Book Launch 101: Media Hijinks, Amazon Timing, and VIP Treatment for You

The last 72 hours – that’s me on the right. (Source: AgentGenius)

I opened an appropriate fortune cookie last week: “A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.”

It’s important to always have a Plan B.

Take, for instance, a book launch. It’s easy to miss the bestseller list if you don’t have a contingency plan for when things go wrong.

This is exactly what happened to me in the last 72 hours, and my Plan B involves giving away lots of goodies.

Today is December 15th, and the new Expanded and Updated 4-Hour Workweek is officially out!

It’s a vastly superior book, and new material includes:

• More than 50 practical tips and case studies from readers (including families) who have doubled income, overcome common sticking points, and reinvented themselves using the original book as a starting point.

• Real-world templates you can copy for eliminating e-mail, negotiating with bosses and clients, or getting a private chef for less than $8 a meal

• Fully revised resources – the latest tools and tricks, as well as high-tech shortcuts, for living like a diplomat or millionaire without being either.

I wanted the launch for this new expanded edition to be as elegant and effective as possible, as I’m also on deadline for the new Becoming Superhuman guide to hacking the human body.

Instead of the usual 4-week launch plan with extended marketing and media, I decided to compress almost all of it into one week. This week.

To make it all work, I would have to combine pre-orders and sales from this week. Weekly New York Times lists are tabulated from Sunday to Sunday.

Alas, that’s when things got all screwed up, hence Plan B.

– Late last week, readers began to tweet that the book was already shipping, despite the official on-sale date of today. I’ve seen a few friends screwed in the past when their pre-orders were split between two weeks. They missed the NYT lists, which is critical for any snowball effect.

– Three national media spots were canceled this week due to scheduling conflicts and producer mix-ups.

Time to reset and bring out the big guns.

Plan B

Sometimes, size matters.

Now is one of those times, and I’d like to ask you a favor. Please consider the following.

This is for the next 24 hours only. It expires 2pm PST on Wednesday, 12/16/09.

If you’ve ever wanted to give The 4-Hour Workweek as a gift, or if you think you will, I’ll offer the following, with goodies attached and important details at the end:

Buy 1 copy (or use your older edition) – Participate in a 2-hour live Q&A with me on 12/22. It will focus at least 50% new material. No email receipt needed, but familiarity with book will be important.

Buy 4 Copies – Free signed, advanced copy of Becoming Superhuman when it comes out later in 2010. It will be one of Random House’s biggest releases, and you will see it even before most media.

E-mail Amazon receipt to with subject line “4 copies”.

Buy 10 Copies – The above signed copy of Becoming Superhuman and 1 full year ($120) of DropBox’s 50GB back-up and synching service for free, which I use and which appears in the book.

This makes the ten copies, in effect, free.

E-mail Amazon receipt to with subject line “10 copies” (we will have to confirm quantities, of course).

Buy 100 Copies (limit 20 spots) – Buy 100 copies here and get all of the above (Superhuman, 1-year DropBox), as well as a VIP invitation to a private bash I will be throwing in San Francisco on Friday, Feb 26th.

Dine and hang out with me and my best friends from tech and all over the world. It will be an evening to remember much like this, which was hosted on a functioning WWII warship, but even cooler and crazier.

Buy 1,000 Copies (limit 1 spot) – Buy 1,000 copies here and get all of the above (Superhuman, 1-year DropBox, VIP dine/party) and a full day of consulting with me on whatever topics you desire. I will fly you from anywhere in the world to San Francisco, where I will cover all meals and entertainment for 24 hours. One friend or business partner is welcome to attend if they cover their own travel and hotel.

Again, the above are valid for the next 24 hours only, ending at 2pm PST, Wednesday.

Some Details

What if I already ordered the new book?

No problem. Just combine the Amazon/online receipts in one email to with “4 books” (for the 4-book bonuses) or “10 books” (for 10-book bonuses) in the subject line.

What if I want the bonuses but don’t need 100 or 1,000 books?

Also no problem.

I’ll find a home for them, or you can sell them, or you can give them to a non-profit. There may well be a tax write-off if you do the latter, but you’d need to chat with a real accountant first to get it right.

Do Kindle and audiobook versions count for the Plan B bonuses?

Unfortunately, not for anything other than the live 2-hour Q&A next week.

Kindle and audiobook sales do not count for the New York Times list (f*ing ridiculous, I know), and this is an emergency list-recovery measure to compensate for the Amazon mix-up and cancelled major media.

Obviously, if you buy one of the formats that don’t count towards the list, have ever bought the book, or even read the blog, I’m still thankful!

Un abrazo fuerte 🙂


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162 Replies to “Book Launch 101: Media Hijinks, Amazon Timing, and VIP Treatment for You”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Excited for your launch! You deserve nothing but great things. You have really changed the quality of my life. Thank You.



  2. Please let everyone know when the 1000 copy prize is taken. Will be interested to see how this works out for you. Sucks about Amazon.

  3. Hey Tim,

    Just wanted to say congratulations on the launch. Sorry to hear that Plan A didn’t work out, but oftentimes it’s the Plan B that ends up working out far better in the end.

    My initial plan A was to move to California after college, get a job in corporate America, and surf every day. After moving out there and starting my job I realized this lifestyle wasn’t for me, I pulled together a plan B in a matter of weeks. Your first book helped me to be okay with taking a risk on Plan B, so I moved cross country again and haven’t stopped smiling since.

    Best of luck,


  4. great plan B!

    is there a reason my pre-order says it will ship Dec 21? (I ordered months ago)

    I assumed it’s just another f-up by amazon

    godspeed on the way to #1

  5. Why no Kindle edition for Canada?

    “This title is not available for customers from:

    Canada” according to your link 🙁

  6. I was starting to wonder, because I saw a copy of the expanded edition already at the local bookstore.

    The best of luck to you. I can’t wait for Becoming Superhuman.

  7. is there an ebook version of the expanded edition available?

    I want to buy it right now and cannot find it. Maybe it is because im still in Argentina… :(.

    Anyway, if there is none I guess I’ll just have to wait until im In Dallas Airport on the 26th.

  8. Hey Tim,

    I will definitely buy a copy. Although my life already changed with the first book. You are a great inspiration for those who wanna enjoy life to the fullest.

    Klaus Tol

  9. Hi Tim,

    Translations will be availaible soon for this new version of your book ? (French transalation in my case).

    Thank you for your book, it changed, and continue to change my all life !

  10. Already ordered and signed up for conference! Can’t wait to get it!

    The great thing about 4HWW is that it is so inspirational and actionable.


  11. As an added note, I’ve given your previous 4HWW book away to a few people over the past year. It’s an awesome gift and so far everyone has liked it (although one guy thought I was an idiot, ha ha). Love your book.

  12. Shouldn’t you get people to tweet this? I stumbled upon it by accident, but gladly bought 10 copies. It is a great deal!

  13. Okay, I think I’ll have to just order the book already. The Amazon shipping costs are lame (fair, but still lame), but it’d be nice to replace the Aussie version I have of the 4HWW with it’s ridiculously imasculating cover.

  14. Much like you describe in your book, Tim, as well as a plan B we should also be considering writing our worst case scenario 😉

    Those are some pretty amazing bonuses. I see your 1000 book offer has already been scooped up. Wonder who it was?

    Congrats on the second edition! If I see it out in bookstores here in Australia I will certainly check it out.


  15. Hey Tim,

    Does the 100 copies VIP invite include a +1 guest?

    Already got the new edition on Kindle. Can’t wait to start it!



  16. Much like you describe in your book, Tim, as well as a plan B we should also be considering writing our worst case scenario 😉

    Those are some pretty amazing bonuses. I see your 1000 book offer has already been scooped up. Wonder who it was?

    Congrats on the second edition! If I see it out in bookstores here in Australia I will certainly check it out.


  17. Already order the book online, can’t wait to get it soon. Good Luck with Plan B.

    Also, how many books you need to sell to get on the New York Times Best Seller List?

  18. I picked it up today at Barnes & Noble. It’s %20 off there(30% for members), so if any of you want it in your hands right away and for cheap, hit up B&N now!

    I went in there looking for it in the business section, only to find your original book. Turns out, I had completely missed it when I walked into the store, where it happened to be up-front, top and center of the New Releases stand, in your face as you walk in. I have no idea how I missed it. Maybe this is similar to online ad-banner blindness consumers have developed over the years, and perhaps I’ve learned that that glorious section is usually presented as an advertisement. Maybe a lower spot on the shelve would bring more attention, similiar to how the second or third spots on google search results catch the interest of google users before they look at the first spot. (or maybe it’s just me)

  19. I picked up your new book today at Barnes & Nobles, and it’s actually %20 off there! (%30 for B&N card members). So if any of you in the United States want a quick copy FOR CHEAP, hit up Barnes & Noble before they close tonite!

    In fact, I found that the book wasn’t in the business section, as expected. It was actually up-front, top and center right when you walk in, in your face in the new release area.

  20. Nice to hear someone has a Plan B.

    Too many guys would be to embarrassed to admit that but kudos to you for being prepared.


  21. This is so freaking rad I can’t stand it.

    I feel like we – as a community – are involved in guerilla war fare against the powers that be (media, amazon) and we’re using cutting edge war tactics to take over the N.Y. Times. (Sorta like Normandy. Except none of us are gonna have to die).

    How’s this for some lifestyle experimenting. I’m gonna try and generate 22,000 dollars before the clocks up and see if I can buy 1,000 copies.


    Private Chris Grow

    P.S. Thanks for the product examples from the drummer and the baseball player last night on the call.

  22. Great offer, and great plan. It’s great to see this kind of innovative problem solving. Most people would just say bad luck, or blame someone else, but you actually take control of the situation.

    I was planning on waiting for the paperback version, but this prompted me to buy 4 copies. At $13 each they’re really a bargain and I would happily have paid $39 for your new book when it comes out as I’m certain it’ll be great. I hope you get on some bestseller lists.

    Anyway are we just supposed to forward our confirmations from Amazon?

  23. Hi Tim,

    I just finished reading 4-Hour Workweek two days ago. Great book! I’m a young entrepreneur in Madison, WI, and I suggested it to several of my friends. I’m launching a company in two weeks and writing a book to help other students (or anyone else who’s broke) do the same. I’m going to publish with the best, and Stephen Hanselman with LevelFiveMedia seems to be it. I called an left him a voicemail message. What can I do to get on the inside?

    Thanks in advance! And please do sign me up for your 2-hour live Q&A.


  24. I preordered my book on Amazon months ago and Amazon made sure I got it today. I’m about 3 Chapters in as of writing this and I can’t wait for the live Q&A.

  25. Tim, will your 2-hour Q&A be live at a venue here in SF? Or is it a Ustream kind of a thing?

    Also, I just wanted to thank you for being so nice and the wonderful conversation the other day when I saw you at Samovar (I was the guy who pointed at you as you walked in and said “I have that shirt!”. We also talked about my mother’s recent passing.)

    Thanks for being such a role model in my life.


    1. Hi Christian,

      Thank so much for the kind words. It was really nice to meet you.

      The Q&A will be on Ustream, most likely, as I’m on the east coast.

      Be well 🙂


  26. I had thought I would wait since I have the original, but I’m anxious to see what more you have to offer. I also wanted to support you for once, considering how much great stuff you’ve put out on your blog. Thanks again for all you put out here! Good luck.

  27. Love the new orange, but I’m not so interested in 4HWW as i am in Becoming Superhuman (probably since I’m still a student).

  28. Hey Tim. I bought the book from Borders today at noon and I already finished reading it. Great work. The principles were the same, but the new anecdotes and resources are awesome, and couple that with the fact that this blog has helped me lose weight, learn about nutrition, build muscle, learn Russian, and given me an idea for starting a business soon and I was more than happy to contribute. I’ll be getting some more copies for my christmas list.

  29. Hi Tim,

    Just ordered a copy online will recieve it on 21st ,…just in time for the Q&A session. Waiting for my new beginning.




    Ocho Rios,Jamaica

    Dec 15,2009

  30. Amazon likes screwing things up. I just went to the amazon page for the expanded edition, clicked “Get this on your Kindle in under a minute”, and clicked 1-click purchase.

    Wasn’t until it was already on my Kindle that I noticed that the Kindle version is still the first edition, which I already own on dead tree form. (Twice, actually).

    I don’t buy books on paper anymore (Sorry about your NYT rank Tim) so I now have to work with Amazon to get a refund until the new version is out.

    Tim, any idea when it’ll be kindleized?

    Shame on me for not checking before I clicked, shame on Amazon for saying “Get this” instead of “Get the older version of this.

  31. Congrats on the book launch, Tim! I’m sure it will take off like the first one did…I just picked mine up from B and N, I’m sure all the pages will be worn by morning! Thanks for the continued inspiration and encouragement.


    Ron Turner

  32. Well I am in for 10. What a deal! Now I have a few for gifts and I will drop my extra’s off at the local boy’s and girl’s club.

  33. @Chris – I nearly did the same thing. Fortunately my wife pointed out the publication date before I hit “Buy Now”.

    I’ll keep checking for the correct version for the Kindle and will post whenever it shows up.

  34. PIcked up my copy this morning at Barnes & Noble, it isn’t Amazon so does that still qualify for the Q&A on the 22nd?

    Looking forward to a great book, loved the first one!

    1. B&N is totally fine for the Q&A. Thanks so much!

      To all – More info on the QA on 12/22 coming soon. Just let me wrap up this week 🙂


  35. Hey Tim,

    My copy arrives on the 22nd (live in oz so go figure) but I have your first book. Is there any information on the Q&A and a specific time (will probably be in the dead night here).

    Oh yeah, grats on the release of your book, nice marketing to your readers.



  36. Jeez. My copy arrived today but I’ll happily order another if it contributes only slightly to turning you back into the guy on the left.

    I won’t be around Tues so let’s just call this a thank you for the constant inspiration. Hope you hit it out of the park 🙂

  37. Got my copy today. Thank you for introducing me to Donor’s Choose, this has been a great outlet that I was unaware of before. It’s really nice to be able to see results from donations. I used to have the misconception that large sums of money were required to make a difference, no mas!!

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡Buena Suerte!!!!!!

    Jose ; )

  38. Ahhh Tim!!!

    Great idea on the Plan B – quit showing off ur marketing genius…

    I’m a little Dissapointed tho.. I bought a kindle in Australia in preperation for your book so I wouldn’t have to wait but it’s saying it’s not avaliable in Aust!!!

    I also would have defo bought 100 copies if I was in the US… But I won’t b able to make the event.

    I am assuming it will be released on the Aust kindle? Please say yes and please say soon 🙂



    1. Hi Vince!

      I’m working on Int’l Kindle right now. Turns out Random House doesn’t have an agreement for it (what?!?), so I’m applying pressure. I’ll keep you posted!

      Thanks so much,


  39. You know if you run a life hacking coaching program you could buy 1000 copies and simply put those copies back up on amazon at a cheaper price but throw in a personal coaching certificate in each book. You’d probably make your money back on the first 100 copies.

  40. Hey Tim, picked it up at B&N today!

    I noticed the book refers to your “muse math” article on the website, which relies on Overture, a product discontinued by Yahoo ~6/08. Forum threads suggest alternatives, but you may want to update the article accordingly.

    1. Doh! Thanks, Stephen. I had a feeling 1 or 2 things online might have slipped through, despite the multiple checks. I’ll get on this.

      Thanks for the heads up!


  41. *** PLAN B or really PLAN A ? ***

    Tim is this really plan B? This sounds like a very thought-out and well written promotional/marketing plan.

    To everyone reading this (including myself), you (we) should take notes on the way Tim is promoting this book. The “plan B” approach is very similar to the way T. Harv Eker launched his “Millionaire Mind” book a few years ago (it became a best seller). And the same approach was recently used by Bill Glazer when he launched his book “Outrageous Advertising” (it became a best seller).

    You can see the actual process Bill Glazer takes to launch his book here:

    Here are my observations:

    I believe “plan B” was really the original plan A that Tim had in mind, but he didn’t want to chance people saying he’s only trying to get the book on the NY Times bestseller list to make a LOT more money.

    Instead, he uses a (mostly) true story…”books shipping early”, “three national media spots were canceled”, and “writing deadlines” to gain a bit of empathy from us. (I’ll admit it worked on me….)

    Then Tim says, “….I’d like to ask you a favor….”. I mean who wouldn’t want to help this guy out? Three of his media spots were canceled, some of the books shipped early ruining his chances of making NY Times bestseller list, and he’s stressed out from all the writing deadlines.

    And then Tim uses the next key to make this promotion work, give people more in value then they are paying to receive. He’s willing to give you valuable free stuff, just for ordering his book and helping him out of his predicament.

    If Tim had just said please help me by ordering a book, many people may not have ordered. But now because they can get a LOT more value they are willing to help.

    The 24 deadline is another powerful marketing technique used.

    I’m not claiming that books didn’t ship early or media interviews weren’t canceled. What I am saying is that Tim is a master promoter and took those events and crafted them into a well thought out launch campaign. Do you really think Tim (master marketer/promoter) was only going to make a few media appearances to promote this book?

    If you want to learn marketing and promotion you should pay close attention to what Tim does. He’s a master of promotion and marketing.

    I didn’t spend 30 minutes reading this post and writing this comment to criticize or knock what Tim is doing. I read the post because I believe in studying what successful people do and then emulating it (I’ve learned a lot from Tim). And I wrote this comment to hopefully encourage others to pay attention to the way Tim promotes his book.

    Make no mistake about it, I’ll read the new expanded 4 Hour Work Week, and I think you should as well, it may just change your life forever.

    To your success,


    P.S. – Bill’s book “Outrageous Advertising” is a great resource for those studying marketing and advertising. And T. Harv Eker’s book “Millionaire Mind” teaches fundamentals of success and wealth creation (from a psychological approach).

  42. PLAN B or really PLAN A? That’s what I thought too Wayne 😉 It works. This 24h offer pushed me to go for the purchase online rather than waiting for it to reach the stores here in Asia.

    Got 4 copies. All the best Tim on this launch. I’m looking forward to Becoming Superhuman as well.

  43. Bought the updated version today. Kudos Timothy. Perfect timing for not only the holidays but for everyone who want a refresher course!

  44. It will be interesting to see how many people purchase books. I would be absolutely amazed if a stunt like this works. But then again, as P.T. Barnum says…

  45. For all those that are having trouble getting a copy of the new edition on the International Kindle just set your location to somewhere in america for your amazon account. Make sure when you are searching in the kindle books section you select america (should be somewhere on the left i think). Then just purchase as per usual. Amazon will assume you’re an american that’s travelling and just charge you the whispernet costs for international roaming (roughly $2). Or if you’re fussed about the international roaming charge you could just download it to your computer and then transfer to your Kindle.

    Hope that helps.

  46. @Wayne: Your comment is definitely the most interesting so far and I’d be really interested to see a response from Tim. However, I doubt that Plan A was actually secondary to Plan B when the former, being mostly based on good timing, seems to be the least resource intensive of the two. Not wasting resources is probably one of the central points in the book itself.

    I do like the general point being made though which is a playful “Watch that Tim, he’s a sneaky’un, but you’ll learn a lot from ‘im”!

  47. Amazon hack!!

    Following in the steps of Tim’s galliant efforts to beat the system, i just managed to order his book from an international kindle 🙂

    I just went into manage kindle settings and changed my address to a US one (I found the address in google maps – then just googled “contact us XYZ state” for the phone number structure and changed a couple of digits.)

    Hurray!! no sleep for me tonight!

    Perfect timing as I leave for my 12 month vagabond/self discover/round the world/writing/start up trip on the 29th and wanted to have read the book at least twice before I leave 🙂 🙂

    Hope this helps all you international readers out there! (it also opened up many new books i couldn’t get access to earlier!)

    P.S. I have not provided my full details in case amazon reads this and somehow tracks me down 😛

  48. Tim, I’m sorry that everything didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. I ordered mine on Tues because I had to clear it through my CFO first (my gf). I’m bummed cuz 3 months ago, I wanted her to read the 2nd most influential book I’ve ever read, so I sprung for your first edition. Well, she’ll keep the first, and I’ll read the 2nd and pass it onto her.

    The most influential book I’ve ever read was 7 Habits, read that back in 1997 in high school for an ASB assignment. Interestingly, Covey decided to release future books only through kindle, which sucks for people who don’t have that device. I wonder how he will score on best-seller lists now?

    BTW, I started tinkering with 3 different muses because I’m not sure which one will work. Is that ok or should i pick one and focus on it for 4 months, selling 50 units?

    Thanks for everything, your kindness always amazes me.


    1. Hi Jeffrey,

      Tinkering with 3 is fine, as long as you’re tracking the #s on each to see which is most viable. Best of luck!

      Happy holidays,


  49. @wayne You hit it on the button. I too suspected that “plan B” was actually “plan A”

    BUSTED Tim! The 24-hr. deadline was the biggest red flag that gave you away.

    What do you have to say about it?

    p.s. Unlike Wayne, I do not admire twisting the truth, especially when it involves taking advantage of people’s trust.

    1. HI Amy,

      I’m not busted. This was not plan A. This plan is a pain in the ass, to be quite frank. The 24 hours is a deadline. Nothing happens without deadlines, especially something like the bestseller list. I suggest reading Cialdini’s books on influence and persuasion. There is no twisting going on. I would have preferred to be sitting pretty based on pre-orders, which would have been the case if not for the aforementioned f-ckups.

      Believe me. It’s the truth.


  50. Congrats on the new book! My pre-ordered copy just arrived from Amazon yesterday. Any idea when the audio version will be released? I really enjoyed having the first edition in both formats and would find it helpful for the new edition too.

  51. for what it’s worth, i walked my analog ass into an actual brick-and-mortar bookstore no earlier than december 15, snatched a copy of your book off the “new arrivals” table right inside the front door [upon which it was prominently displayed, you might wanna know] and paid cash for my purchase.

    hope that helped.

  52. I ordered my four copies last night. Can’t wait for my copy, and to give three to friends who think I’m crazy for pushing towards these goals.

  53. Hey everyone,

    Must I say I would like to buy 4+ books.

    Does the website count?

    I suspect it won’t and I have tried to order from before and it gives me some lousy excuse like ‘wrong area for delivery…’

    Any ideas people?



  54. Hey Tim,

    Since you’ve been such a great inspiration to me I am glad to help and give back a tiny bit. I placed the order right away from Amazon, even though my usual routine would be to pick the book up at a local book shop here in Amsterdam. Hope it helps.

    I am sure you’ll hit the NY Times list in time for Christmas :D.



    @Waine, very insightful analysis by the way. You just prompted me to save this page for future study.

  55. the dood on the right os the picture looks the way I feel at the moment… not long now though and I will get there…

    Great to see the launch… I will get my copy and will look at others as I see an opportunity…


  56. Dear Tim, I suggest you use astrology to plan your launches. Starting a new initative at least on or after a New Moon, like today’s in Sagittarius, is much more beneficial than when the Moon is waning (i.e., after a Full Moon).

    I have been happily using the principles of “The 4-Hour Workweek” for my website. Reading the new, expanded version is like revisiting excellent advice from an old friend.

    When in the throes of the startup, I am grateful for your inspiration!

  57. Well

    You already manage to delete the rather not so positive feedbacks to the book on amazon within this short time.

    And your deadline setting(2pm today) is dubious to say the least (Sunday to Sunday?).

    If a book does not get to be a NY times bestseller this week, why couldn’t it become one next week? And why do you care so much (don’t you have enough money(generators), already?). I mean, I liked the original version and am buying this one, too. But this agressive “fist through the wall” style would skew the statistics and could be considered plain mainpulation.

    It is also not in the best interest of the reader that this book gets distributed too much. Niches dry out. Let’s face it.

    “You don’t get rich digging for gold, you get rich by supplying pitchforks and blue overalls”…

    And I’m also quite sure that the book’s position is already good, but you aim for the number one.

    I would not be surprised of there was a Plan C coming up around the corner right after 2pm.



  58. Another idea for next go around, toss in random grand prizes for low volume purchasers. You might pick up some more people on the fence with a chance at a party invite or personal coaching.

  59. Hi Tim,

    Bought your new book yesterday. I picked up your first one in June ’07 while looking for suggestions on outsourcing(I do outsourcing out of India for wealthy families and institutional investors). Loved it!

    I just got an email this morning about your plan b and want to help but all The 100 and 1000 book orders are gone

    Any suggestions?


  60. Amazon has been making pretty big mistakes lately. They did it to a client of mine a while back and now Tim and even hip-hop artist, Lil’ Wayne (they started shipping out his new album that wasn’t supposed to be released until February).

    On Tim’s new edition of 4HW, first I heard of it. Missed the post in October obviously.

    I have been waiting on Superhuman.

  61. Tim,

    I’ll see you in SF. I bought the 100 copies pack a few hours ago just as I was waking up. Also, FHWW Expanded just arrived on my doorstep this morning… today’s a pretty good day.

  62. Hi

    I live in London.

    I’ve called Waterstone today (one of the biggest bookstore chain ) and they dont have it.

    Amazon says it will be delivered AFTER 25th Dec.

    Is it possible to buy the new book somewhere in London in a bookstore so I dont have to wait till after Christmas ??

    Take care 🙂


  63. hi tim, love the work you’re doing. very inspiring stuff!

    so… is there anything special required (an email?) to participate in the 2 hour Q&A for the “1 copy” dealio???

  64. Hey Tim:

    I actually haven’t read the original book, but I am excited to get this new and better book.

    It’s seems patience pays 🙂 Although I am going to buy just one copy, I will be sure to go through it completely. However, I am even more excited about the Superhuman book that comes out next year.

    I always looking for new ways to stay in shape and push myself to new limits. Let’s hope that book answer many of those questions.

    Either way, I am happy for you that you are able to live such an outstanding and exciting life. Something to strive for 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration!



  65. So sorry about your book release drama- but I bet this works out better for you anyways!

    I ordered my copy for Kindle, which is saying a lot since my Kindle has been broken for 6 months. I guess I’ll be reading it on my iPhone til I get a new one!!

    Anybody need a date for Tim’s party? lol

  66. @Wayne:

    nice response 🙂

    I also have my doubts about Plan A and B and if this assumption is indeed reflecting the reality than I am somewhere between being enthusiastic about Tim’s master mind and feeling a little disappointed: if it was in another context I’d say it looks a little ‘needy’. My 2 cents…

    Nevertheless, I’m jealous of the guy who got the 1000 copies 🙂