Beating the Morning Rush: The 3-Minute "Slow-Carb" Breakfast

Breakfast is a hassle.

I want it to do one thing: provide nutrient-dense food and proper macronutrient ratios in the least time possible. It’s a functional meal.

The above is a video of the 3-minute high-protein and “slow-carb” breakfast that I find perfect for fat-loss and cognitive performance.

All ingredients were purchased at Safeway in less than five minutes, and if you dislike the whiteness of egg whites, just mix in some tumeric to create that familiar yellow. Flax meal instead of oil can also be mixed into either for a nice added nutty texture, and barring that, a handful of organic almonds with sea salt (also at Safeway) as a dessert adds a good caloric wallop.

[Postscript: I am replacing my plastic containers with Pyrex and glass! Several commenters have pointed out that toxins are released if you microwave certain types of plastic containers. Who knew trying to be healthy could be so dangerous?]


Odds and Ends: Answer “what is technology?” and get a MoGo mouse!

I met the CEO of Newton Peripherals, Matt Westover, on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and it turns out we have friends in common. He was kind enough to offer 50 MoGo mice to readers of this blog, and their latest MoGo Mouse X54 recently won “Best of CES” from Bluetooth SIG. It stores and charges within your PC Card slot and also acts as a media remote. Cool.

Here’s how you get one (or another choice below).

Upload a video of no more than 20 seconds in length to YouTube or elsewhere answering the question “What is technology?”

Be one of the first 30 to link to your video from the comments on this post, and you get your choice of the MoGo X54 or MoGo BT. The remaining 20 mice are reserved for the first 20 people who link to a video of their kids, the younger the better and no older than 14, answering the same question.

So the first 30 adults and 20 kids I see linked to in the comments get them (not the first 30 comments but the first 30 links to videos, so there could be 100 comments and only 25 links, and double entries count as one link). Be sure to put “techdefinition” in the “tags” section when you upload your video.

One more thing: you’re not allowed to check the dictionary definition, and it will be obvious if you do.

This competition expires on 5pm PST this Sunday, March 2nd and winners will be contacted via e-mail.

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233 Replies to “Beating the Morning Rush: The 3-Minute "Slow-Carb" Breakfast”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I love your blog and the tips you post on it. The only problem is I live in Belize and the internet connection here is too slow for videos. Is there any chance you would list the ingredients for your breakfast?




    Hi Alli,

    Ah, Belize! I remember the Internet there. Here are the ingredients:

    -Liquid egg whites

    -Frozen spinach

    -Mild ranch salsa with black beans, corn, etc.

    -Flax seed oil

    -Lemon juice

    -(Optional: lentils)

    Hope that helps. Let me know when the whale sharks are around 🙂


  2. In the kitchen with Tim yo. I’m down. And I’ll have my video uploaded lickity split. Thanks for the great post.

    (BTW: click on my name to see Bruce Lee battle it out with David Allen of GTD fame. I only mention this because I think you’ll like it, Tim; feel free to delete me, I’m not trying to Spam).

  3. Hey Tim,

    Regarding the flax seed oil… You don’t take this as part of the meal for taste or anything, right? So if I hate the taste would capsules still give me the myriad of health benefits, or is there something I a missing in having it as part of the meal?




    Hi Ben,

    Capsules are just fine. I’ve actually come to not mind the flaxseed and the spinach can sometimes be dry, so I add it as oil. Light olive oil is also a good alternative.


  4. A great way to increase insulin sensitivity is the use of intermittent fasting, which I’ve found assists more favorably in sensible recomping.

    Instead of vomiting on your shoes, why not swap out the flax oil for golden ground flax meal? It has a slightly nutty flavor that is subtle in any dish; it won’t even overpower the mostly bland vanilla protein powders available. You also get fiber in addition to the omega 3’s.




    Hi Skyler,

    But, but… I like vomiting on my shoes! LOL… good advice. I’ve had flax meal in cereal, and it’s delicious, but now that I’m off of cereal, I forgot all about it. Capsules will do the trick as well.

    Thanks for the reminder!


    1. if i m not mistaken, “meal” is NOT the same as milled or ground flaxseed. it is my understanding that meal is the after product of production of the oil..

      hence it doesnt have the “oils” in it composition. so i have been told..

      1. I have used flax meal for years. It has 4.5 grams of fat. .5 saturated, 3.5 polyunstaurated, and 1 gram monounsturated. Also you have to keep it in the fridge so it dosen’t spoil. Hence it has fat.

  5. Tim,

    Any advice for an aspiring world traveler and international entrepreneur interested in maintaining an essentially zero-carb way of eating? Such a diet enables me to perform at my best both mentally and physically.



  6. Tim,

    Thanks for posting this. Believe it or not, I’ve been having a similar breakfast for past few months as part of my low carb diet. I combine egg white with onions/tomatoes/jalapenos/fresh spinach/flax seeds (whatever is available that morning) to make a quick omelette and top that with Safeway SELECT salsa with just 10 calories per serving. I even tried to cook it in microwave to avoid cleaning the frying pan later but I think it tastes better the old school way.



  7. Doin’ it Martha Stewart style. I just made this breakfast for dinner and it was great. Can I con you into showing us how to make a slow carb but date-worthy dinner in under 10 minutes?


  8. Issue 1: Heating plastic in microwave. Over time, toxins can accumulate significantly. . .

    Issue 2: Frozen spinach. I hate it. I want to establish a foundation to save kids from it because I think it is the main reason why kids hate anything green on the plate . . .

    Issue 3: What are you drinking in the morning??

    I enjoyed reading 4HWW and really like this blog. Look forward to more reading!




    Hi Akemi,

    Glass is fine if you have it. I rarely drink anything other than water, tea, or wine. I drink water and tea in the mornings.


  9. Hi Tim,

    I know you responded to Ben regarding the flax seed oil, but why is it that you recommend it over olive oil in the first place? I read Dr. Eades’ recommendations on the flax seed, and he says it has too much ALA to be healthful. Thanks.


    I’m almost always in training, and I find that flax seed seems to help inflammation more than olive oil. No problem to use olive oil. I was just making my own breakfast!


  10. What is Technology?

    Tim, I’m a huge fan. In a lot of ways you ripped apart my worldview and changed the way I looked at my own goals and priorities. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but instead of a new mouse I would love to have a single, signed copy of 4HWW. It’s something I would hold on to and enjoy, whereas the mouse is just going up on eBay.

  11. I’m watching this video thinking, Tim, you’re freakin’ awesome. Thanks for providing a new generation of life-success coaching.




    Hey Avin,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I’ll see what else I can dig up. Some fun posts coming 🙂

    Be good,


  12. Hey Tim,

    Great post. I enjoy when you post about health and fitness! Actually, I eat quiet simplistic so adapting your diet to mine works out great!

    Any how the question is: What types of meals would you do or could you suggest for on the go(things I can bring along)? I can’t just drive home mid day and make a meal and the majority of the food at my college is junk. Thanks.

  13. Here is my 10 year old daughters version of technology.

    I may even have one from my 7 and 4 year olds tomorrow when they wake up.


    Please, please get the 7 and 4 year-old’s answers! Fantastic…


  14. Thanks for the breakfast tip Tim!

    here is my entry:



    David, we’re missing a URL! That is, unless silence is your symbolic answer.


  15. Hey Tim,

    By reading your book I was not surprised to come to your website and find no direct email address to reach you 🙂 Im sure you would get a ton of emails and your 4 hour week would turn into a full time job. Well, all I wanted to know is when are you coming to Chicago? I would really, really, really like to meet you. Wouldn’t take much of your time, promise! You have been my inspiration. Last year in September during my one week vacation from work, I picked up your book at Costco (that’s where all the samples are) and read it during that week’s time away from work at the leisure of my four wall bedroom. I came back from my vacation and gave my managers a notice. I quit and enrolled full time to DePaul University.

    Stop by Chicago!


    Hi Joanna,

    Thanks for the comment and kind words! I have a lot of reasons to go to Chicago, so I’ll keep you posted via the blog. A trip may be coming soon, and I should be there in 2008.



  16. Sorry Tim, but am I supposed to put the URL in the “website” field? Let’s try this again 🙂


    LOL, I’m sorry about that. I forgot about my “comment zen” rule. Thank you for following it! That is to prevent comment spamming and thinly disguised sales pitches. Your earlier entry will count.



  17. Wow Tim, your cooking class is sweeping me off my feet;) Since I live in porridge land, a.k.a Sweden, I’m really establishing new habits.. A groundbreaking swede^^

    Now really, when you don’t care about the messy clean-up, what do you cook? There can’t only be three-minutes meal in this enjoyable world, especially when you’re not eating alone?

    Keep up the good work! Isabelle

  18. Hi Tim,

    this is my first time commenting on your blog – needless to say, I admire your work, loved your book and can’t wait for the sequel. 😀

    Here is my video:

    Hope you don’t mind the accent haha.

  19. What’s up Tim,

    Fits right in with the ‘Lose 20 lbs in 30 days’ blog. Question: is there a limit of how many calories you can consume on your one day off of dieting?

    I feel like I’m taking it too far and pigging out on my favorite foods on Saturdays. Sometimes I wonder if eating so much will negate my efforts throughout the week of slow-carbin’ it. What do you think?


    No limits for me. I go nuts if I feel the need. It’s a psychological break as much as a physical one.


  20. Great Blog,

    Thanks for the recomm. for breakfast. Do you always eat this for brkfast? What meal(s) do you enjoy most with friends and family?

    Ok, My definition of technology:

    I define technology as the template by which new ideas are collaborated to solve the everyday problems we all face on a daily basis. This is my simple definition that came to me right now. This technology can solve anything from bad recipes to new ways to communicate in outer space. Technology is only as good as the ones it reaches.

    I am awaiting the upload of this video, I hope this makes the time cut. I am signing off to bed, but hopefully I can get it in by the morning.

    Best to all and Cheers from Dallas, Tx

    Jose Castro-Frenzel

  21. Ok,

    I am awaiting the approval of YOUTUBE, here is the closest thing I have to the URL:

    My Favorites

    Video ID Matches

    Copy Videos To:



    Here is what technology can create,, the best cupcakes in NYC, or should I say the world…

    Tags: hour workweek

    Views: 0

    Comments: 0

    Added: February 29, 2008, 12:21 AM

    Broadcast: Public | Uploaded (processing, please wait)

    Raw File: DSCN1608.MOV

    I hope I made the cut. I try to stay on top of this blog, not bc I want free stuff but bc I believe in these ideas and support the cause.


    Jose Castro_Frenzel

  22. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the cool opportunity. Here’s my submission.

    Incidentally, this Saturday a buddy and I are going to be starting the Geek to Freak 30-day plan and he just asked me today what was best for breakfast. This post couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, so thanks. Now I’ll have a good answer on Saturday. 🙂 Take care.

  23. Hi Tim !

    Can you repeat the comment on the video about wine and life extension / calorie restriction? It is not very clear (at least on my connection…).

    I am from Italy and we have a great wine culture overhere, hence my interest.

    Thanks !



    More coming on this in a separate post soon 🙂


  24. tim,

    why are you not a proponent of big breakfast? i’m very curious, especially since big breakfasts are almost invariably recommended.

  25. Hi Tim.

    I use to prepare dinner and breakfast at the same time. I take 100 grams (Yep, I’m european metric) of oatmeal and put them into hot water with 6 egg whites. I start removing them to get a consistent mixture. The final touch is adding a sweetener and some cinammon. Then I divide this dish into 2 halves. One for the dinner and one for the breakfast. In the morning I add some fresh orange juice to received my C vitamin dose.

    Simple, Low calorie, High Fiber and Healthy!

  26. You like cooking but you don’t like the cleaning therefore you don’t cook? What about dishwashers?


    Even basic rinsing and putting things in the machine bugs me. I don’t use much in terms of plates, etc., and it’s also a hassle to run a load for just a frying pan and a single plate.


  27. Tim: obviously you look at microwaving food in a favorable light, or at least the quickest option. I’ve heard arguments for and against microwave use. The anti-microwave crowd will say that it drains all of the nutrients from the food. Your thoughts?

  28. I loved the video. I make a very similar breakfast in a frying pan almost every morning. I love the convenience of frozen/canned veggies, but I always go for the fresh bagged spinach — I love the taste.

    One question: what’s your opinion on the phytoestrogen content of flax oil? I know that some strength trainers are scared shitless of phytoestrogens, thus avoid flax oil and especially soy products.

  29. Got my son to tell us what technology is…. in a 4-year-old’s words! 🙂 Thank you for the offer! Fun assignment!!!

  30. P.S. – I would like to recommend that you do not microwave plastic. Gotta look out for you. 🙂 Use glass or Corel or something – not plastic.

  31. Yay for fun contests!

    Technology is the ubiquitous integration of digital products with human life processes that forms our postmodern culture.

  32. My favorite breakfast – Green smoothies.

    Packed with energy and unprocessed nutrients…


    2 bananas

    1/3 of a fresh pineapple or 1 fresh mango (frozen if you can’t get fresh)

    Handful of baby spinach leaves or other greens like Kale.

    1 glass of water.

    Handful of ice if not using frozen ingredients.

    Blend it!

    Makes 2 large glasses, enough for 1 person.

    And I swear the spinach doesn’t taste like you think it will. This tastes like a refreshing fruit drink with a mild ‘fresh’ taste.

  33. Hey Tim,

    My son described his idea of technology in Japanese and got a bit of help with the English description, but all in all he turned out pretty cute in the video. Hope you like it.

  34. Here is my video.

    This is a great way to get people involved. I even told a bunch of my filmmaker friends about it.

    Your blog is one of the few that I actually read regularly.

    Keep up the good work!

    – Ryan

  35. Tim – good lord your posting time gave a huge advantage to your fellow night owls out there 😛 My kid is at school now but I’ll go allllll the way home on my lunch hour, get my camera, and record him before he goes to grandma’s tonight. (yes I still have a &%^$& job!)

    I have to 2nd the recommendation to use glass or ceramic when cooking in the microwave – don’t mix all that good nutrition with dangerous toxins, even the government says so: (see last section on this page)

    Also, put some or all of the oil in the container first, to help with clean up – eggs in the microwave are one of the messiest things, even on glass. I happen to think flaxseed oil tastes good, but maybe I’m weird. Another (tasty) good choice (IMO) is coconut oil, although it turns solid at about 65 degrees.

    Oh and what’s wrong with the yolk?

    Pizzamancer – can’t get your video to work?

  36. Tim,

    thanks for the recipe…awesome! I too hate cooking and try to find quick fast nutritious recipes.

    Here’s another breakfast one my trainer gave me that I love:

    1/2 cup of organic oatmeal (I use Bob’s rolled oats from Publix)

    put in 1 cup of water and throw it in the microwave for 3 min.

    when finished throw in 2 scoops of “muscle milk light” protein

    and add 1/4 cup of blueberries and stir it all up.

    It is so quick and I eat it every morning and never get tired of it. We should make a cookbook for guys like us who hate to cook but love healthy fitness minded meals that are all less that 5 minutes!!

  37. Tim,

    Thanks for the tip on flax seed oil.

    One thing I don’t get is that you don’t like cooking and you’re talking about lifestyle design?! To me It makes no sense.

    Eating right is one thing but cooking is the process of eating properly. You can’t achieve a healthy diet if you don’t cook for yourself (especially in the U.S.). You need to know what you put in your mouth. Cooking is discovering products, seeing how your body reacts after eating one thing or another, eating the right amount of food, etc. And yes it is messy.

    Plus cooking has defined countries lifestyles for generations. See how people eat in Europe (especially France and the Mediterranean region) and how it changed their relationship to life in general. A culture was created around it and people spend much more time at the table and spend more time searching or creating great products. And that is “lifestyle design”.

    My only advice is, stop buying pre-cooked and go to the market. All the great food is there. So is the lifestyle…

  38. Tim,

    Here is my ten year old daughter’s perspective…. and a little bonus on where technology falls in the Dewey decimal system.

    My twelve year old son wouldn’t play…. just got the blank preteen “huh?”



    I love it! Wonderful…


  39. Here is a video of my 4 year old – he’s not sure what exactly technology is, but it’s pretty cool – maybe because I asked him about it, who knows…

    I can sum up everything my 7 year old knows about technology in 3 words… Mac… Xbox… Rockband.

    I think at 7 technology isn’t something to be defined, it just is, it just does stuff, like electricity (we have no idea what it “is” but it does a lot of cool stuff).

  40. Hi Tim,

    Did you say that was a healthy breakfast? When I see you get the food off many packages and use the microwave, a voice screams in my head: “not healthyyyy”!

    According to my Moroccan standards at least, this breakfast doesn’t sound/look healthy.


  41. Tim, I love your concepts and ideas, but one thing about this video shocked me: Drinking wine directly from the bottle.

    If you love wine, it is a sacrilege to drink it other from a wine glass 🙂

  42. Tim,

    Here’s my low carb quick breakfast in a blender:

    1 cup of no fat milk (or soy milk)

    1 scoop of high quality whey protein

    1/4 cup of frozen blue berrys (low glycemic level)

    1 table spoon of ground flax seed (omega 3 & fiber)

    1 spoon of flax seed oil.

    Bang that down with your daily suppliments and your good to go..

    Obviously you can experiment by tossing in other fruits and things but risk raising the glycemic level.

    P.S. I’ve read your book and really enjoy your blog. The blog is great for us people who are not Sheeple. Your analysis of all ways to be efficient…or drilling down through the bullshit…has obviously struck a chord with those who read it and respond.

    Keep it going

  43. Hey Tim,

    You might want to be careful about microwaving in plastic. Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil have both written extensively about the microscopic particles that get into your food from the plastic that get into your body. Try and find a pyrex dish or similar instead.

    Love, love, love your site. Wishing you continued good health and adventures, M

  44. Tim –

    Thanks for the inspiration and for the question.

    Technology is the love child…

    Keep up the great work!


    BTW, I spoke with Matt several months ago as I was exploring getting my own business up and running. He was a great help and very gracious to spend time with another entrepreneur. I imagine he’s a bit busier these days…

  45. Tim, You haven’t heard about putting plastic containers in the microwave? Google it and find out how your killing yourself. Rich

  46. Oh my god….sweetie, that’s disgusting! As quickly as you made that micro breakfast you could cook the egg whites and fresh spinach in a pan! Add a variety of other fresh veggies and such (broccoli, green onions, sun dried tomatoes, black beans…) if you’re feeling crazy and you have an extra, oooohhhh, 30 seconds to your morning?!?! Use non stick spray in the pan, rinse when done and stick in dish washer, no clean up necessary! Invite me over, I’ll show you how, you can time me 🙂 heh!

  47. So, this video isn’t all that legible… But, it gets the idea across that technology allows people to inspire each other. I don’t have time to mess with the compression type any further today, so it will have to do.



  48. Hey Tim,

    Have you ever tried using a steam arm from an espresso machine to cook your eggs? It’s lightning fast and the eggs turn out fluffy and yummy. Clean up is just wiping off the steam arm and whatever container you use to eat out of (unless it’s disposable).

    Also, I eat a handful of Chlorella capsules instead of bothering to cook veges…it’s the nutritional equivalent of eating like a roomful of spinach…

  49. I hope the audience understands you mean “puke on your shoes” in a figurative sense! Flax seed oil is by no means the best taste in the world, but it isn’t as bad as all that.

    What do you recommend for someone with an allergy to eggs?

  50. Wow, defining technology in 20 seconds is a real challenge! I work at RadioShack and I could go on all day. But here’s the best I can do in the short time period. Sorry about the compression artifacts.

  51. Tim —

    For breakfast I eat oatmeal cooked with whole milk, tablespoon of cinnamon, a banana & a half cup of raisins.

    I know this is very high carb and low protein but I feel really good when I have this for breakfast.

    If I’m skinny and trying to gain weight, is my breakfast no good?



  52. I also hate cleaning. My solution is to use a cast-iron frying pan. Once your pan is seasoned and you have some practice, you can fry up eggs etc. for breakfast, eat out of the pan (or use a plate), then just give the pan a 2 second rinse in hot tap water and be done with cleanup.

    If you use the pan several times a week you don’t have to worry about the oils in the pan going rancid, and it actually helps to keep the pan seasoned if you never scrub it or wash it. The only trick is to rinse with very hot water, which melts grease and leaves just a thin film. Also you can use metal utensils directly in the pan during prep before you pre-heat (no need to dirty a cutting board).

  53. The last one was too long, sorry, here’s a short version:

    I am soooo making my eggs with my espresso machine this weekend, that rocks, thanks 🙂

  54. Hey Tim,

    I’m with you on the goal of your breakfast plan. A few comments:

    -I’d suggest reconsidering the nutritional value of whole eggs. I’ve recently returned after 20 years of whites/egg beaters. Farm fresh eggs are an absolute treat (if you can find them.)

    -Even if you don’t switch back, use real egg whites from the shell instead of packaged/processed. If you’ve read any of Michael Pollan’s work, you’ll know why.

    -I concur on the bad mojo for plastic in the microwave. Plus, if you cook in the ceramic dishes you’re eating from, there’s that much less to clean.


  55. Recorded with my Palm Centro camera. Looking forward to more posts and a MoGo X54.

    P.S. First time using YouTube – it said the video would be up as soon as it finishes processing it.

  56. Tim,

    Wow what can I say your blog is soooo addictive. Every entry is a blessing and a “must read”. Ok, enough sucking up. Here is my “what is technology” video:

    1st comment, 1st video. Not sure on the URL so I shotgunned it with both. Sorry. Looking forward to beginning my NR life!!!


    Thanks, Chuck! I’m hoping to put the designers of heroin and War Craft on my content team 🙂

    All the best,


  57. Hope this is what you were looking for 🙂 my son turns 3 next month & I don’t think that word is normally in his vocabulary!

    Tim, did you say something about a post about learning Hebrew? The rabbi I spoke to isn’t sure about letting a baptized child into Hebrew school 😛 🙂

  58. Here you go. My 5 year old daughter had a blast “putting on her show”.

    My 2 year old son just wanted to see himself on the screen (as every boy should).


    Hi Joe,

    The URL doesn’t seem to work — can you repost, please?


  59. Hi Tim,

    I’m a huge fan of your work and just wanted to say that starting from 1 March I’m applying techniques such as these to experiment with fat loss over 30 days. Breakfast was the meal which concerned me the most, and this really helps!

    That was all – I’ve just been reading for months and thought it was about time I said thank you!

    Sam, Scotland

  60. Hi Tim,

    I am faced with the question of why technology is important in education all the time. When I talk about the ease of getting information, I sometimes get blank stares. I hope my short video helps explain my point with my faithful RSS feeds.

    Take care!

  61. Tim:

    I’ve pushed this to a much greater extreme: completely automating all time-consuming tasks associated with eating.

    Here’s how I did it:

    1. I identified the criteria of my ideal diet, which are: low-glycemic, mostly organic, vegetarian, high-protein, includes a variety and plethora of fresh fruits/veggies, requires no preparation whatsoever. I also wanted foods that I could mix and match into chunks of approximately 200 calories, to be eaten approximately every 2 hours. This is a great way to maintain steady blood glucose levels–and thus energy levels–rather than enduring the blood glucose peaks and valleys that ensue from the physiologically-ridiculous “3-meals-per-day” approach.

    Criteria of an ideal diet will of course vary from person to person.

    2. I payed 2 Canadian e-Lance-recruited nutritionists to each find 15 items that met these criteria, that could be ordered online, and that could be delivered to my home address.

    You’d be amazed at how many foods can be ordered online and delivered, with little if any increased cost relative to a high-end grocery store.

    3. I automated delivery of these items when possible, and I pay a Bangalorian $10/month to order foods at regular time intervals from sites that lack automation. systems.

    That’s it.


    The cost/benefit analysis:

    Initial Investment:

    time: 25 minutes

    money: $140

    Ongoing Benefit:

    time saved: ~2 hours per week (no time spent going to the grocery store, preparing food, or cleaning dishes).

    money saved: ~$40 per week, accounting for the Balgalorian who orders most of my food. I achieve these savings mostly by foregoing a couple of the suggested foods that would have added a high proportion of my weekly cost, but yielded relatively little of what I wanted to get out of this diet.


    You might think that the diet would be bland, but I haven’t found this to be the case. Thanks to 2 evidence-supported psychological phenomena (hedonic adaptation and intentional savoring), I’ve been able to make this diet far more enjoyable than my previous diet, which I really didn’t appreciate.

    An added bonus: I have a far greater appreciation for the occasional gourmet meal.

    It’s been one of my more successful LD experiments. I’d love to hear others’ comments and similar experiments.


    1. Hey Jordan,

      This is exactly something I’m looking to do. I eat approximately 3000-3500 calories per day and I like it to all come from whole foods and homemade fresh meals. The problem is, between prepping, eating, and cleaning, I spend approximately 4 hours per day for meals.

      Have you updated your routine at all since 2008 and do you have any templates you could share for how you contacted and assigned your outsourced help?

      Thanks. Great job.


  62. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the video about breakfast! I hope you will post more videos about low carb lunches and dinners!



  63. Your book is great–my husband annotated it so heavily it’s illegible. Good thing your second edition is coming out soon! Here’s our 13-year-old son Raleigh’s take on technology:

  64. Great breakfast. My fave, I think.

    And at 5:30, you said “zo” haha …. it’s true, you have definitely spent time in Berlin/Germany!