is preferred charity) and to my class @ UNC. Some one beat me to the 4HWW board but it is there 🙂

  85. I never bothered getting a Twitter account since I was able to waste many hours reading updates without even being a member, but this convinced me!

  86. Hey Tim,

    Long time follower on Twitter, this is a great idea! RT on Twitter and on FB. Will be getting the word around the office as it seems not a lot of co-workers are on Twitter. Will try to followup with friends later on before the deadline!

  87. Hey Tim. Wondering if this can be done with anyone? I work at a local paper and our community schools are really suffering. I may be able to get quite a following. your thoughts?

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure what you mean by “can be done with anyone”, but I will be sharing the results of this experiment with anyone so other non-profits can use what I find effective.

      Hope that helps!


  88. Hey Tim,

    I put you in my Facebook, MySpace, and new Twitter status. Good luck! I want to do something similar now…I’m open to ideas!

    Also, I just sent Oprah a message for you, do I win? 🙂


  89. This is wonderful. I just logged in to your blog for the first time in a few months and saw this. I’m following you as LGfit. Since this is the first time I’ve sent you any correspondence, I have to say: got your book… loved it… use parts of it every day… I continuously recommend it to friends (just did that again today). Your blog is one of the smartest I’ve read. Thanks for being an awesome person in the world.

  90. Fantastic! I really appreciate this opportunity to get involved. I’m spreading the word through my forums, blog, twitter and facebook.

    I’ve been posting about Twitter a lot on my forums (the I Hate My Message Board forums) and I think this might be a good way to convince some to take the plunge. So win/win!


  91. I was not surprised to see Brian Oberkirch as the inspiration for this idea. I was going to reach out to some mutual friend’s and business associates @kveton and @chrismessina to spread the word. Good luck with the campaign and we’ll see you on the road!

  92. Tim,

    Great idea my man! I started a Facebook group (I used your picture at the top, hope you don’t mind), and I invited all my friends, and left the group open for everyone. A bunch of friends joined while I was asleep, and I am keeping track of it to make sure they go through with the Twitter side of things. Also, I have made up small posters and I am going to distribute them to the local schools and college here. I’m not living in a very big place, but every little bit counts, and I figured why not have the kids help to help themselves. I have some friends at the local TV station here too and I am going to get in touch with them and see what they can do.



  93. Hi Tim what an awesome idea. Will definitely spread the word. Here’s a crazy idea. I’m in Saigon and about to go off to Cambodia. You’re one of the people on my “people i’d like to meet list”. Could i buy you a cup of Ca phe Sua? Time and place would of course be at your most convenience (I have never been to Hue but I know it’s only about 1 hour from sgn). Tracking down Tim Ferris would make an amazing story to tell my friends whom I have recommended fhww. Knowing that you’re a language expert but I’m sure I can offer some help with my Vietnamese in any way you would like to use it. So the options are out there.



  94. Get idea. Doing well by doing good. I like how you are creating a business model that gives as it goes. I think it is important to create business models that builds in direct benefit to society. Thanks for the inspiration, I have already started spreading the word.

  95. Great Idea Tim!

    We need to do all we can to help those that are less fortunate

    Please add this event on your Facebook pages and twitter accounts and help spread the word 🙂

  96. …very, very clever, Mr. Ferriss. . .and what a great spin as well! P.S. >> I have some great things to share with you re: the DonorsChoose sponsorship you helped me put together. I’ll pass along through another channel.



  97. Tim, I always admire you when you use your tremendous star power for good like this. And the last time when you ran the first DonorsChoose campaign it was really fantastic how you “gave back” to everyone who helped contribute by letting us participate in a part of choosing where that money went.


    I blogged about it last time, I Tweeted you up this time, shared with some English and grade-school teachers I know here in Bangkok, and included you in a weekly round up on my blog (how could I not?). Thanks again.

  98. I’m sharing it with all my 400 scholarship students – all from low-income backgrounds and high schools with more than 50% of students on free and reduced lunch. They will definitely get this AND get the word out! I’ll put it on our Facebook page as well.

    Good luck and thank you!

  99. Just discovered your work yesterday from a friend, and love everything I hear and read – really great stuff!!

    We’ll beat that target and more, this will spread like wildfire!

    Spreading via all means (well okay, mostly electronic..) possible.

    The Tweet to Beat – Paying $3 per Twitter follower:

  100. Very nice Tim. I’ve seen education from every angle with my kids – good public, very rough/rural public, homeschool and private. There is no doubt about the disadvantages many public school systems represent.

    They can use every penny of support. I’ll promote every place I can…


  101. I have 2 proposals waiting to be posted on Donor’s Choose….if anyone wants to support a poor South Carolina gal’s classroom….let me know!

  102. Tim,

    Saw the post this afternoon and think it is a great idea. I work in commercial real estate and my team works with a lot of education clients (Universities, High Schools, Charter Schools, etc). I have passed this around the office and to a few of my clients and friends, as well as posted it to my Facebook account. I hope you are able to hit the 50,000 mark. Looking forward to following the progress over the next two weeks.

    PS I like the urgency associate with the 2 week deadline.

  103. Nothing could get me to open a twitter account, until today. Damn you Ferriss! But what a good cause… I just finished reading Three Cups of Tea: education is the key.

    I also posted the link to my Facebook status.

  104. Hi, Tim – great idea, as always.

    Here is what I did:

    1. Posted a bulletin on myspace. Audience: my 184 friends.

    2. Posted a myspace blog.


    Audience: I have 15 subscribers and get about 50 visitors a day. Not much, I know, but better than nothing.

    3. Posted a note on facebook.


    Audience: My 251 friends whom I “tagged” manually. Can’t tag more than 25 people at once, so I had to tag a group of 25, refresh the page, erase all of the “taggees,” tag a new group, etc…

    4. Posted an update about this on Twitter.


    Audience: My 29 followers and anybody who finds that tweet via a random search.

    5. Started a thread on the INTJ Forum.


    (Potential) audience: 5,642 members. :^D

    6. Started a thread on SlickDeals – the most popular site with free stuff and, well, slick deals. 🙂


    (Potential) audience: tens of thousands of users – couldn’t find the exact number.

    7. Emailed the link to your post to all of my college professors. I’m on good terms with all of them, so I asked them to mention this in their classes.

    Audience: thousands of Internet-addicted college students. :^D

    I hope this helps. 🙂

  105. Great cause- sent it out on facebook, mass email, and taking $10.00 off of my photography services for anyone that can show me that they joined!

  106. Tim! Some timing… my main laptop just died, so Joe’s macbook is very luring! Typing this on a freakin tiny 8″ netbook screen and it’s killing my eyes.

    So here’s my chances to finally become a mac convert with stories to tell the grandchildren on how Joe’s laptop ended as mine.


    1. Tweet sent to 5,434 followers (

    2. Facebooked / friendfed

    3. Posted to blog list (+already got the previous article on the last competition)

    4. Told a teacher I botoxed today who’s telling a whole school here in the UK (and she loved me for it. thanks?)

    5. The rest as before, except posting on BW (would post again as in last competition got you quite a large number of clickthroughts from it with 250k views / month, but it also almost got me fired! So taking a more conservative approach this time…!)

    Hey, I will do anything for charity (and Joe Polish’s macbook!) 🙂

  107. I have personally had 12 wonderful projects funded at! I am thrilled! These are supplies and fun project activities that I never could have gotten without the support of donors. You get to pick the project and classroom that you want to donate to. My students are just thrilled to open the packages as they arrive! They have learned so much from the wonderful materials. is definitely a worthwhile place to give a donation whether large or small. We certainly appreciate it very much.

    Mrs. B

  108. Hi Tim,

    I’ve been telling people about this on IRC and in private forums. I’ll report it to the most appropriate crowds I can find. Mostly educators and people who are interested in your ventures. Like you say, it is better focus on that productive 20% and ignore the 80% who will not join in.

    Good luck and good will,

  109. Tim,

    I am going to do you one even better and open you to the other 80% as well. Make that over 9000%. A source so vast and powerful you and your anonymous source may be shocked at the response.

    That’s right, I am posting this to 4chan.

    Now the experiment gets fun.

  110. You guys rock. I’m off to the airport to Saigon. To all of you here in Vietnam, I’d love to meet up, but the only potential days will be the 13th and 14th in Saigon. I’ll try and make it happen and will let you all know if I can.

    Gotta run,


  111. Great Idea Tim. I will tell my friends also. I am new at Twitter and Facebook looking to add more friends. It does feel good to help others, it is amazing at what you are doing. Have a great week.

    Bruce Mills

  112. Great idea !!! I’m following, I’ve post it on my twitter and facebook and working on posting a quick code for my mobile friends.

  113. Why would I even want to get more money to government schools. They’re already spending more per pupil than most countries and still can’t get kids to read good. What we need is more money to support school choice. Competition is what we need.

  114. Great idea 🙂 You finally got me to join twitter. I wonder if you will have a time commitment on how long we must continue following? Just in case I return to my old ways.

    Posted the link & invite as my status on Facebook,…have bout 460 friends,…hope it helps. Will email the link in next business update newsletter if minumum hasn’t already been achieved.

    Way to keep making differences in creative ways.

  115. I joined twitter to add my $3 to the pool of money going to public education. As the son of two public school teachers, I am constantly hearing about the problems within our schools. I also was so impressed to hear our president speak today about education. Hopefully, contests like this will eventually become unnecessary as schools will be fully funded, teachers will be paid what they deserve, and ALL our children will be given a great education.

    I posted the link on my page….. I can only sign up for one thing a day, so that ruled out the tiny url site. That being said, I have no way of tracking how many people “click-through”, but I am hoping my friends and family help contribute to this cause.

    Tim, I would also be curious to hear about other educational projects you have done. Also, I know this is something you’ve been working on for a couple of years, so I would be interested in your ideas about how we can fix our schools.

    Thanks for the great work!!!

    Scott M

  116. Timbo,

    I have posted to

    My Facebook + groups (snowboarders, skiers etc)

    And emailed to about 200 people.

    Grouse idea, has given me an idea for Heresy (so thanks for that).

    Tim Marsh

    Heresy Snowboarding Australia

    (I however suck, I am working on a full time job, Heresy and 2 other enterprises so I can get down to 20 hours a week, I LOVE WORKING like a ninja).

  117. Spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook! Excellent idea! Stumbled upon you trying to understand to create a new website for myself. The power of social networking!!!

  118. Ok Tim, you have me motivated with this one. I do not have an active blog or anything like that but judging by the number of chain letters my wife gets, I bet her network of fellow chain email’ers can compete with anyone.

    Here is the link I created for tracking:

    So is that it? How do you track where the hits come from?

  119. Great innovative idea! I love the forward thinking. Definitely supporting, I posted the link in twitter, facebook, made a global event in facebook including a shortened link that once click will automatically post the event in the persons facebook profile ( he he he ). I’m also going to all my teachers in my past telling them about it and having them spread the word to their co-workers.

    Also my roommate works for CBS as a network broadcaster I dropped a few hints on her to see about getting her to run a story getting some publicity. She seemed a bit…apprehensive. Any suggestions on breaking her in? Besides buying her three bottles of wine and getting her to commit completely inebriated.

    All in all this is a wonderful idea, opens the mind to a new wave of marketing that’s free and effective.

  120. Hey Tim,

    I just made an awesome blog post about this fantastic cause.

    Here it is:

    I also let my friends know about it on Twitter –

    (what’s great too is when I update my Twitter, it updates my status on Facebook)

    Anyways, hope this has helped and I’m really glad to help you raise awareness and money for a great cause that can benefit a lot of kids 🙂

    ~Mike S.

  121. Hello,

    Both hubby and I are artists and teachers (4yrs old-adults)

    Hubby teaches in public school in the DC area with many children with high needs! I do PT at a local college way supported by govnt funding who come from high need schools in Washington DC.

    This is such a worthy cause…retweeting with



    Claudia & Sergio Olivos

  122. What a great idea! I have already posted this through twitter and am excited about coming up with new ways to spread the news. I’m about to call it a night, but expect that tomorrow I will be investigating what else I can do to help!

  123. Tim,

    Happy to see you focus so much on education in your giving. I shared the link to this blog on Twitter and asked folks to follow you. So far at least 35 people have clicked on the link. Hope that translates into several new followers and more importantly several more dollars to schools in need.

    Enjoy your travels,


    P.S.> For those looking to improve their lives through continous learning, I highly recommend (

  124. Pingback: Tweet to Beat
  125. The first time I read the post, I was confused. I only got it when I read it again, LOL! Great idea, noble cause. I already contributed in sending the message across: tweeted the URL, made it my signature in the forums I frequent, and will be telling other people through bulletins, e-mails and other means.

  126. I’m putting it out on my facebook every day. I’m also emailing my inner circle to do the same. I’m thinking it should be contacting 2-3000 people every day.

  127. I’m following on Twitter, posting to Facebook, and posting this link to my local email groups. I’m a long-time supporter (and donor!) to, so this is great!!!

  128. I am helping out the best I can, started a facebook group and gave you a retweet. Great idea, we need all the help we can get to close the education gap.

  129. JACKPOT!

    I just got the word out to 59 MILLION homes! I’m a producer at Current TV which reaches viewers in the US, England, Whales, Ireland and Italy. After pleading, I was able to get a mention on our headlines show “Current Tonight” which airs in almost 59 million households world wide.

    It will air tonight at 11PM EST, 8PM PST. Look out for headline #12: Twittering for a Better World.

    I figure this is the most impact that I could spread as my Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot accounts only reach about 200 people. I put it on all those sites first but then extended myself outside the social networking box.

    I hope this helps get many new followers for guru Tim and, more importantly, helps pay it forward to children in need. Which makes us all feel yummy inside.



  130. I signed up for twitter yesterday to follow, then took a closer look at I dug around for a little bit, noticed that a school near me had several projects looking for funds. Last night I funded a project so it could be finished. Had a nice email waiting for me this morning and I am now looking at other projects.

  131. Ok, following up:

    I have tweeted it (170 followers), posted to my facebook page (322 Friends), and posted to the Triangle Down Syndrome, Family SUpport Network (FSN) of Wake County, and Wake Special Education PTA email lists here in the RTP area of NC. I’ll be contacting local Media Outlets next.

    We have donated thousands of dollars to in the past to support our schools.

    Keep up the good work!

  132. We also have an online charity where we utilize social networking to raise products at . I am so so happy to see others doing the same thing. Our site varies between 40-50K visitors a month at our main blog and I made sure to post it here:

    To help you out, we host contests on our site since we are a mom blog and we offered our visitors an extra 5 contest entries for the remainder of the month on ALL contests to follow you, to help encourage the donations to come in.

    We also let our forum community know.

    Great job!~~~~


    @momdot (twitter)

  133. Tim,

    Saw the pictures of the “first” school. Looks like you are having fun and doing good in Vietnam. This is a country that values education very highly and I am sure that there would be plenty of good projects and lots of people that would be willing to help with your fund-raising. I worked at an internatioanl school here and from the students and parents we raised between $20,000 and $60,000 per year for less well off schools here in Vietnam.

    Hope that you find time to meet up with the fans of you and your book here in Vietnam. I moved up a business trip to HCMC to today in the hopes that you do find time to hang out and share your impressions of Vietnam.



  134. Hello Tim –

    Super idea! After buying your book, I recenlty started following your blog and Tweets but was not set up on Twitter and had no desire to… until you offered 150,000 reasons to sign up and follow you formally (I had been reading your Twitter but not as a follower).

    So here’s what I did this afternoon after reading your blog post:

    1. Signed up for Twitter and selected you to follow (yea – there’s that $3!)

    2. Didn’t know tweet about but decided if you were recommending it, I would try to figure out how to use it, so signed up for that and got my own URL for your blog post to send to my peeps.

    3. From within, posted the URL to my new Twitter account and to my Facebook account.

    4. Went to my blog and created a post about what I was trying to do, complete with a link to your post (via my URL).

    5. Sent an e-mail with a link to my blog to about 55 of my friends/family/coworkers. (Being in introvert, I don’t have hundreds of friends, but I did send it to everyone I knew).

    I will follow up via to see if anyone actually “clicks through.” For not being very technical, I am amazed at what I was able to accomplish today with the right incentive.

    Keep up the great ideas –


  135. Hi Tim, I’m a teacher in NJ and posted within our BBS to all of the schools in the district and their parents. Thank you for the great work!



  136. I wish I had better web design skills, but I made this page to help get new people on Twitter (to follow you and @iCanTweet).

    Next step, driving more traffic to the page… The idea I have currently floating in my head is doing a video book review of “Emergency” with “secret notes” available in a password protected blog post. The only way to get the password is to follow you and @iCanTweet and ask for the password via DM (after iCanTweet follows back…)

    (I think I have too much fun thinking about this stuff sometimes. 🙂 .)

  137. Currently in Jordan volunteering on a sustainable aid project using Permaculture. Hoping to eventually help thousands of displaced Palestinians create true security through healthy food, clean water, appropriate housing and right livelihood. In Shalla. This fundraising idea looks really interesting as we are always searching for better ways to raise funds and awarness.

    If you are interested in more info on the project in Jordan please check it out.

  138. Donor’s Choose is my favorite non profit ever. I have tweeted about this, made it my status in Facebook, and emailed it to everyone I know. Hope you get tons of followers!

  139. Outstanding! Posted to twitter and FB.

    “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”

    Lily Tomlin


  140. Simply fantastic what you are doing here…Consider this Tweeted, blogged, FaceBooked, and whatever other means I can tap to send traffic your way for this 😉 Brilliant indeed…

    P.S.-Thank you Joe Polish for putting up 2nd Prize, I owe you dinner and a drink along with Richard when I get back in town!

    Caleb Jennings – “The Follow Up Master”

  141. I hope it’s OK that I’m giving updates as I make them. Don’t want to be too “spammy” (I’m just excited and I want that MB Pro! :D)

    Here’s my latest scheme! I’m giving away my Xbox. I’ve launch phase one right now.

    Phase 2 comes Monday. I think this one is going to do better than my other thing… We’ll see. I have one more trick up my sleeve as well!

    Oh! And this might help for anyone else playing along, but I found a way to track who I got to follow. For the above contest, everyone has to send “@iCanTweet blah blah #TweetoBeat” Once entering. That way a Twitter search will bring up people that entered. 🙂

    OK, back to scheming…

  142. i twittered it (which goes to my facebook too)- didn’t have a moment without children underfoot to figure out the click counter thing, maybe later. great idea- i’ve always been into “karmic capitalism” using acupuncture and the healing arts.



  143. What an amazing idea! I’m happy to utilise technology to propogate a great cause! I’ve updated my twitter, facebook status, link and also my email signature. Getting the message out 🙂

    all the best!

  144. Tim,

    Re-reading the beginning of your book this week helped me tremendously. And I sliced my finger windexing the frame of our pic that’s now on my desk for inspiration.

    Thanks pal. :/

    Your new bloodbrother,


  145. Hi, Tim. Loved the newsletter article on tips for turning weaknesses into strengths. Immensely inspiring. So many of us are preoccupied with looking for the negatives in life and excuses for not taking action.

    Would love permission to turn these tips into an article for our blog which helps users set goals and stay motivated. Can you advise the most appropriate place to which to send it for approval?

    1. @Mervin,

      Thanks for the comment. Please feel free to quote from the post on turning weaknesses strengths. Just please link back to the original post and give attribution.

      All the best,


  146. Tim, I’m a big fan of yours and have been following you for quite some time. I really dig a lot of what you have to say and think your ability to tackle complex things and break them down into their simplest form is unmatched. As a fan, I often find myself running into detractors of yours both online and off. Most recently, I found myself defending you about this very initiative against someone who runs in very similar circles as you. This person asserted that the “anonymous second donor” is in fact your book publisher, publicist, agent or some other entity who stands to benefit monetarily by building your list of potential buyers of a new product or book. As I tried to disprove this theory – partly out of naivete and mostly out of respect for your commitment to good causes, such as this one, at least on the surface – I found myself not believing my own argument and backing down. See, as I continue to read your blog posts you have taught me more and more how to break down business models and how things work and unfortunately, a bit of cynicism comes with that. On one hand, I guess I can’t fault you for trying to further your own cause while doing something as noble as supporting, but on the other hand I think it’s angering me that you might possibly mislead what is undoubtedly a very committed and loyal following you’ve developed. I really hope this person is wrong and has just spent too much time around “marketers”, but I wanted to ask you directly. Say it ain’t so, Tim?!?! Thanks for allowing me to be open and honest. I hope you will too.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the comment. I’d love to know who this detractor is. They don’t have a thorough understanding of publishing economics if they think a publicist or publisher would front $100,000 for something like this! LOL…

      The unnamed donor is not my publisher, publicist, nor agent. In fact, I have never even met them. This person is a supporter of U.S. education initiatives and believes, as I do, in That said, even if it were my agent or publisher, it wouldn’t in any respect reduce the positive impact of the funds.

      Let’s the critics criticize. If you want to let me know who this person is in my circle, please feel free to respond here or e-mail amy at fourhourworkweek dot com.



  147. Hi Everyone,

    A follow up to my March 9th post. I refreshed my FB status message with the link on Friday morning, and the traffic via my link ( has picked up A LOT . I guess people really are working during the week. The traffic to the link from FB has quadrupled in the last couple of days versus Tuesday when I originally posted it.

    To everyone out there looking to get the word out – I strongly suggest you re-post/re-email/re-Tweet – it really does work.


  148. Hey Tim, this is an awesome initiative!

    I’ve read about it and spread this as most as I could: Facebook, Twitter, blog, Orkut, Flickr…

    Here in Brazil we’re amazed about it all. Hope you get your goal!


  149. Tweeted, FB’d working on other avenues. Mother is a teacher for kids with behavioral and mental problems in a public school, my brother teaches english, my partner teaches math and science and I work for an educational non-profit (amongst other things)…Really glad you’re doing this one. Do share the whole model so we can blatantly rip off the idea 🙂

  150. I really like what you are doing and I will promote at my twitter address ‘lifemasters’ and on facebook too. Many hands and minds make light the work! Bless you and best of success for all concerned.

    Love and hugs,


  151. I am only posting a to a linkedin account and also to a new Twitter account, I will donate anything I win to the school fund that you are helping or to the make a wish foundation. I have sent this to a few people with large networks hope it helps the kids.

  152. Wonderful way to raise some flow for public schools. Already following you on Twitter, but gave some twitter love, facebook love, delicious love, stumbleupon love and most definitely some Digg love.

    Thanks for what you guys are doing.

  153. Great idea Tim. Tweeting it up. Thanks for being a giving person. I know many who missed out on education for a variety of social, governmental reasons withing the US and the world. I am ever so grateful for the love of education and the opportunities that have been presented to me

  154. Hey Tim,

    This is a fantastic plan and I have spread it to as many people as I can. I work with a middle school youth support program, and I have contacted the admin there to get the word out. I’ve also contacted my personal contacts, Facebook, Gmail status, and Twitter. I am attempting to circulate the link through various channels within my university – will keep you posted.

  155. What a fantastic idea! As a NYC public school teacher who has had grants funded on Donors Choose (and a grant pending right now), I really appreciate your support.

    Wishing you lots of luck!

  156. Although it seems this is out of my range, I really appreciate what you’re doing, I can’t think of anything better than education and opportunities!

    I’ll spread the word on FB and others right away!

  157. Doing my bit – Tweeted about this 3 different ways – 2 w “Follow @tferriss” and one w: How to donate $3 to US Public Schools without opening your wallet: Easy peasy. Why not?

    Also gave your site a “thumbs up” in Stumble.

    Hope you get a million followers. (Can we ask @theellenshow to promote it?)

    Best of luck,


  158. actually i might just keep posting – it would be a cool thing for folks to read about in the paper and stuff as well. you know i’m sure they sell your book at the local anderson’s in naperville (if you havent been there ~ it’s awesome 🙂 might be another way to get words out! peace & smiles~ m

  159. I’m in the game. One of the 7 followers of tim. C’mon guys we can do better.

    Started marketing through

    My blog –

    Twitter account –

    Updated status on Orkut, facebook, yahoo messenger, gtalk

    More to come.

    Follow tim at twitter –

    But I have no clue how Tim found me on twitter. Sent a message to you. Really would like to know.

    BTW I currently have 12-18 hour work days! Embarrassing 🙂

  160. Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    I notice that no one has brought it to Mixx yet, so I put it up there.

    Recently in Vietnam and Cambodia, Glad to see another powerful force for good 😉 is taking an interest there.

    I’d be curious if you have ever looked at trying to apply 4HWW principles to government, and how far you got with it. In some ways, they are used there all the time, but usually for bad, not for good.

  161. What a wonderful cause, Tim! With all the budget cuts going on schools need our help NOW!

    Sent your message to all my Twitter friends, added the message to my email signature and my Facebook profile. I also posted comments on a lot of education blogs for both students and teachers, and created blog postings on education blog communities’ sites. I figured getting the word to high school students is a good place to start, since they will be highly likely to use Twitter already. I also found some high tech education blogs to comment on–targeting adults who are likely to already use twitter. I also wrote on various forums and contacted the US Department of Education and asked them to help spread the word.

    Finally, I focused my efforts to contact various blogs on urban areas like NYC and LA to reach the greatest number of people with the greatest need in their own schools.

  162. Hi Tim,

    Here’s what I did to promote “The Tweet to Beat.”

    1) Put your blog link in my email signature.

    2) Posted the link in my Twitter status, Facebook status and on my gchat status.

    3) Told my friends.

    4) Pitched your idea to Dylan Tweney of who wrote an article about you last year.

    5) Pitched you to HARO’s Peter Shankman asking him to include you in his daily emails to PR professionals. He wasn’t interested.

    On a side note, I just quit my first job to travel to Latin America. Looking to learn a new language, volunteer and immerse myself in new cultures. Life’s too short to work in an office all day doing something I’m not really that passionate about.

  163. Can we get the contest extended another week? I bet I could do exponentially more damage with one more week.

    What I did is run a contest giving away my Xbox 360:

    The goal is to get the most followers for you BUT the people are suppose to be working together as a team and the person voted most helpful to the cause will be the winner.

    What I did is take things out another notch and made custom pages for all the early contestants. Just like my page, but using their name. Like this one:

    It has a different video on it as well (something more general).

    I think i just got the hang of teaching people how to get people to sign up, but the weekend fast approaches and time is almost up.

    AND… I’m going to the Chicago Neil S. Emergency signing today and have a similar plan lined up for my emergency review (I bought 3 extra copies and I want to give them away, entrants will need to follow @tferriss, etc.)

    There’s my latest report. 🙂

    1. @Miltown Kid and all,

      The response and support from you all has been incredible. I am considering extending this a bit for many reasons that will be clear soon. More exciting stuff coming tonight or tomorrow! Keep an eye on the blog…

      Pura vida,


  164. Having started a job at the same time i started reading your book, I spent months doing mind numbing data entry and research which should have been done by someone else! And then I reached the chapter about outsourcing. I was so excited that I got on the phone and outsourced immediately and 30% of my time is now free to focus on promoting this initiative. And then it came to me. Why should I spend my time on this when I could outsource this task as well. So that is what I have done, I used elance and as we speak I have a team of marketing pro’s spreading the word on my behalf. I now spend my free time voulenteering at the Chicago Public School where my mother is a special education teacher, I also have been showing children how to help save their education/schools by joining you on twitter! I think you should extend the period for a few more days so that we can promote this with some other schools in our area! This is great! Thanks Tony Diefenbach, Chicago

  165. I think it’s a lovely idea that Tim will donate money for followers. What would be an even better idea would be to donate the money and FOLLOW BACK and ENGAGE people. Just imagine the amount of Karma there is in that!

  166. Awesome idea! And I hope you raise way more than $150K by extending the deadline.

    I tweeted

    I donated my FB status

    I added to custom message in gchat

    I will tell my local school district honchos. Not sure, they totally get twitter…yet, but I know they’ll be grateful for the efforts. 🙂

    P.S. Your blog is the first blog I ever read…in 2007 right before your book launched – which btw I bought as a pre-order on Amazon. You inspired me – and so many others – that I’ve been on my own wonderful 4HWW journey ever since! Vielen Dank für Ihre Mühe, Tim.

  167. Posted it on twitter, facebook, and made a group 🙂

    Nearly doubled my twitter followers aka getting my friends to join Twitter to follow Tim (went from 47 to 91, nothing like some intense people on Twitter but % wise it’s not bad), 250+ friends joined the group to support, and 140+ clicks through the shortened link.

    Great cause Tim and exciting to see how different concepts along with new media can work together for creating good Karma. Also, thank you for giving me the little kick in realizing I need to work on improving my online profile on Twitter, and blogging.

    Best of luck from a Canadian living in Viking land Oslo.

  168. What a great idea, Tim. This is how small groups can change the world. This is exactly how anyone and everyone can make a difference.

    Thank you for your wonderful inspiration, again!

    Posting to Twitter, Facebook and Linked In

  169. Hey Tim,

    An update: I Twittered, Facebook’d, and emailed my friends, and tried to get out the word to contacts in several educational and service organizations:

    – Breakthrough Collaborative (they posted it on their website!

    – Teach for America (emailed the San Fran reps)

    – CalCorps (emailed the executive director and the youth groups director)

    – Faculty at UC Berkeley and Willard Middle School in Berkeley

    I too would urge you to keep this going a few more days, for our exponential gains to kick in.

    Thank you so much for your efforts.


  170. I’am a follower.

    Awesome job, if more people were like you the world would be a awesome place.

    Wish I could give more but sadly I’m one of the poorer people.

    Good luck

  171. Unfortunately there is really no way to accurately track the results of this but take a look at this way to exponentially increase your amount of followers on twitter. It is called Twitter Getter. It takes just two seconds and is completely free.

    The only way for this to work to it’s full potential is for Tim to tweet it first then for everyone to tweet from his link and not the one listed here below.

    Encourage tim to tweet this then retweet it from your accounts and together we can do more than we could alone.

    And in the process you (everybody other than tim) can also bring yourseelf some more followers as well.

    Suggested tweet:

    Paying $3 pr Twitter follower, you Get 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days. Free and takes two seconds…

    The perfect combo, people get to donate and we help them increase their followers!

    Tim you need to go to the site and retweet this!

  172. I would like to see a global movement towards the automation of the education process. I think you, and the people who have read your book are the exact type of people to make that type of massive change. One of the main problems, especially with the US school system is that students are taught, almost entirely, by people who couldn’t get more than 45 minutes away from the district.

    We are in a position, technologically, to use software solutions in many subject areas. We are also easily capable of using digital media to use experts in their respective fields to give lectures to millions of students at a time.

    Ask yourself: What’s better

    varying lessons in subjects like Math and Science from teachers that can result in student’s grades fluctuating more than 20% year to year.


    software and game based learning systems that can be consistently tested and refined across large population samples

    Think of how a 500 dollar laptop and 350 dollar rosetta stone can teach you just as much of a language as most people learn in 4 years of high school foreign language.

    I think it is time for a MASSIVE shift in the way we educate our youth and I’d love to hear from anyone who agrees.

  173. Here’s my latest report:


    As of right now I’ve logged 300 click-throughs from my link.


    1. Posted (and regularly re-posted) to my Facebook status message brought a total of 149 click-throughs over two weeks. I chose different taglines (“Technology for Social Good”, “Tweet to Beat”, “Ethical Bribe”, “Karmic Capitalism”,”Last Day”, etc) each time.

    2. Put a note and a link about the project in my gmail email signature. I’m very active in a few communities, and a very active emailer, so I got a lot of click-throughs this way.

    3. I also put my link in my gtalk status message and Tweeted.

    4. I also did a little ethical bribe of my own. My sisters are active people with their own large networks, so yesterday I made a deal with them that if they helped spread the word by posting to their FB and gtalk statuses I would buy them each a Snuggie.

    5. There were a few other things I put out there which didn’t pan out.

    For more status on my link, go to

    (a note if you’re checking stats after 9pm PST; I’ve found that has slightly glitchy behavior due to Daylight Savings; the stats temporarily miss clicks between 9pm PST and 9am PST)

  174. Tim,

    It’s nice to join the effort. I have posted to Twitter, Facebook and my blog. I created a simple URL as you recommended. A sample of my Tweet on March 23:

    I know many teachers who tell me the urgent need for funding. Follow this Tweeter @tferriss and prompt a $3 donation to US schools.

  175. Facebook’d once and twitter’d twice about your proyect today (I’ve been following you some weeks but I thought it would be better strategy to talk about now to support you in the last week 😉 I know my followers, also :P). I’ll retweet myself next days.

    Today’s twitts (in spanish) are this:

    Stadistics for the 2º tweet link are here ->

    It ain’t a lotta help, I know <_< But hey, consider I’m a spanish speaker tweeter and some of my followers don’t speak english. I do what I can to erase lenguage frontiers xD

    Good luck in this charity experiment.

    – L8, mexican amateur designer

  176. I am wondering if it is too late to take part in the experiment. My wife is a teacher of the exact kind of school that you are talking about. In fact, they barely have enough paper to make it through the year. I have a feeling that she could get quite a few educators and students who have not heard about this yet to sign up.

  177. I joined Twitter (and specifically because of this post and project, and my first tweet was the link to this project. I also linked to it from my Facebook status, and am looking forward to updating my status with the donorschoose ante-upping. Hooray for not being reasonable!

  178. Made the following twitter post

    DBSInteractive Get $3 donated to US public school classrooms for following @tferris, check it out and follow him!

    and I published the following note on my personal account

    $3 for 3 seconds


    Today at 8:58am | Edit Note | Delete

    If you’re on twitter, you can get $3 donated to US public school classrooms for following @tferris, check it out and follow him!

  179. This will be one of many. @unmarketer just raised $14,800 in 12 hours last week so this should be a piece of cake! Only heard of this today from an Active Rain post that said…”the most interesting blog post I’ve read this year, this is smart”. Thanks Dave Lakahni!


  180. Facebooked and emailed, off to tweet.

    i met a librarian at SXSW (she was asking for unwanted stickers for her students) who told me getting a project funded through DC was the highlight of her year. Donors Choose is awesome, and so is your endeavor.

  181. Great idea, Tim. My daughter’s school coudl use it. Title 1 School in Deer Valley, AZ. They don’t even have enough money to buy paper for the rest of the year, and plan on mass layoffs come May to meet reduced budgets. And I’m sure they’re far from alone. Good luck!

  182. Hi Tim!

    This is a great idea and close to my heart too!

    As soon as I saw your blog today I joined Twitter and became a follower. This is what I have done in the last couple of hours:

    Updated my FB status and added the Tweet to Beat URL to myemail signature for work and private emails. I also got my boyfriend to change his FB status to the Tweet to Beat url – I asked him as he has over 1000 FB friends from all over the world.

    As you are in Vietnam, I have emailed the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in Vietnam (run by my boyfriend’s mum) to see if you could form a partnership with them and raise even more money for this project, litliberation and any future projects. I have also written on her wall so that anyone visiting her FB page will see the link

  183. Hey Tim,

    I posted your link on my Facebook, and since none of my friends have heard of you, they’ll probably all join Twitter (if they haven’t already) and add you as a friend so they can get the $3 to give to my classroom project!

    I made the following post: Tweet to Beat Experiment – Hey Everyone – ever heard of Tim Ferriss? Well, me either, until I started getting tons of small donations to one of my donorschoose projects and someone mentioned him. He is an author and a public speaker and he is giving $3 to every one who follows him on Twitter. Check it out! (my project is on the first page of his list: Give Us Tools To Become Kindergarten Authors)

    You’re awesome!

  184. Great idea, and I love DonorsChoose since recently getting a nice thank you from a class I donated to a few months ago.

    Posted the link to this page on my Facebook page – hope it helps.

  185. The Final Countdown!

    I just payed forward the $12 Twitter coupon to Donorchoose. I must say, it does feel good.

    I cast a very wide net: got Tweet To Beat featured on our headlines show on Current TV: 59,000,00 (households)!

    Put it up on Facebook (twice), Twitter and Blogspot: 400.

    That’s my final countdown. I hope this has helped those in need and that you’ll all have the joy of having this song in your head. I just cursed myself.



  186. I’ve Twittered it and Facebooked it, and now I’m going to be e-mailing a couple of my mailing lists about it. I don’t know exactly how much input I’m going to get back, but I’ve asked folks to fill me in on who else gives this a shot, so hopefully my few actions will generate a good chunk of interest in getting involved in this cause.

    I commend you for doing this, Tim. This is an exceptional use of the media to spread goodwill and help teachers, who are woefully underpaid, bring the nation’s kids up to speed.

  187. Hi Tim! Thanks for creating a way for me to help. To spread the word I did the regular stuff – Twitter, FB, etc. and I targeted viewers of YouTube videos receiving at least 50,000 views per day (based on upload date and views to date). This includes long-running videos such as Matt Harding’s dance and anime videos aired just 2 days ago. Fingers crossed!

  188. Sure glad I stumbled upon this post in time!  I’m now a

    follower of Tim Ferriss (can’t understand why I wasn’t ALREADY

    following you)!

    I spread the word on Biznik

    (a social media site for entrepreneurs that combines social networking

    with face-to-face offline interaction) and on

    (which simultaneously sends my tweet to Twitter, Bebo, LinkedIn, Plaxo,

    and Facebook).

    Thank you, Tim, for creating this opportunity for us to support a great


  189. First I started a Twitter account to follow you, then sent a message to oliviamunn. I emailed my personal contacts. I posted on and got a few hits. I run a website for a MMA school in Houston (, 4000+ unique visitors in Feb.), talked to the owner and he agreed to let me add banners to the site to promote this. So I built the banner and added it to the site. I posted on the school’s myspace and facebook, as well as my own myspace and facebook.

    This was a very interesting experience. It made me more aware of my circle of influence, and definitely made me get a bit creative. Thanks for the challenge Tim.

  190. Well, I’m new to viral marketing, but I did get 34 hits to this page (thanks for the suggestion about

    Used Twiter and Facebook.


  191. Awesome work! this is similar to the types of guerilla tactics and viral marketing used for my company. Cost-effective is the key as the world is in recession. I send my congrats to contest, its cause, and people who do support this tweeter frenzy. The contest has alot of perks for multiple parties, so good luck to all.

    Anyone interested in projects like this, can hit me up on twitter@elucidmarketing or facebook@elucidmarketing I am looking for a few motivated people in the marketing, web development, and small business field. We’re working on research from social media sites, complimentary sites to the big social networking sites, and different programming skills for the future.

  192. Hi Tim, posted on facebook (in Italian) and on twitter (in English)…

    Great idea… leveraging co-financing in this way is absolutely brilliant…

    We should chat one day, I’m helping a community in Uganda (free education for 600++ children) building a school over there and raising funds from Italy… I always watch out your great ideas and obviously I’ve got the first US edition of 4HWW 😉

    Go on with tweet to beat and let us know…



  193. Twittered (viv10), FaceBooked and Emailed. Also spread around two relatively large mastermind groups. Good luck with this…great idea..great karmic support

    Celebrate Life


  194. The main problem with “education” is compulsory education. Kids naturally love to learn, but forcing them to do assignments that teachers or anyone else command them to do turns learning into slavery, especially after they’re about 6 years old. THAT is what’s wrong with “education”. Solve THAT problem and you’ll really be accomplishing something. End compulsion, coercion, authoritarianism.

  195. Sorry, but I have no desire to further assist government schools. Government education has created a bunch of confident incompetents. The best thing that we can do in this country is to shut down government schooling.

  196. I think what you are doing is wonderful! It looks like you have almost double the number of followers. You are in inspiration. I can’t wait for your next book too, it sounds great!

    I’m tweeting about your U.S. Public School benefit!! 🙂

  197. Hi Tim,

    I’ve seen many times how you successfully create campaigns for worthy causes like this by leveraging the Internet and your “superhuman” skills. This got me thinking with the typhoon disaster here in the Philippines . Some background here: . Very similar to Katrina disaster..

    If possible please point me to a direction or give a me a quick blueprint on fastest way to setup something to get funds for the flood disaster here in Manila. There are many places to donate but it seems Philippine Red Cross and top Universities here are the most credible place to send direct money to.

    Any help from you setting up this cause will be very appreciated. Best bribe I can give you is a free place to stay anytime in both Manila and Boracay (many say the best beach in the world). That’s a promise.

    You or one of your VAs can email me

  198. Hi Tim – just thought you’d like to know that Tweet to Beat inspired Tweet for ALS, the one-day fundraiser we are doing today where we try to earn $10k in donations in 10 hours TODAY (10/1/09) through social media.

    It’s a big goal, but we believe in it and hope we can make it happen.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    And just to be clear, I’m not trying to spam your comments here, just trying to get a note to you. If you don’t want to approve this, I understand.

  199. Tim,

    Evolved this meme into a social action twitter app called @giveatweet – a free service on twitter that allows you to donate to any 501c3 non-profit (about 1.1M) in the US. You can pick a matching pledge to increase your donation to the charity. Or create your own pledge to pay-it-forward in true twitter fashion. It also has events to microtest or run a fund-raising campaign.

    Thanks for the inspiration!



  200. Tim,

    In your videos you mentioned wanting help to enhance the school system in the U.S.

    What about Canada? I have a growing organization here in Canada that might be able to support your message. We focus on empowering youth through personal entrepreneurship.


    Tim Francis (not Ferriss – too bad LOL!)

  201. Yeah dude

    like this has nothing to do with the fact that you calculated your cost per new twitter follower to be worth $1. It’s obvious and it kind of grosses me out. Your next book should be “The 4 hour reputation”. The credit should only go to this conveniently “anonymous” sponsor, if there even is one.

  202. We set up a fundraiser through Twitter for my friend’s daughter Layla that was fighting cancer. I was happy to say that in just over 24 hours we were able to raise in upwards of 50k. She ended up passing away on March 9, but her legacy lives on! These fundraisers can really help spread the word on topics!


  203. t’s public and therefore accountable, it’s trackable, it allows exclusive communication with followers when needed (“protect my updates” under settings), and it’s current media popularity makes it the ideal PR vehicle for this campaign. Last but not least, though this experiment ha

  204. I do not even understand how I stopped up right here, however

    I thought this submit was once great. I do not understand who you’re however certainly you’re going

    to a well-known blogger in the event you aren’t already. Cheers!

  205. Love this site, terrific stuff here, was actually a tiny bit sceptical around acquiring a steam shower unit for our house but the information and knowledge

    here sorted my mind out, fantastic many thanks

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